Shea's Domain
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2020-01-29 04:34:35


    It's been a while, Professor. Researcher Media here. It has been a year since the project was started, and so I'm sending you this video message concerning the recent developments.

    The male child of the ancient dragonman species, cloned back to life an year ago, has grown this much into a fine adult specimen.

    He has taken a liking to me, almost if he thought of me as family...

    ...Huh? What...? You... want to do it again?

    Geez...♥ I haven't even rinsed off the semen inside me from when you did me a while back, and you want to do me again already? Really, you're so much trouble...♥

    ...Erm, I'm sorry, there'll be a change to the plan... I will now include a clip of a dragonkin male and a human female mating.

    I think I can turn in the results concerning whether or not they can breed with humans in the near future♥.