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    Any tips to ensure that fuckmeat remembers its place during the day? My fucktoy and I both work full-time white collar jobs, and I want to make sure she maintains a slutty, submissive mindset even when we're not together. I've tried a few things with pretty good success, such as: no panties; a butt plug; wearing a label under her clothes; and applying lip gloss with come in it. I'd love to hear some more suggestions, thanks.

    I’m fond of all the methods you already use.  I might also use: making it keep a pocket sized fliptop notebook in which it must write lines like “I am nothing but Master’s property”, or the like, clandestinely throughout the day; Some sort of clandestine and informal collar (I’ve seen garters, rings, anklets, and bracelets used); make it have to take at least one drink out of a toilet at work a day; cum in its food; having to do something specific, like put on earings at the beginning of work and having to remove them before it leaves, to reinforce that its work persona is only for show, put on when there and taken off when leaving; buying a cheap cell prepaid cell, putting it in a condom, making it carry it in its cunt or ass, and calling her a few times a day; have her claim to be an adherent of a little known religion, use this excuse to have her “pray” once or twice a day, going down on her knees, nose and forehead to the floor, palms up on either side of her head, for just five minutes or so, during which she meditates on being property.

    Those are some of my better ideas, but you’re already doing the most common ones.


    these are such good ideas oh my gosh


    I like some of these ideas, even if I don't like the mentality to which they are being used to perpetuate.


    it doesn’t matter if it has a friend, or anyone for that matter, over. it is always aware of its role and duties.



    The Academy for Difficult Girls can make this happen for you.

    Ridden hard and put away wet

    Ohhh fuck. I just got used so hard. You want to hear all about it, right? Right.

    I’ve been begging Master to use me harder, to make me his fucktoy, and he’s doing exactly that. I love it so much. It was also a night of some firsts and some more training. <3

    This is actually from the other day but it illustrates how wet I am nicely. I’m even wetter right now:


    When Master walked in the door this evening, I was waiting just inside on my knees. He usually walks over to me and pets my head while I love on his legs and crotch, which I <3. He took off his shoes and pants (before I could get to them, haha) and sat on the couch, and I pulled off his socks and gave him a foot and leg massage while he told me about his day at work. 

    He decided to order pizza and placed the order on his iPad while I nuzzled his boxer-covered cock and kissed each of his legs and feet. Then he sent me upstairs for a dress, his cock ring and a particular toy. I came back downstairs to find him relaxing on the couch, so I knelt in front of him and put the toys to one side on the couch. He picked up the toy, a medium-sized hard plastic vibrating butt plug, and ordered me to stand facing away from him. He inspected my panties for wetness — there was already a big shiny wet spot — and slid the toy inside me, turning it on and tucking the control into my panties. 

    Then I knelt again and just concentrated on using my mouth to please him while he caught up on my Tumblr on the iPad. He let me kiss and lick and suck him for a while, then started guiding my head down further, pushing his cock into my throat. 

    My training is definitely working! I’m able to take him deeper every time. I think I might actually be truly deepthroating him some of the time, though I’m still limited to one specific position. Definitely progress, though. He’s even able to truly fuck my mouth some now, just moving my head into position and using my throat. I wish I didn’t ever need to breathe so he could fuck it just like my cunt. As it is I had to pull off him occasionally to breathe, and those long sticky ropes of throat saliva would stretch out just like the ones deepthroating sluts have in porn. They make Master’s cock soooooo slippery, so when I need to take a short break I can wrap my hand around him and slide all that slick mess up and down his cock.

    Of course the pizza guy arrived just when we got totally distracted and my face was covered in saliva. Master had taken off my collar earlier, so I wiped my face off as best I could and threw on the dress I’d set aside over my babydoll. Then I went to the door with the toy still buzzing loudly in my cunt. The ambient noises outside were enough to cover it up, but it made me even wetter to be standing there with it. Maybe next time Master should send me to the door covered in cum.

    I put the pizza down and went back to sucking Master’s cock. He was done with Tumblr and had both hands to devote to shoving his cock into my throat and pushing me down to lick his balls. For the first time he pushed my head down even farther, making me lick his taint almost down to his ass. I’ve licked his taint just below the balls before, but never down so far. I’d imagine he’s training me to lick his ass; I haven’t done it and have no desire to, but if he wants it I’ll gladly try to achieve it. Just licking his taint and having my face shoved into the mess on his cock and balls was so deliciously dirty though, fuck.

    Eventually he ordered me off his cock and shifted on the couch, then pulled the plug out of my cunt. He ordered me to take off my panties and inspected the mess in them, then made me take a lick. And then he had me sit on him. Getting a real cock inside me felt soooo amazing! Then he had me lean forward onto the coffee table and pushed the plug into my ass.

    Again, his training of me is working! This plug is bigger than my little training plug, but after he gave me a minute to get used to the size, I took it with no problem. No pain, all pleasure. He set it vibrating and oh I can’t even tell you how good that felt.

    After having me bounce up and down on his cock for a few minutes he came inside me. He said he could easily feel the vibrations from the plug on his cock. Apparently fucking a vibrating slave cunt feels pretty damn good.

    Leaving the plug in my ass, he ordered me to kneel again and lick his cock clean. This is something I’ve fantasized about doing when we find a Mistress, but never actually done. He didn’t have to order me twice, but I did hesitate. After a few seconds, though, I slowly lapped at all the nasty mess on his cock until he was all clean. And added more mess to my own panties in the process.

    The problem with being a fucktoy is that when your owner is done, he doesn’t need to return the favor. He did give me the choice of whether to keep the plug in or not, since this is a new one for me and the base isn’t flat, so we weren’t sure whether I’d be able to sit. I chose to keep it in, it feels so so good. Then he got a plate of pizza and allowed me to eat too. 

    Master spoils me, so I know he’ll let me cum eventually, but oh fuck do I need it. The plug in my ass allows me to sit, but not relax, so I have to keep shifting around. He says he’ll come upstairs and use me later, so I’m sitting here at the computer, panties a sopping mess, ass plugged, desperate to be used and abused some more.

    Road Trip


    I’m sitting in the back seat of my sister’s old sedan with the window all the way down and my eyes closed. I’m trying to relax but it’s so fucking hot and my sister, Lisa, and her husband are having one of their “discussions” in the front seat. I let out a deep sigh as my phone vibrates on my lap.

    You: Take off your panties

    I turn to the right and see a goofy grin plastered on your handsome face. You look so relaxed slouched in the other window seat as if the heat and the shouting doesn’t even faze you. I wish I could just grab you up into my arms and ravage you but the stupid cooler with the stupid birthday cake is sitting on the floor between us and there are a couple grocery bags full of paper plates and forks on the middle seat. 

    Instead I wrinkle my nose at you in the cute way you love so much and decide that since I’m stuck in this stupid situation I might as well make the best of it.

    Me: Who says I am even wearing any

    You: I saw you put them on this morning, silly girl.

    Me: What color are they then?

    You: White with a little pink bow in the front.

    I actually have no idea what they are and have to reach down and lift up my skirt to see. I leave it hiked up as I text you back.

    Me: Looks like you were right.

    You: Never doubt me, babe. I know you and I know panties.

    I let out a little giggle.

    You: Now do as I say and take them off. Slowwwwwwly.

    I shoot you an innocent smirk and slip my fingers on either side of my hips and start to pull the elastic band down. I hesitate for a moment and try to read your expression. You don’t think I’ll do it. Heck, I don’t even think I will. Me? Maggie Caulfield, the biggest priss and prude around. The girl who wears shorts and a T-shirt to bed every night. One of those awkward people that blush and giggle any time anyone talks openly about sex. The only Caulfield sister out of four that waits a minimum of 6 months before sleeping with a boyfriend and unfortunately for you it was more like 12.

    Shaking my head, I take a deep breath and shoot you a coy smile. I told myself I wanted to be more adventurous and bold this year. Gotta start somewhere!

    Raising my ass a little, I pull the panties down to my knees before lingering there for a moment. Your green eyes are wide with surprise as you drink in every inch of my exposed flesh. I slowly drag them down my calves until I slip them off my bare feet and dangle them towards you. Just as you reach out for them I pull them back and ball them into my fist. We lock eyes and I slide my wet tongue across my bottom lip. I hear you suck in a breath.

    “You were there, weren’t you Mags?” I blink and can feel my face flush as I look over and see my sister staring at me from the passenger seat. I nervously reach out to pull my skirt down but you stretch your arm out and grab me by the wrist to stop me.

    “Uh… what?” 

    “Last year? You were here for Kathy’s birthday, weren’t you?” 

    “Uh… yeah I think so” .

    “See! I told you!” She barks at her husband. They erupt into another argument as I get another text.

    You: Are you wet?

    I don’t need to touch myself to know - I can feel it. I nod at you.

    You: Show me

    I part my thighs and shift to the right to give you a better view. Your eyes drop down to my hand and watch as I drag my middle fingernail up and down my thigh.

    “Hey Eric?” Lisa pipes up. Oh my god, leave us alone!

    “Yeah?” You respond without taking your eyes off of me.

    “Are you going to be an ass like Gord and hide away in the garage watching football with my Dad instead of socializing like a normal person?”

    You pause before responding. I dip my hand between my thighs and softly graze my fingertips across my swollen slit.

    “I guess we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we” Lisa snorts back a laugh and, thankfully, gets distracted by a song on the radio.

    I lean back a bit and part my thighs as wide as I can. I want you to see everything. No! I need you to see. I’ve never felt this urgency and naughtiness before and I can feel myself breaking down all my walls and boundaries. It must be the summer heat or something you’ve stirred deep within me.

    Your eyes shift to the left and catch a clear shot of my pink pussy - smooth and hairless except for a small patch above. You lean forward in your seat to get a better look. I’m getting so turned on watching you watch me. You reach for your phone and I hold my breath.

    You: Slip your finger inside and taste it

    My stomach flutters. I’ve never done that before and, even though I am extremely turned on and I want to please you, I hesitate and fumble with my phone with my free hand.

    Me: You are such a dirty boy. What has gotten into you?

    You: I wanted you the second I woke up this morning. But we were running late.

    Me: You did??

    I honestly had no idea - which shouldn’t surprise either one of us. I have a knack for being the last one in the room to know anything especially when it pertains to me.

    You: I always want you Maggie.

    “Fuuuck!” I mumble under my breath but you hear me.

    You: Look how hard you make me

    I glance over at your crotch and stifle a gasp as I see the outline of your cock pressing against your khaki shorts. We lock eyes and I part my lips. My pussy is starting to ache and I want nothing more than to feel your hands on my hips and your cock forcing its way inside me.

    You: Come on baby. Taste yourself.

    I can’t hold back any longer and shove my middle and first finger deep into my pussy. It’s so slippery and wet. I slowly pull my fingers out to show you. You let out a low growl which only makes the tension and hunger grow wild. I run my sticky fingers across my lips and give them a quick lick. You’re watching me closely - waiting for my reaction. Your lips are slightly apart and you’re breathing heavy.

    It tastes… different. Not different bad tho. Just… different.

    You: Mmm good girl.

    Without thinking, I reach across the seats, grab you by the shirt and pull you towards me. Our eyes linger on one another for a brief second before I close the gap between us and kiss you softly. You instantly suck my bottom lip into your mouth and let out a moan. I dart my tongue out to search for yours as I reach up and tug on your shaggy dirty blond hair.

    “Ugh you two are gross!” Lisa mumbles. I try to tune her out and focus on your fingers creeping up my thigh.

    You break the kiss and place your mouth against my ear. I shiver as your stubble grazes my sensitive skin.

    “I can taste your cunt” You’ve never used word before. A voice in my head tells me to get offended and push away but I don’t. Your hand presses down against my pubic mound as your long middle finger finds my throbbing clit and gives it a couple flicks. I nip at your neck and clamp my thighs tighter.

    “You’re so soft and slippery” You whisper. “I bet you wish it was my tongue on your clit, hmm? Sucking it into my mouth and pushing you over the edge”


    “And my fingers shoved deep in your cunt!” My body jerks forward causing my knee to smash into the driver seat.

    “Whoa!” Gord barks out and I snap my eyes open. You freeze but you don’t move away.

    “Sorry!” I say.

    “I know you two are still stuck in your lovey dovey early relationship phase and cannot manage to be apart from one another but could you try not go get us killed today?” Lisa snapped.

    “We’ve been dating for over 2 years” I respond and quickly detach myself from you and sit back normally. You reach for your phone again.

    “Whatever, Mags. We’re almost there anyways so can you two cool it?” I glance out the window and recognize a few of the local businesses in my childhood town.

    You: Looks like you better get rubbing if you want to cum before we get there.

    I smirk at you.

    You: Touch it. Now!

    I slip my hand back down and waste no time rubbing my clit and pussy lips until my legs start to tremble.

    You: That’s it, baby. Make yourself cum for me

    With my thumb on my clit I grind my fingers deep inside my aching pussy as I bite my lip to stop from making any sounds. My eyes feel heavy and my knees begin to shake as I get closer and closer to orgasm.

    You: You look so fucking sexy!

    I glance down at my phone and rub my pussy faster.

    You: You have no idea how hard it is for me not to come over there and shove my cock balls deep inside you!

    Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh my god! This is all just too much. I can’t… I can’t…

    I throw my head back and close my eyes as my whole body starts to tremble. I feel your arms around me pulling me into a hug as you place your hand over mine.

    “Cum baby” You purr. That’s all it takes. Moans escape my lips and you kiss me to muffle the sounds. You hold me tight as waves and waves of pleasure envelope my body. “Good girl” There’s those words again. I sigh and twist my hand around to hold yours.

    “Wow” I whisper and kiss your lips as the car comes to a stop. Glancing up I see that we are at my parents place already. Embarrassment washes over me as I realize the state I am in and quickly yank my skirt down.

    Lisa immediately jumps out of the car and opens up Eric’s door.

    “Move out of the way!” She barks.

    It’s all a blur after that - seat belts are unbuckled and everyone is ushered out of the car and onto the front lawn. My parents and other family members appear out of nowhere and the hugging begins.

    In the midst of the chaos I feel my phone vibrate in my hand.

    You: I think you dropped these.

    Glancing across the crowd of people I notice you lingering by the car with my panties in your hand. I feel my face start to flush but it isn’t from embarrassment this time.

    Me: I cannot wait for the long ride home.