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    Morning work out: 1000 thrusts first thing, while He lays lounging in bed.

    You never know when He may start watching, so make sure you do each one to the best of your ability!

    He gave you this routine so you can be your best self possible, because He adores you so much.


    He likes the way it looks when my hands are above my head. It pulls my breasts into a shape that are delightful to him.

    Unfortunately, I can usually only cum from playing with my clit during sex. But that ruins his visual.

    My orgasm is a sacrifice I willing give to please him. I just wish he would give me permission to masturbate after he’s done using me.


    Gave my little slut a really good spanking with her big new plug in the other night.  Then I fucked her from behind while forcing her to hold her magic wand to her clit.  She came twice within a 40 second period or so, screaming the entire time like the good horny little slut that she is.   


    This is a great post. It should have far more notes than it currently does. 



    I asked her to bring the new girl upstairs to me, but the silly cunt was such a horny mess she got distracted.  The punishment for this will be a month of role reversal, where blondie sleeps in her cage in the basement and the new girl gets the floor by my bed.




    I do enjoy when they look utterly blissed out, as well as faux-struggling, etc., but I have to admit, laughter and happiness holds a special place with me.