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2020-01-29 04:34:35

    I dare all the girls to do this at least once in their life. Wear a long coat and nothing else to take a walk outside. If you feel even more daring, untie a few buttons from your coat!


    Imagine your girlfriend is wearing that in a tease and denial context.


    There are things I have no interest in doing on my own, but which I crave being required to do in power exchange relationship.

    It’s important that these things are genuinely uncomfortable for me, but do not bother my ethics. Things that I have no moral qualms about, I just *don’t want to*.

    So, I *need* you to make me.

    It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

    This is a good example. In theory, no one will get an eye full who shouldn’t/didn’t consent. No one should really even know but me and my partner. It would make me intensely uncomfortable, though. It would cause me emotional suffering.

    Delcious, terrible, humiliating emotional suffering which would make me feel so owned and submissive.


    Making her flash her chastity belt in public… especially knowing that her ass is so painfully stretched around that giant plug… does it get much more humiliating than that? The glint of sunlight will draw many an eye… 


    Holy crap...

    This is, in fact, the first tumblr BDSM picture I ever saw. It’s what drew me here years ago.

    It’s really nice to see it again :)