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    3. Titfucking. Done right. She gets down on her knees, wraps his cock between her tits, and looks up at him as she moves her body up and down. Titfucking is just like oral, except she takes him between her tits instead of in her mouth. Since she isn’t using her mouth, she keeps eye contact and talks dirty, or at least moans and eye-fucks.


    Fucking a girl so she’s off the floor/bed really gets them going


    I’m really not sure how they’re keeping her up in the first gif. Is her grip just that strong?


    Her mind quietened by the drugs, her body obeyed their commands without question.

    “Disrobe”, “Kneel”, “Open your mouth”, “Look into my eyes”.

    Her former best friend-turned obedient fuckdoll pulled her hair down and waited patiently while He began to fill his latest slave’s mind with His warped desires and filled her mouth with his dick..


    There are two categories of blowjobs:

    • When she sucks your dick.
    • When you fuck her mouth.

    I can tell your wife would never let you do the latter.

    I’m alone next door, she would never know if you snuck over… I just painted my lips for you, they’re so soft and pink, but I have nobody to try them out…


    That is, in fact, the difference between 1. fellatio and 2. irrumatio.