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    After only six weeks, Janet was the model of submission. She knew she would never live the life of a normal wife; Jack was insistent she learn how to be a good submissive. So each morning she kneeled patiently as he finished the paper, hoping he wouldn’t lock her away for the day while he was gone.


    She laid under the bed all night while he fucked her best friend.  In the morning, he fucked her again.  When the friend left, he pulled her out from under the bed and stuffed the friends panties in her mouth while he came on the sluts face.  ”Now clean up.”  He said as he laid back down.


    That comment: instant boner…


    You’ve got one hour to make him cum. If he can keep from cuming, you lose, and I leave you both like that all night, with you sucking him until  morning no matter how many times he cums.  If he does cum within an hour, you win. Then I’ll switch the two of you around - and you spend the night in the chair, and he spends the night eating you. Now begin, and I’ll sit here and have a drink and watch.