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__The newest piece of my writing was posted on: 02/14/2014 __Those of you who are TOO YOUNG to legally be here (typically set at 18) NEED TO LEAVE NOW. You should be using porn that won't get people into trouble. __Cisgender heterosexual midtwenties male in a long-term relationship. My s and I may be looking for a pet/toy some time in the future. We've recently started sending out tentative feelers; feel free to message me with any relevant questions or info. __None of the pictures here are mine, though some were injected into Tumblr by me. All models assumed to be 18 or older. If you see yours on here, want it down, and can show that it is yours, then I will do so immediately. __I guess that I will be continuing this after all. My first steps will be reblogging what I have saved--if you have a request for what kind of pics I do next, feel free to Ask. Slight update: So I got sucked into the Tumblr vortex and haven't reblogged many of my bookmarks, though I've posted some later. The offer to request something with the kind of pic posted is still open.

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    He likes the way it looks when my hands are above my head. It pulls my breasts into a shape that are delightful to him.

    Unfortunately, I can usually only cum from playing with my clit during sex. But that ruins his visual.

    My orgasm is a sacrifice I willing give to please him. I just wish he would give me permission to masturbate after he’s done using me.


    Last night I put my girl on the floor and made her my personal porn station. At first I made her just lay there with a toy in her butt, humiliated as I watched porn over her body.

    But once i started jacking off and my cock was thick and hard, I couldn’t help myself… I started fucking her pussy while watching the video. I used her body as a human fleshlight. She was just a fucktoy for me to jack off in.

    At a certain point in the video the couple started having anal sex and I craved that. So I pulled the plug out of her ass and shoved my wet cock into her tight anus, mimicking the porno. She started crying too loud, so I had to tell her to shut up so I can concentrate. I didn’t want to be reminded that she was a real human being.

    To me she will always be a fuckdoll first and foremost.