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    This is kind of unusual and personal for me, but this is also the only identity where I really talk about kink, so. Pardon the digression.

    I’m a pretty typical top in bed. I like control, I like getting a reaction, I like the illusion of power; aside from a couple very specific circumstances, I don’t have much of a submissive side, and I have always struggled to understand why anyone would want to receive pain as part of sex. Isort of got it abstractly: endorphins, adrenaline, heightened pleasure from sensory contrast. Not to imply the two are always connected, but I’ve dabbled lightly in self-harm in the past, so I know a little about the relief involved in externalization too. But emotionally… I couldn’t get there. I just figured I could respect other people’s kinks without needing to understand them, and hey, if my mild sadistic interests matched up with someone else’s masochism, great.

    Until this weekend.

    You and I are very close friends but we live a long way apart. This was one of the few times a year we get to see each other, and the flirting had turned up quite a bit, and when you drink you get tend to sock me in the arm and get a little bite-happy. This time you gave me one serious, deliberate punch, and then you bit me in the same spot. Hard. Hard enough to leave marks.

    I laughed about it, but it made my heart kick. I wanted more.

    It became a game. We’d be in a crowd, or at the bar, or just around the corner from a group of friends, and we’d catch each other’s eyes and you’d pinch me. Or punch me. Or, once in a while, find a soft place and bite down. The first time I was just excited to have your attention, but soon the harder you bit the better it felt. I got cold chills and goosebumps all over.

    I have quite a bit of height on you, and you are sweet and kind, so we do not present the most obvious form for this dynamic. That’s part of my fascination with it. I never expected to be walking around with my public face on, cheerfully looming over you, thrumming with excitement inside and thinking fuck, I hope she hurts me again soon.

    I’m not claiming this is the universal masochist experience or anything, but I get it now. I don’t bruise easily, and the marks on your favorite spot–just below the shoulder of my right arm–are already gone. But I can still feel the soreness when I push it. I want it to last. I want to be able to touch part of my body, and remember, and feel where you were.


    If you want to talk about it, I was curious if you’ve seen her since this post, and if so, what happened. 


    On the Streets of Germany 3rd June

    Some poor lass is taking it up the ass, completely nude. The Female figure based on my own reference. ^_^;



    Now that she has allowed him to fuck her in a public place, she will get the fourth and final set of links tattooed onto her right arm, and will declare herself fully tamed.


    For the story, not the picture. 


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    I don't know why I didn't give this pic a higher priority, to help ensure that I would add notes more swiftly, yet I did not. Alas.

    How did it turn out? ;)