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    Care for your sub One night after a long play session we were sitting on the couch talking. She stretched her legs across my lap and I began rubbing her feet. She smiled, sighed, and laid back contently. At that moment I thought back to my earlier times in the lifestyle when I wouldn’t have rubbed a subs feet, when I had the mistaken idea that subs did all the caretaking. Their role was to cater to the Dom, wait on him, pamper him. At the time I had been labeled a sensual Dom by many and took that as confirmation that I took good care of my submissive. I was misleading myself though, badly. Then I met a married Master/slave couple. Their relationship on the outside was what I imagined. He had full control over her and made all decisions. In public she waited on him hand and foot and was the perfect slave. It was much as I had imagined a real D/s relationship. But then in conversation he described their daily routine at home and I was shocked. Each day he got up first, made coffee, and delivered her a cup of coffee in bed. At night he drew her baths and brushed her hair. I didn’t get it at first but then it sunk in and I understood. She was the most important thing in his life and he took expert care of her, and his care fueled her devotion. So now foot rubs are freely given and in the morning I will cook breakfast. Doing for your submissive, showing her how special she is, doesn’t make you less Domly. The more time and care you invest in a submissive the deeper your bond will be. – Eric_Sir





    So in love 💕

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    This is important, despite my obvious kink.

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    Kinky Ways to Thank Your Partner on Thanksgiving!

    Kinky Ways to Thank Your Partner on Thanksgiving!

    In this fast-paced life, it’s incredibly easy to neglect your partner(s) so it’s a good thing we have November! With upcoming Thanksgiving, our thoughts turn to thankfulness and gratitude and there are plenty of seriously naughty ways to show your appreciation all month long and on Thanksgiving too! 4 Kinky Ways to Thank Your Partner All Month Long Sensual Massage – Sensual massage is a great way…

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    I kind of resented the fact that the masseuse thought I was so dumb that I’d believe him when he told me fucking was just an “extra-deep tissue massage” and that his cum was just “special lotion”. But hey, I was on vacation and he was hot and hung, so he can think what he wants about me - I got the greatest massage of my life out of him!


    Hi Slavekate. I love your blog. My Master and me talk about your ideas all the time. Here's my question. I already know all the sex stuff. What else can I learn to please my master and be a good slave. I want to be the ultimate slave.

    Thank you, fellow servant, for the lovely compliment. Being the ultimate slave is a high goal indeed and I wish you every success. 

    Slavery isn’t just sex - but it’s good you have a full list of sexual willingness and abilities. I hope you will be open to more sexual knowledge there. I have found there are always new things to learn - and that’s exciting.

    Other things I find help me as a slave that are good to know - 

    1. How to serve tea without spilling it. How to make coffee and tea (from loose leaves - steeping and serving it right).

    2. How to set a table correctly (silverware in place, etc.) and how to fold napkins decoratively - nothing makes a Master feel pampered than a well set table (particularly if he has guests over). 

    3. Everything about wine. How to serve it, what wine pairs with what food, how to open it, how to aerate red wine, what wines your Master enjoys.

    4. Everything about cocktails. From fun shooters like Jolly Ranchers and Burnt apples to making a Mai Tia or Long Island Ice Tea - learn the proper glass, garnish, and recipe for drinks.   Also learn beer if he drinks that - learn how to get a glass “beer clean” and the right amount of head for the beer to have.

    5. Tie a Tie. When I was married to my Master he never tied a tie for himself. Learn good looking knots and make him shine when he goes out.

    6. Sew Buttons and seams - he has a favorite shirt that loses a button - fix it for him.

    7. Massage - Don’t just rub his back. Learn the techniques for proper massage so you are ready if he has a sore spot or just wants comfort (remember, avoid the spine).

    8. Cooking - recipes he likes, fancy or not so fancy desserts, special treats only you can make for him. Learn presentation - make them taste good and look good.

    9. Folding - particularly towel origami.  What’s the best part of a cruise? Coming back to your room and seeing a towel folded like an elephant on your bed. There are lots of you-tube films and books on how to do that and it will give him a smile. Also - learn practical folding - the proper way to fold a shirt, sheets, hang pants, etc.

    10. Learn what he is interested in and how YOU can support it. It doesn’t matter whether he likes Nascar, Computer games, comic books or bird watching - how can you make his joy more enjoyable.

    That’s a small list - but i hope it helps you achieve your goal.




    I love this list, as it reminds us that there is always more we can be doing to be more pleasing for our Owners.


    Sex is only one area in why you can be useful.  Serve and please in all things.