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2020-01-29 04:34:35

    The tally counter was added to my usual sucking practice to ensure that I’m meeting the minimum depth requirement, and assigned number of sucks. 

    A written list of Sir’s key sucking points was taped to the mirror for me read and think about while I practice.


    Goddamn I love this! Excellent training technique (as is everything I’ve ever seen from kittydenied).


    This is a fantastic idea. 


    I need a pair of heels like this, so men can shove dollar bills into the platforms for safe-keeping of “tips” despite me being pleasantly naked and with their cocks buried up to the hilt in my ass. It’s a transparent, practical sign of a bimbo whore - it’s an easy way to show off that I am for sale to anyone who wants to take me, pull me down, and fuck me wherever they want, whenever they want. I need to be this degraded, humiliated, objectified - just a perpetual whore for sale, no matter what I say or do to convince someone anyway else.


    I know it’s pretty popular to just focus on the rough and primal aspects of sexuality,especially around here, but it’s really the softer, gentler, more delicate moments like this that make the rough ones so enjoyable. 

    They both enhance the other.