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    The lipstick was a success. Red-Slut Shade #4 was the perfect aphrodisiac. It soaked through the lips and made any woman crave a cock in their mouth. Sometimes the test subjects would retain enough of their facilities to wonder why they were sucking the cocks of total strangers but that doesn’t mean it stopped them from sucking the entire testing staff.

    This lovely piece was sent in by erotiterrorist. Thank you!


    A little skinny, but she’ll do.


    One of the hardest things I’ve ever had a girl do in reality is sit naked and be evaluated by a stranger.  I wasn’t actually selling her, but she was still shaking.


    “Not bad, Henry.  Not the best whore you’ve ever claimed, but you knew that, and I like the shame in her eyes.  Not bad at all.”

    Artist Commentary:

    Patchouli's slave life

    Please enjoy Patchouli, forced to do all sorts of things to pay for taking care of her overly long hair, rent, and utilities.

    I've been drawing nothing but work-safe stuff since the end of last year, so it just exploded out of me.