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__The newest piece of my writing was posted on: 02/14/2014 __Those of you who are TOO YOUNG to legally be here (typically set at 18) NEED TO LEAVE NOW. You should be using porn that won't get people into trouble. __Cisgender heterosexual midtwenties male in a long-term relationship. My s and I may be looking for a pet/toy some time in the future. We've recently started sending out tentative feelers; feel free to message me with any relevant questions or info. __None of the pictures here are mine, though some were injected into Tumblr by me. All models assumed to be 18 or older. If you see yours on here, want it down, and can show that it is yours, then I will do so immediately. __I guess that I will be continuing this after all. My first steps will be reblogging what I have saved--if you have a request for what kind of pics I do next, feel free to Ask. Slight update: So I got sucked into the Tumblr vortex and haven't reblogged many of my bookmarks, though I've posted some later. The offer to request something with the kind of pic posted is still open.

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    she literally tried to deal drugs to the cops I just.. fucken.. WHAT 


    He didn’t arrest her he warned her it was illegal….. Warned !!!!!!! Wtfffffffffffffffffff


    I’m not at all denying that white privilege exists, but I can’t help but wonder how much of this was because she’s an attractive woman, rather than her race. 


    Hey 19 yr Old Girl on Fet... What's Your Plan?

    (Originally posted on Fetlife by pvtproperty- must have an account to view; posted to subgirlygirl.com with written permission of the author)

    Thank god Fetlife and cell phones didn’t exist when I was 19, because let’s be honest, I’d be in some trouble. I love attention, I always have and posting pictures is an easy way to get it. I’m just as guilty as the next attention whore. But I’m 44, I’ve lived half my life, I have a career, a family and friends. I am honest about who I am and what I do, because I’ve put in the time and I’ve earned that right.

    I know I will come across as an older, jealous woman, wanting to quiet the competition and that’s fine, think what you will. I am actually a mother and educator with a fairly decent understanding of young adults.

    Every time I see a picture of a young woman baring herself on fetlife for all the world to see, I cringe. A beautiful young girl smiling at the camera as she is being used with hundreds, sometimes thousands of people “loving” it. Not to mention all the thousands that are secretly loving it from the privacy of their own home.

    What’s your plan darling? Do you know what you want to do for the next 25 years? Do you want a career? Do you want to meet someone and start a family? It’s ok to want those things, and it’s ok not to, but you need to plan for both.

    Who is looking at these pictures? Future employers, partners or maybe even family members? Do you realize that everyday pictures are stolen from your profile and used on different sites without your permission? People are making money off of your pictures, are you?

    I know it’s hard to look towards the future, that it is sometimes scary and depressing. I get being confused and bored. I understand the need to be someone, to have an identity and fetlife provides that. But at what cost? How much further are you willing to go, because eventually your pictures will get fewer loves and you’ll have to become more and more daring.

    I know there are exceptions to every rule. I know there are girls who want to model and are using fetlife as a means to an end. I just want you to think before you post your next picture. Think of why you’re posting it and who you’re posting it for. Consider a way of protecting your privacy, or not showing your face.

    You will change so much over the next 20 years. Please don’t let those changes be influenced by the choices you made in an effort to impress strangers that really don’t give you a second thought after getting off to your image. You are worth so much more than that.


    I actually want to offer another viewpoint on this. 

    First, I think most young women (ie legal adult women, and most likely the younger set too, but that’s beyond my scope here) are very aware that photos posted online can easily go viral. In a way, when we “assume” they don’t understand this, that they’re too young or too naieve, we do them wrong. 

    Second, I came into the BDSM world just as the “internet” became a thing. I still remember my first modem (300 baud, woot woot!), and the old USENET groups, and echoes. I found IRC and then eventually “the internet” as a whole. Hell, I even had a website with spinning pentagrams and flickering torches. There were (and probably still are) pictures of me, in various states of undress, doing naughty things. I’m not the least bit upset by that. I knew what I was doing when I put them online. I knew they had the potential to bite me in the ass, though I was relatively careful in where I put them. Some of them I’m even proud of! If I’d had access to the same kind of internet then as girls today have, I would have been posting a bunch of fun stuff. 

    I completely agree that everyone (males and females alike) should consider privacy and identity when posting photographs to the internet. Yet I really don’t think it’s any less dangerous to post something to FaceBook than to Fet. In fact, I think it’s quite the opposite. The liklihood of an employer finding you on Fet is pretty low, unless they’re also kinky, in which case it’s unlikely to be a problem. The liklihood of someone finding you on FB and wrecking your life is a lot higher. I know; I’ve seen it happen. 

    I wish I had more pictures of me when I was younger. I wish I had the visual proof that I can be thinner, healthier, more active. I also wish I had the reminder of how miserable I was then, visually… because the lines from those awful years are etched on my face today. I earned my crow’s feet. :)


    I believe that I can see both sides to this, even if I do tend to lean in one direction.

    Hopefully, anyone old enough to use Fetlife would know how their pictures could be used, abused, and spread. For the most part, I don’t think that’s a surprise. At least two things may be, though.

    For one, it seems like people pretty consistently underestimate how permanent the internet has made things like this. The pictures won’t age over time (for the most part, barring technological advances, etc.), and so there’s no reason not to keep using it. They will likely stay in circulation for a long while, and with archiving websites, they can stay on the internet even when the sites hosting it go down. 

    That might not be something that’s viewed as a problem, to the women who made the choice to post their pictures online. Presumably, they wouldn’t have done this if they weren’t okay with people seeing those pictures. But that’s the thing; they are okay with it, present tense. 

    Because that’s the second thing that may surprise them. A big thing young people seem to have trouble with is properly anticipating how they’ll think in the future. (Though, truth be told, a fair number of older people have this problem too.) Right now, the young women doing this may be okay with the pictures being found, even years later. Maybe they just don’t care if people know, maybe they know they won’t be doing anything that would make these pictures an embarrassment, maybe something else entirely. But people’s perspectives change pretty radically over time. Just because the “you” of today is okay with it doesn’t mean that the “you” of 20 years from now will be. 

    Maybe they will still be fine with it. @unixslut , you evidently are an example of that. And it’s fine. The problem is that there’s no way to tell how you’ll think ahead of time, even though a lot of people seem to think that there is. 

    And, no offense intended, but the fact that I can recall maybe a half-dozen instances of people having to hide or delete their tumblrs here because someone from work found them (and threatened them in some way, generally with exposure) tells me that no, you aren’t automatically safe if whoever finds you happens to be into BDSM. 

    It simply means that some caution is in order. 


    I’ve watched too many women be threatened, humiliated and made to feel powerless by ex boyfriends or other scorned men who stole or refused to delete nudes that were sent in confidence during a relationship. I decided to start this project in response to those abusers and in an attempt to help and protect my sisters in a time where abuse of this kind seems to be at an all time high. Leakedleakers is a new and in-progress database of names, faces, handles, etc. of abusers who steal and publicize women’s nude photos sent to them in confidence in order to humiliate and threaten them. The intent is to give women who were wronged in this way an avenue to speak out anonymously and feel some closure, and to create a searchable database for other women to use to avoid these men. Please reblog and signal boost if you think this would be a useful and powerful tool for women. Thank you!



    That’s likely to be the only effective way to push back against this despicable practice.

    BTW, if you see a picture of yours that is in this category in any of my feeds, please let me know its url and I will delete it.

    #Reblog  #Signal Boost  #Revenge Porn  #LeakedLeakers

    repeat after me

  • there’s nothing “slutty” or inherently wrong about posting nudes for attention
  • wanting attention is okay
  • being proud of your body is a beautiful thing
  • let’s stop perpetuating the idea that being open with your body/sexuality is somehow a shameful or negative thing because it isn’t
  • and if that makes me slutty or shameful then good i want to be the sluttiest slut of them ALL
  • kiss my cute butte
  • What is it about living in nature that brings out the feral woman… Maybe it’s being able to spend more time in the form that I came in… dancing naked in the forests, bathing under beautiful waterfalls. That feeling of being grounded and earth connected. Walking barefoot and receiving vital information through my feet… #feral #enigmatic #wildwoman #fairy #waterfall #protesterfalls #nimbin