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2020-01-29 04:34:35

    Daily dose of silly spanking from Daddy D and Little S.

    Daddy: *before a (not so serious) spanking* Do you know what this is for, young lady?

    Me: 'Cause you forgot to this morning?

    Daddy: *warning smack* Really? You're going to be a brat right now?

    Me: *rambles off all the infractions I remember*

    Daddy: Aaaand?

    Me: I dunno. o.o

    Daddy: AND for not sleeping, young lady! I know you only got like, two hours of sleep last night.

    Me: ... I went to bed at the same time as you. *trying not to smirk because Brat logic was winning*

    Daddy: ... Really now? *trying to keep a straight face* You're going to use that as your defense?

    Me: Yeah, 'cause it's accurate. And you're just mad because I out-logic-ed you.

    Daddy: Okay then! *obviously amused* *spanks really hard* Still gonna backtalk?


    Daddy: *spanks harder*


    Daddy: No, I want LOTS of regret. *reaches to pull down my pants*

    Me: Fuuuuu- Okayokayokay, regret!

    Daddy: *pulls down my pants, continues spanking*

    Me: AGH, OW. MEANIE.

    Daddy: *obviously amused* Okay, now go take your shower.

    Me: BLEGH. *lays in the floor overdramatically* Rub itttt!

    Daddy: AFTER your shower.

    Me: ... You butt.

    Daddy: REALLY NOW? *pins my arms behind my back and spanks REALLY hard*

    Me: OKAY, SHOWER TIME NOW GOT IT. *under my breath* ... butthead.

    Daddy: WHAT WAS THAT?

    Me: O.O I said... uh, crap, um, sssmut head? 'Cause um, you like to read smut.

    Daddy: Go take your shower. *trying not to smile*

    Me: Yes Daddy. *stumbles clumsily to the bathroom* :)

    pet: i love this, BDSM can be so funny and cute :3