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    My itch has been scratched.  We all know this is the stuff that happened before we came through the Red Portal. Might have more angles, might not.  Enjoy.

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    The skeleton, of course, was only a prop. But together with the carefully prepared other items in the cell and the smell it considerably accelerated her acceptance of the situation that she was property now and existed solely for the pleasure and at the discretion of the men that had taken her from the camping grounds.


    "The America of the 28th Amendment is a far different one than the America that existed even just a hundred years earlier. Now that women are objects, property to be shared and traded and owned by men as they wish, sexuality and sexualization are acceptably, truly, a basic essential need for the American male.

    The 28th Amendment’s passing reduced crime rates across America, as many disadvantaged peoples instead took up new misogynistic enterprises. Drug dealers became kidnappers, catching free women on the streets and turning them in for processing; the impoverished rented out their wives and lived off the proceeds. In this respect, it was an amazing success - the President’s plan had effected change in America, and brought peace.

    But there are still hardened criminals, and there is still crime in the Patriarchal Republic of America. Some men are caught assisting women to escape to the Queendom; others are thieves, malcontents, murderers in rage or jealousy. (Men may own women, but they still aspire to a larger harem, a new girl-chair for the table, et cetera.)

    For these men, the prison system still exists. It has been slightly moderated, with an emphasis on rehabilitation over incarceration, and there are several amenities provided that were previously unthinkable. As previously noted, access to women for sex is considered a basic right for men now. Therefore, prisons keep a good number of “prison bitches” on hand, an example of which is above.

    Usually, there is one bitch per ten men or so. They are often taken from women who have been especially troublesome to the local governments: escapees, unclaimed and untagged leftovers, and conspirators. The prison bitch is treated cruelly. She is permanently resleeved in latex, her skin bonded to the catsuit with glue; her hair is shaved and a permanent, eyeless hood applied; and both her mouth and her cunt are filled with hollow plugs. (Her teeth are also removed and her nipples and tongue pierced: common slave modifications, re-emphasized for inmate safety.)

    Because her hood completely blinds and deafens her, the prison bitch is left with little but her sense of touch connecting her to the world. When she is about to be released, her hands and feet are glued into rubber paws, further condemning her to a lifetime of crawling. A corset is tightened on her to further impede her, and the prison bitch is let into the cells.

    Unlike with the male prison guards, who have defences and watches, the prison bitch is left with the general population, twenty-four seven. No one pays attention to her, her upkeep, or anything about her: except the prisoners, who find her and rape her in one of her holes whenever they choose. Indeed, their cum is the only food and drink a prison bitch receives, a reason for her to get very good at deepthroating, very fast. The bitch is left to wander the halls of the prison, silent and blind, feeling her way around for men to hopefully attract. She is a mindless, unthinking toy left defenceless with some of the most dangerous men in America.

    A prison bitch’s life can be very painful. For example, bitches are often corralled in prisoner cells and kept in them overnight. A single prisoner may use a corralled bitch four or five times during a single sleep time, then leave her for others: even the accustomed women of modern America falter when faced with a day or so of straight rape. Bitches are considered prison property, less important than technology and guard defences, and more important than pillows. An inmate who severely injures a bitch (for example, a sadist who specialized in unlicensed back-alley amputations) can expect to be docked a month’s canteen privileges, or a day of solitary confinement.

    Why would these men be punished any more? The prison exists to rehabilitate them, useful and powerful men, as part of society. Women are just tools and toys for the enjoyment of men. The prisons can always get more.”

    -slut marissa temple

    A note for new readers: This is the latest installment in my “What Befell The West” series, where gender equality has been repealed in the USA. Click on the #whatbefellthewest tag below this post for more stories like this one!