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    That will be the end of her escape attempts. Whew! That is tight tight tight! I bet you her crotch and breasts are burning with pressure and I can practically imagine the drool running out of her face. Sexy picture.


    Training ideas for those new subs or you are new to the bdsm world, here are some positions for you to try. Credit: www.bitchslapped.co.uk



    My personal system:

    Unless ordered otherwise, the slave’s eyes are downcast at a 45 degree angle and her legs are shoulder width apart.  She never covers herself in any way even when allowed to relax.

    Endure, expose, and inspect are all referred to as “Display” position.  The slave is ordered to squat, kneel, or stand as necessary.  For example, a standing slave can be given the order “kneel, display”

    Wait and kneel are both the “Wait” position, again, with standing, sitting, and squatting given separately.  From “Wait”, the slave can be ordered to box her arms, which means grabbing triceps with opposite hands to either be cuffed or simply steered.

    The humble position is “Worship” for me.  I can order her to bring her elbows back for something like the punishment position.

    My rest position is similar, with eyes down and hands on the thighs, but is usually done standing or kneeling.

    This doesn’t show the “Present” command.  It’s similar in some ways to wall and rear, but feet are wider than shoulder width apart and she pulls her ass open to expose her holes.  She can do this from her knees, in which case she leans forward as far as possible, or standing.  ”Put your hands on the wall” can be added to this command.

    I also expect my girls to know “beg”, which is best done squatting but can be done from the knees.  THe slave sticks her arms down, hands dangling, and sticks out her tongue so she looks like a dog begging.

    Floor is not one I use often, but I think I might add it to my repertoire.  It would be useful to have her box her arms in this position.


    We tried out a ping pong paddle this weekend. Stingy little bastard. He went easy on me since it’s a new toy but it still made me squirm.


    You need to go and find a cupcake spatula! To spank with!! Works great! !!! And only 6.99


    Thanks! I’ll go check that out.

    Aude by Jeremy Ayer:

    Photographer Jeremy Ayer and graphic designer Julien Mercier have been collaborating on the serie ‘Aude’, a photographic project which tails the story of a young woman wandering in a mansion. With here pale skin, her slender body, she represents a certain ideology of beauty. But paradoxically, the raw image remains in a direct visual language, not constrained by any commercial obligations. There is no digital manipulation which would withdraw all of her natural eroticism. In the same process, the statues with their perfectly carved silhouettes, oppose with her curves left intact. The brutal and frontal lighting, exposes here entire body. But always fleeting, she remains inaccessible to the viewer, out of reach, in height.

    More SFW photos from the article: