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2020-01-29 04:34:35

    This is how I already keep my toys @dragonflyfawn, @sextoy, and @playtoystarflare. These toys are used to it for a long time now. However judging the toy by its words of desire and longing, I imagine I can entice @hedonistfucktoy into one of my storage cases.

    I love the detail of this lovely drawing.


    I do love fucktoy storage. Being put away until useful.


    Oh, this is beautiful!


    When Bob… excuse me… “Sheik al’Bobdo” started his harem, he found that while most girls were naturally obedient, some needed regular whippings to keep in line, and a select few could only be controlled by having the other girls keep them well styled and dressed in cute, pink, girly clothes.