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    Rebloggable, as requested by Anon.


    I like this, Doms need love too.


    ack this is so wonderful


    A great list for anyone with a dominant in their life. 


    So true.  Doms have feelings too. 


    Saving this for Daddy’s down days. ❤


    Little one… You did good


    A little PSA for everyone who doesn’t buy into the whole infallible dom BS.


    Such a nice list. 


    27 August 2013

    This. Me. I’ve never felt so enlightened. This probably explains why I occasionally burst into tears after masturbating and cumming (totally a Cho Chang Harry Potter moment here). It also explains why I plateaued at about 50% arousal while fervently playing with myself tonight, then made a stubborn and painfully slow climb to 60, 70, 80, 85, 87….. Then nosedived to approximately -2 and promptly shed a few tears.

    The phrase of the day is “touch-starved”.


    This is interesting.

    I’ve done the whole crying-after-cumming thing (though it has been a while since that’s happened), but I always kind of chalked it up to being a result of sexual intensity. But now that I think about the concept of being “touch-starved”, it makes sense. I mean, my orgasms are rarely ever intense, considering I masturbate the same way every time. There’s also the fact that, after an orgasm, I tend to roll over and curl in on myself.

    I can’t remember the last time I was touched for more than two seconds. Obviously there’s hand shakes and the brief hugs you give friends, but when was the last time I was actually held? I honestly can’t remember and OH MY GOD THAT IS SO SAD.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ll take cuddles over spanks right now. And tomorrow. And every day until I die. Mmkay? Thanks.


    The link at the top is broken, or the article has been taken down. This seems to be it (repeated for redundancy): http://www.reuniting.info/calling_all_skin_hungry_cuddle_sluts