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    That will be the end of her escape attempts. Whew! That is tight tight tight! I bet you her crotch and breasts are burning with pressure and I can practically imagine the drool running out of her face. Sexy picture.


    She would always protest when compliments were thrown her way, “oh no..” “I’m not..” “Please…” “Shut up!..” and so on.

    It did her wonders to hear them echo around her as Daddy’s friends all smothered her with them, put things inside of her and applauded her aptness to take a plug, a cock, to swallow a lace strap. 

    Sometimes good little girls need to be reminded how pretty they are. 


    There are two categories of blowjobs:

    • When she sucks your dick.
    • When you fuck her mouth.

    I can tell your wife would never let you do the latter.

    I’m alone next door, she would never know if you snuck over… I just painted my lips for you, they’re so soft and pink, but I have nobody to try them out…


    That is, in fact, the difference between 1. fellatio and 2. irrumatio.