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    My itch has been scratched.  We all know this is the stuff that happened before we came through the Red Portal. Might have more angles, might not.  Enjoy.

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    That will be the end of her escape attempts. Whew! That is tight tight tight! I bet you her crotch and breasts are burning with pressure and I can practically imagine the drool running out of her face. Sexy picture.


    Happy Halloween


    Come on, be honest. Who hasn’t wanted a cum fairy of their very own before?




    I do enjoy when they look utterly blissed out, as well as faux-struggling, etc., but I have to admit, laughter and happiness holds a special place with me. 


    Fufu, Does it feel good?

    Next, I'm going to go from the top all the way down♪

    I really enjoy the intersection of various beliefs and comfort zones, such as when the same woman is apparently happy to fellate someone but blushes much more fiercely when she has to display herself.