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    She would always protest when compliments were thrown her way, “oh no..” “I’m not..” “Please…” “Shut up!..” and so on.

    It did her wonders to hear them echo around her as Daddy’s friends all smothered her with them, put things inside of her and applauded her aptness to take a plug, a cock, to swallow a lace strap. 

    Sometimes good little girls need to be reminded how pretty they are. 


    Fuck me in a way that even my moans aren’t enough to let out my emotions. Fuck me in a way that I need something to latch onto, anything.

    Strip me down to my most primal, carnal instincts. Where even my teeth gnawing upon my sheets are a method of expression.






    I do enjoy when they look utterly blissed out, as well as faux-struggling, etc., but I have to admit, laughter and happiness holds a special place with me. 



    racist assholes say wild shit on here daily

    anti sjw is an actual thing on here

    tumblr post wack ass ads that NOBODY wants to see

    nazis and homophobes are allowed blogs

    but sex workers are the ones getting deleted?

    @staff isn’t sex a whole lot better than blatant hate?

    y’all don’t like sex?

    people can sell asinine apps but she can’t sell a picture/video of her ass?

    y’all real corny for this


    Corny is a really nice way of putting it @staff