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    What I Mean When I Say I’m Sex-Positive

  • I think freedom of sexuality is something that we all need and very few of us have
  • I think sexual pleasure is a legitimate thing to want and ethically pursue
  • I do not judge people for the (consensual) sex that they have or want
  • I will not tolerate slut-shaming
  • I will not tolerate hatred of people based on gender or orientation (including asexual)
  • I will not tolerate hatred of sex workers
  • I believe comprehensive, honest, non-judgmental sex education is necessary for public health and happiness
  • I think understanding of sexual consent–what it is, why it matters–is sorely lacking in society and crucially important
  • I reject preconceptions of what kind of sexuality a person should have, whether these preconceptions are based on gender, age, culture, disability, survivor status, or basically anything else
  • I value people’s individual freedom of choice in determining their sex lives (including the choices not to have sex)
  • What I Don’t Mean

  • Everyone should have sex
  • Everyone should have kinky, non-monogamous, exhibitionistic, pansexual sex
  • Accepting someone’s sexuality means you have to participate in it, watch them engage in it, or hear about it in detail
  • Nothing related to sex is ever hurtful for anyone
  • Feminism should be all about sex
  • Sex fixes everything
  • itsgreeeen


    racist assholes say wild shit on here daily

    anti sjw is an actual thing on here

    tumblr post wack ass ads that NOBODY wants to see

    nazis and homophobes are allowed blogs

    but sex workers are the ones getting deleted?

    @staff isn’t sex a whole lot better than blatant hate?

    y’all don’t like sex?

    people can sell asinine apps but she can’t sell a picture/video of her ass?

    y’all real corny for this


    Corny is a really nice way of putting it @staff


    This Peruvian sex worker is taking justice into her own hands

    Add this to your list of good things happening in the world: Angela Villon, a Peruvian woman who’s done sex work for more than 30 years, is running for her nation’s Congress. What she hopes to accomplish if elected.


    wonder what excuse rad fems will cook up to ignore her


    How’s this going, does anyone know?


    Please don’t compare me to James Deen anymore

    The sick thing was, I was about to make a new post last night. The gif featured James Deen. Then I read Stoya’s tweet and felt sick to my stomach. I couldn’t make any posts last night after reading that. It might take a while to write any posts at all, honestly. I want to go through and delete every post that I’ve made with Deen in it …and that would be a lot of posts. 

    And the other thing that made me sick last night? I saw a lot of rape fetishization on my dash. I saw guys use the word rape as an adjective for sex, writing horrid captions under their gifs. I saw tons of reblogs for those captions. I saw women speak affectionately for that kind of language being used, wishing it was being done to them.

    I don’t care of it’s fantasy talk or not. Don’t fetishize rape. Don’t wish that on yourself and don’t talk about doing it to others. Don’t normalize it. Don’t sexualize it. It’s unnecessary. Use your imagination. Use other words to describe rough sex. In the very least, make sure to indicate that you’re writing a scene speaking to a particular fetish – consensual non-consent. Because otherwise you are a terrible, horrid human being that supports one of the worst crimes that can be committed. If I see it, I’ll report you, drop you and call you out for being an asshole. There aren’t any excuses for this. Say whatever you want – if you are actively participating in this kind of behavior, you’re normalizing and sexualizing one of the worst things you could possibly do to someone, which pretty much makes you the worst type of human garbage imaginable. Stop.


    I appreciate that you are speaking up for what you believe is an important cause. Most of this post I agree with.

    However, as a victim of sexual assault, I choose to participate in rape-roleplay within the confines of my relationships to help me cope with what happened to me. I will do whatever it takes (as long as it isn’t at the expense of others, obviously) to come to terms with what multiple people have done to me. It isn’t your place, any man’s place, or any woman’s place to tell me how to cope with that trauma. I will not stop and I am most certainly not human garbage because of how I choose to handle the emotional scars I’ve been left with as a result of multiple sexual assaults. 

    Except for one person, the people who have assaulted me have been men. There isn’t a fucking chance in hell I would take advice from another man about how I’m handling my body and my sexuality in an inappropriate manner. 

    It isn’t your business what I or any other woman do with their body, during sex, or within their sexual relationships. You don’t get to tell us we aren’t using our bodies in a way you do not approve of. Our bodies are not for you to approve of. The sexual activities we choose to engage in or not to engage in are not for you to approve of. It matters not one bit whether you like it. A lot of people might think that sounds harsh, but that’s because women aren’t supposed to be forthright with men. We’re supposed to just nod or tell them what they want to hear. The fact of the matter is, how other people fuck is none of your business so long as it isn’t hurting other people. None. Of. Your. Business.

    How about you speak up about men raping and the silent approval rapists get when other men laugh at rape jokes or make objectifying comments about women without their consent? How about you spend more fucking energy not dictating how women should be having sex and instead make this about what men need to be doing to improve the current rape culture climate? Maybe take a few moments to talk about the sanctity of safe words and consent directed at the men in the lifestyle who seem to have a difficult time grasping those concepts? How about you not make sweeping generalizations about what is morally acceptable and unacceptable about something you don’t seem to be all that educated on? Morality is not always universal. 

    You’ve not lived my life. You were not present in my body and mind and heart during those sexual assaults, therefore, you do not get to tell how to cope.


    Morality may not be universal, but we can all agree that rape is wrong, yes? And that our society does not do enough to prevent rape from happening, prevent it from being normalized. Right? And that spreading the concept of rape as normal in a public form like Tumblr is something that needs to be dealt with carefully. If not, it goes beyond sexualizing rape and normalizes it to an unhealthy degree.  I’m sorry you felt that my response was critical of you and your sexuality, but please note that I did not condemn rape roleplay in the slightest in my post, nor was I dictating how you or any woman should express your sexuality or deal with your abuse. In the very least, that was not my intention.  What I was attempting to do was call attention to the gross amount of sexualization concerning rape on Tumblr, a majority of which comes from men and a majority of which I’ve seen is bent strictly towards male rape fantasies.  If you’re roleplaying rape, you’re not sexualizing it in the same way as these posts I’m talking about. The posts are undoubtedly making light of real rape, sexualizing real rape. Maybe that wasn’t clear because I failed to provide specific examples (I don’t wish to provide these posts with any traffic). But as I said before, indicating that the intent of these posts is roleplaying is the very least one can do because it makes a clear distinction between fantasy and reality. I don’t believe that’s too much to ask and I don’t believe that’s me, as a male, dictating your sexuality. If the only way you can get off is to spread the belief that the sexualization of rape is a normal, positive thing? Too bad. It’s wrong, it’s gross and I have no sympathy for you. That’s not what you’re talking about, though. You’re talking about sexualizing the roleplay and power dynamics that come with consensual non-consent. All I’m saying is that for that sexualization to be a healthy one in the confines of a public forum like Tumblr, that distinction needs to be very, very clear. 


    MWH has spoken about many of the things the commenter mentioned before on his blog quite a bit, and he always makes an effort to help people who have suffered rape or sexual assault and to help people identify and avoid it when it seems apparent but not for certain. Given the circumstances though, I understand why the commenter would respond the way she did. She’s right; no one has the right to dictate what she does in her bedroom as long as it’s legal and consensual. And he’s right; the existence of consensual non consent has made an even larger grey area in the topic of rape and sexual assault for some, while showing others the nuances of that distinction, and it does need to be clarified for those who are confused or who are wrongfully taking advantage of that grey area.

    All of that said, the news about James Deen shook a lot of people. It triggered a fear in me that I didn’t expect. James Deen is a professional in an industry where consent is key. It always is, but when your work consists of having sex with people, it’s that much more important that you explicitly understand and respect it. Stoya was previously raped and was actually forced into sex work, which I’m sure he knew. They were in a romantic relationship together and she trusted him with more than just her body. And he betrayed that and knowingly took advantage of her. There are no excuses to be made here for him. He is disgusting and cruel and heartless and a criminal.

    And yet, a lot of people are saying she deserved it, or calling her a liar, or bringing up the fact that she’s a porn star as if that means constant and implicit consent. So I’m glad MWH decided to make this post because some people clearly don’t understand what rape is and what rape does. He’s also the only one of the 20-30 porn bloggers I follow, some of whom enjoy consensual non consent, who took the time to address this. I appreciate that.

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    Stripper in Clearwater, FLA showing the judge that her bikini briefs were too large to expose her vagina to the undercover cops that arrested her. The case was dismissed.


    This is my favorite picture on here


    Where his hands at, HM?


    ^at the hammer, about to dismiss the case.


    I just want to know how she got her hands on the bikini briefs to demonstrate. Was she allowed to put them on after taking them from the prosecutor or something?


    I don’t like the porn industry as a whole, but this new legislation apparently covers amateur and independent porn producers as well. You can now be arrested for filming and releasing content which includes:

  • Spanking
  • Caning
  • Aggressive whipping
  • Penetration by any object associated with violence
  • Physical or verbal abuse even if it’s consensual in a BDSM setting
  • Water sports
  • Role-playing as non-adults
  • Physical restraint/bondage
  • Humiliation
  • Female ejaculationwhich is not voluntary!
  • Strangulation
  • Face sitting
  • Fisting
  • It also means that video sites (such as Clipvia and Clips4Sale) will be forced to register with a regulating company/system or stop streaming to the UK. Apparently it could also see prosecutions with porn companies from outside the UK if content containing the above acts are available in the UK.

    This is crazy.


    This could drastically alter what content I sell and offer in custom videos. This could ruin me. 

    If you care about solo, amateur & independent porn, please sign this petition. Some of us rely on selling this content to live.


    painfully important. the courage these women had to describe these things… makes my heart ache all the more for those who can’t


    don’t ignore this


    I'm not going to lie, this kind of killed my interest in porn and Tumblr for a bit. It still flashes up every so often.

    And yet I'm still reblogging it, not to share the misery, but because it's a message that deserves to be heard. 

    Oh—you wouldn’t date a girl who’s ever been a stripper? In that case, I wouldn’t date a guy who’s ever been to a strip club. Oh—you wouldn’t date a girl who’s ever done porn? In that case, I wouldn’t date a guy who’s ever watched porn. You’re the reason we exist. You’re the demand to our supply. If you disdain sex workers, don’t you dare consume our labor. As they say in the industry, “People jack off with the left hand and point with the right.”

    Lux ATL (via stripperina)


    Let me give you all a little back story, for those of you who weren’t around for all that’s been going on in the past month.

    I worked for mygirlfund for two years. I brought in the most new customers every single month since I started working for them. EVERY. MONTH. I never had many problems. Hell, the site even considered me one of the “legends” and I was working on a page with them and about 16 other models where we could make suggestions to improve the site. Things were really looking up for me, it seemed. However, I had no idea what was really going on.

    The past couple months, a lot of the models have been running into more and more scammers. Men that will promise women large amounts of money for photo content, receive the content, and never pay the women. So, we started reporting these men to support. However, “support” (which the whole site is just run by two men) refused to help. They let the men continue to use their site to scam their own workers! So, some of the models took a stand. Started making lists of scammers so that models could be aware of who to stay away from and who to block. A lot of models were having their account suspended because of this. They completely overlooked the fact that DOZENS of men were breaking their rules fifteen different ways. They punished women who were just trying to help out their co-workers, their friends.

    Things kept going downhill from there. A woman had started posting on the blog page. She explained that she had started talking to this man, and he had tracked her down. Found her Facebook, her address, her phone number, her work address, and even started harassing her teenage daughter. He literally threatened their lives, from what I was told about it. So, the woman reached out to Support. They wouldn’t do anything about it. So she reached out on the blogs page. Every single post was deleted. So other models started standing with her and posting in the blog page. Their posts were deleted, maybe even their whole profiles. Once again, the site would rather protect it’s name and awful customers than protect it’s workers.

    We found out some worse things after that. Turns out that although women have to provide several different forms of identification in order to join the site, all men need is their email. So, I decided that I would post some suggestions on how to fix all of these problems on the legends page. It was a very sweet, well thought out paragraph about how making the men provide ID when signing up would keep some scammers out, and if scammers were caught their ID could be put on a no-fly list so they couldn’t make another active profile. I further stated that letting these men on the site made me and a lot of other models feel unsafe. So what do they do? They deleted my legends profile. They kicked me out of the legends for having an idea they didn’t like.

    Not too long after that, a scammer on the site named Azsundevil02 came to my attention. He was a man who seemed to have a fetish for women shaving their heads. This is uncommon, but not unheard of in our industry. A lot of women found this man to be a scammer. He would promise anywhere between $500 and $1000 for these women to shave their head in a video or on cam. Some, he would give half before the show or before the video and promise the other half later, then not give the models the other half. Some, he would sweet talk into getting on cam or doing the video first without pay, and then he would disappear from the site and never send them the money.

    The more I heard of him, the more angry I got. A lot of women were reporting him with solid evidence, and the site refused to do anything. So, I made a YouTube video about scammers, and how to avoid scamming. I made sure to mention him specifically in the description.

    Nothing happened for a while, but last night Azsundevil02 got ahold of me on MGF, and began threatening to have my profile taken down. I told him that he could tell me his side of the story and if he had a logical explanation on why ten women have all told me that he scammed them, I would take my video down and try to get his side of the story out there. I waited and waited and waited for a reply and got none. A few hours after that, I found that my account was gone. I checked my email, hoping for a clear explanation, but got none. Just an email that said “your account has been terminated.” That’s it.

    Now that I’ve got nothing left to lose, I’m standing against MyGirlFund. They don’t deserve the popularity they’ve gained because of me. I made tons of videos and posts about how great they were. I referred model after model after model to their site, and don’t even get me started on customers. They don’t deserve the money they’ve made because of me and because of my followers. 

    So if you have an account as a customer, delete it. There are tons of wonderful sites out there like MGF that treat their models right, and have a larger array of different content that’s MUCH easier to navigate. If you’re a model and it wont put you in financial danger to leave, please I beg you to do it. There are dozens of other sites that you can work for that WILL treat you correctly.

    Boycott MyGirlFund. They don’t deserve your money. They do not deserve your membership. They need to be taught that they cannot treat their models like trash.

    - Ryden Anne


    I decided this site was worthless trash when I saw that they were allowing girls to have bestiality videos up and letting harassing rape-centered members to post their “tell me about how you were raped so I can jerk off to it” requests.

    I’m SO glad I never joined it.

    Please avoid this site, ladies.


    Hey I like your breasts and all, but maybe you should get a job. Just a suggestion since you always seem to be asking for money and talking about the things you want people to buy you.

    Just because you don’t see what I do as a job doesn’t mean it’s not a job, dickfuck.


    K pussysex


    Dude, fuck off. I don’t care about your shit opinion.


    Literally no one cares about opinions like this.


    T H A N K Y O U


    Is pussysex supposed to be an insult?


    I can’t believe that he literally couldn’t think of anything better than ‘pussysex’ omfg


    Wishing she had paid more attention in school, this was all she could do now


    While this photo is hot, I’m specifically reblogging it to make a comment on this horrible, idiotic caption. Is it the contention that girls who enjoy sex or giving blowjobs are only doing so because they’ve somehow failed in their lives? That because this girl didn’t study, she is forced to degrade herself to such a low level that she has to have sex (or make pornography if you want to be more literal). I think it says much more about the pathetic values and views of the commenter, than it does about the girl. If porn and/or sexuality are such lowly vile things to you, why are you wasting your obviously GRANDLY educated and successful time looking at, and sharing it?


    1.) The girl practiced safe sex and used condoms. SMART. AS. FUCK.

    2.) I’ve seen this reblogged with notes calling her a “whore” and a “skank”. Fuck that noise. Over half the girls on tumblr will, or have, sucked the dick of a guy they just met, only hung out with a few times, or barely know, and then stress because he hasn’t called them back or he’s treating them like shit. Meanwhile the same girls go to work at a minimum wage job where they don’t even make $920 in 3 months, much less a day. 

    Good for this chick. She’s on her hustle and I ain’t mad at her. Make that money, girl!


    you go girl

    suck them dicks

    achieve your dreams


    1) Seriously, the importance of this can hardly be overstated.

    2) Look, I get how 'whore' is used derogatorily, but 'whore' at its base is just slang for 'prostitute,' which means 'to engage in sex acts for money,' which is exactly what this woman is saying that she did. You can argue that it is a good thing or a bad thing--so long as she's safe and it's not making her unhappy, I personally think it's fine--but technically, this was documenting her being a whore. That just doesn't have to be a bad thing. 

    TORONTO (AP) — Canada's highest court struck down the country's anti-prostitution laws Friday, a victory for sex workers who had argued that a ban on brothels and other measures made their profession more dangerous. The ruling drew criticism from the conservative government and religious leaders.


    So you walk into this new store right?

    There’s this girl behind the counter and you make a bee-line to buy your goods from her when you’ve picked what you want. She smiles and says hello, maybe laughs at your joke as she bags your items. Once the transaction has finished maybe you linger an extra second just to say a thanks, see you soon, etc, then you get on your way.

    Later on in the week you wander into the shop again, just to have a look at that girl. You walk up to the counter and introduce yourself. She’s amiable and pleasant as she returns your greeting. You try to make small talk but she begins to get a little impatient, she reminds you she’s at work.

    You keep persisting, occasionally just dropping in and trying to talk to her without even eluding to buying anything from the store ever again. Since your initial meeting you’ve discovered that she in fact owns the shop and it’s her only source of income.

    She has a few customers lined up with goods to buy but you just keep hanging around by the till, trying to get her attention, distracting her. When she asks you to leave you ignore her and call her rude. How dare she ignore your advances! You’ve bought from her before!

    It doesn’t seem acceptable right? That’s because it’s not.

    You can’t do it to people in real life, you can’t do it to a sex worker either.


    I love this.