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    Boys, protect girls. Call people out when they make offensive jokes. Stand up to those who treat girls like objects. Walk a girl home if she feels unsafe. Listen to them and be considerate of their feelings. Destroy that myth that women are inferior.

    Girls, protect boys. Call people out when they make fun of a boy for showing emotion. Stand up to those who tell boys to ‘man up.’ Support boys who enjoy feminine things. Destroy the myth that men can’t be victims and that women can’t be predators.

    Boys, protect boys. Protect your bros from violent relationships. Comfort your bros when they need somebody. Stand up for your bros who are ridiculed for not wanting/liking sex. Destroy the myth that two men can’t be close without it being “gay.”

    Girls, protect girls. Defend sisters who enjoy having sex. Stand up to those who define sisters for what they wear. Don’t judge your sister’s worth from how many boyfriend’s she’s had. Destroy the myth that girls have to constantly compete with each other.

    Protect everyone from the patriarchy. 




    Fucking important. Idc.


    she literally tried to deal drugs to the cops I just.. fucken.. WHAT 


    He didn’t arrest her he warned her it was illegal….. Warned !!!!!!! Wtfffffffffffffffffff


    I’m not at all denying that white privilege exists, but I can’t help but wonder how much of this was because she’s an attractive woman, rather than her race. 


    “There’s a cure?!” asked the girl that kills everything she touches. 
    “Hey shut up we’re perf” replied the girl that makes clouds. 


    For real though. Storm has stopped an entire tsunami before. “Makes clouds my ass” she can conjure lightning and tornadoes and is revered as a god in her tribe. She literally changes atmospheric pressure and that’s how she flies. So fuck you. Storm is flawless.


    I think you missed the part where the GIRL WHO KILLS EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES wants to NOT KILL EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES and everyone dismisses her incredible misfortune just because the lady who is the AVATAR OF THE STORM won the fucking SUPERPOWER LOTTERY


    “Finally, a cure for my chainsaw hands!” decreed Chainsaw-Hands Joe.

    “There is no cure,” said Johnny Five-Dicks. “There’s nothing wrong with us.”


    To donate £5 to the charity supporting the male victims of domestic abuse, text the message: MKDV46 to 70070

    Click here to watch the video


    At first I though this was a joke


    Don’t ignore this Tumblr


    Yet they still do even when it’s right in their face.




    I was on Reddit and found a couple comments on how our skin color makes it more difficult for us than others in the exact same situation.

    The third and last comment really is definitely true as well


    I want all of my white followers to read this very carefully. Racism is more than just screaming epithets and shouting ‘white power’ at people. Read this and digest it. Process this fucking information. I don’t care if you ‘get it’ or not. Just read this shit.


    [The] dilemma extended far beyond the well-publicized abusive working conditions at Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant that assembles Apple’s iPhone, along with countless other consumer electronic devices. Labor and environmental abuses are endemic throughout the global electronics industry, from the mining of the minerals used to make the basic components, through their assembly and all the way up to (and beyond) the disposal of last year’s obsolete model. There’s no getting around the hard truth: right now, there is no such thing as an “ethical smartphone.” Or, for that matter, an ethical flat-screen TV, digital camera or any kind of personal computer.

    there is “no ideal solution.” For every smartphone manufacturer, “the model of globalized production is fundamentally similar.”

    So if you are looking for shopping recommendations, you will be disappointed. But that doesn’t necessarily imply despair — or that there isn’t any chance at all of improving working conditions for electronics workers around the world. If enough people organize and apply pressure, anything’s possible. And ironically, billions of people around the world are now in possession of the most powerful tools for facilitating grass-roots organization ever invented: ethically compromised smartphones!

    At the website for MakeITfair, a “European project” dedicated to exposing labor abuses and environmental problems in electronics manufacturing (the “IT” stands for “information technology”), curious visitors can delve as deeply as they like into reports documenting woes at every step of the global supply chain. Mistreatment of coltan miners in the Congo. Labor abuses in the production of game consoles in China, mobile phones in India, and digital cameras in Vietnam. To close out the cycle, there is even an investigation of the health hazards involving in dumping old computers and other e-waste in Ghana.

    Reviewing the information is a troubling experience. As Auret van Heerden, president of the Fair Labor Association has said, “none of us want to be accessories after the fact in a human rights abuse in the global supply chain.” But escaping from the crime scene is hard. No matter how enlightened a consumer you might intend to be, outside of retiring to a cave and subsisting on a diet of nuts and berries there is virtually no way to avoid getting trapped in the web of global exploitation complicity. Phones, video games, TVs — heck, there’s a non-negligible chance that your coffee maker has a circuit board connected to Congo coltan mining profits that subsidize rape and murder in Africa and sweatshop child labor somewhere in Asia. How’s that for a wakeup call?

    [bolding and underlining added]

    It’s an unfortunate fact that there’s basically nothing you can do in today’s world that doesn’t benefit terrible people that exploit others, not even put on clothes or eat. But now that it’s been brought to your attention, there are steps that you can take to reduce how much misery you’re personally subsidizing. 

    For electronics (like the ones you’re using to read this), you can use this 2016 Free Ethical Electronics Guide. It includes a simplified version if you don’t have the time to spend on the more comprehensive one. 

    For products in general, you can use the Ethical Consumer website, which can be personalized “in a way that accurately reflects the issues that are most important to you - be that animal testing, climate change, sweatshop labour, GM crops, nuclear power or whatever.”

    Hopefully, now that it has been brought to your attention, you will actually change your shopping habits in a way that can reduce these kinds of horrible behavior.


    Seriously tho Did everyone just conveniently forget that James Deen is a rapist or wtf…????


    Yeah I’m getting real tired of seeing his shit on my dash. Esp when people post his rape fantasy porn. And it’s always women I see reblogging it. Like “look at this rapist pretending to rape someone on camera,” fuck I don’t want to see that…


    I HATE rape fantasy to begin with but like People I follow are working with him and I’m like ??????????? WHY???????? Why would you work with a promote a rapist?? Fuck that.


    Yeah it honestly blows my mind that he’s still doing porn. He should be ostracized from the porn community, what the hell…


    I completely agree ESPECIALLY by other GodsGirls, I feel like.

    And I’ve seen a few people be like “but he’s so attractive” and I’m like …….and????


    He also wasn’t stripped of his 33 nominations and was visiting the Adult Entertainment Expo where Stoya was supposed to host a panel on consent but she opted out on going (wonder why) so the consent panel was cancelled as well. It’s really disheartening that there hasn’t been enough repercussions for what he’s done, even though from mostly what I’ve read he can’t get a contract with any other company so he’s only really left to work with his company now so I guess there is that??????????? But he still won two awards out of the 33 and everyone is just okay with someone who’s been a predator on many content creators is still being allowed in the community and at expos.


    I’m honestly unsure if it’s the right thing to do, but my current mindset can be summed up as: he’s a terrible person, and he’s not getting a penny of my money, but why should I let the fact that he’s scum get in the way of otherwise great pornography? I just shift my focus and mentally blot his face out of the scene, as with any number of other distracting and distasteful details in pictures. 

    I don’t know, perhaps I’m just rationalizing.


    Well first of all you should be paying for all of your pornography so this doesn’t really work at all? Secondly, I don’t know how you rationalize porn as “great” if it involves a rapist.


    @juicy--kitty: Fair enough.

    @mirahxox: I suppose that I should have clarified. I do not go out and pirate pornography--all of the porn that I was referring to is on Tumblr. I’m having trouble finding a phrasing that doesn’t sound defensive or pissy, but generally speaking, people do not pay for porn that is posted on Tumblr (unless you want content behind paywalls, commissioned stuff, etc.) so if I reblog posts that have him in it, it does not feed him money. Do you object to all of the free pornography posted on Tumblr? As for your second point, I said “otherwise great,” as in, “I’m quite enjoying the picture until I notice his face.” Again, I’m having trouble with non-aggressive phrasing, but I was pretty explicitly saying that the pornography is great except for his presence. (Also, I’m human. We can--and do--rationalize all sorts of crazy and stupid ideas. Just look at America’s current political clusterfuck. That doesn’t make it okay, hence my uncertainty above, but it does make it more understandable.)


    Write diverse polyamory

    Write couples that date people together.  Write couples dating other couples.  Write three people finding each other and deciding it works.  Write two people that fall in love with the same person, but not each other.  Write people whose relationship is more complicated, more undefined.  Write triads and quads and Vs with aromantic and asexual characters.  Write how characters navigate important discussions about gender and romance and sexuality.

    Write relationships that don’t tie up in a nice, neat triangle or box.  Sometimes one person is in a triad, but also has someone else they love very much and start to date outside of that relationship.  Sometimes one person’s dating someone who’s dating someone else who’s dating someone else, and nothing ties up nicely and neatly.  Sometimes there are large groups that cluster together, with individualized dynamics that they simplify for other people as “we’re all dating” because it takes too long to explain to a passing stranger.

    Write polyamorous relationships forming, or things not working out in the end.  It’s okay.  Sometimes things don’t work.  Polyamorous relationships are just like every other relationship in that if there isn’t open communication, things can fall apart.  It’s sometimes even more true of polyamorous relationships.  Jealousy can be real.  Awkwardness, too.  That’s okay.  Things are sometimes complicated and unhappy.  It doesn’t invalidate polyamory any more than monogamous relationships not working out does.

    Write marriages that don’t go down on paper in the record books, because it’s not a simple couple, but that still mean the world to the people who are exchanging rings and vows.  Write first kisses and first dates and first “I love you”s and first times sharing a bed not big enough for everyone.  

    There’s a big, wide world of polyamory unexplored by fic, just waiting to be written.  Don’t be afraid.  

    Write diverse polyamory.


    This is a preface to my current life.


    Diary of A Fat Girl

    by reddit userkateshakes

    Trigger warning: Eating Disorder

    Dear Diary,

    That’s how you’re meant to start these things right? I have never kept a journal before, nor do I want to, but the hospital said I have to as part of my ‘treatment plan’. Funny.

    Let me back track a little.

    I have always been overweight, from being a child. I went to a strict Christian school, and luckily because of this I was never bullied because of my size- but you always notice the other kids staring.

    Keep reading




    i just reblogged this before it and after reading the whole thing i gotta say READ THIS ITS SO IMPORTANT


    Holy shit


    Started off one way and the ending is a bit shocking. Read this, save someone if you can.


    I really wasn’t expecting that wow… Please. For those of you that can read this, read it.


    Holy fuck, that ending.

    “If a monogamous relationship breaks up, people never consider monogamy to be ‘the problem’, or take it as proof that monogamy doesn’t work. But they do with polyamory.”


    Anne Hunter - The joy of polyamory



    (via themilehighbrat)

    You’d think that they would know better, considering how incredibly often monogamous relationships crash and burn.