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    Fucking fuckers

    me: (out shopping, looking all fly with my Marvel comics tote bag featuring several characters)

    dude: nice bag.

    me: thanks. (keeps on shopping)

    dude: do you even know who all those characters are?

    me: uh... yeah?

    dude: ok then, who's that guy? (points at a character on the bag)


    me: wait, are you asking me to prove that I'm enough of a fan enough to carry this bag?

    dude: (smirks) that's what I thought. He's called the Silver Surfer. I bet you don't even know his real name.

    me: does it matter? (starts to edge away before I start punching throats)

    dude: psh, you're not a real fan.


    me: (slowly unsheathing my Wolverine claws)

    me: how many pairs of chromosomes do humans contain in their cells?

    dude: uh... what?

    me: explain the function of cellular mitosis?


    me: what is the purpose of myelin sheath with regards to the formation of new neural pathways?

    dude: what are you even talking about?

    me: oh, well it seemed that you were implying that if I don't know as much about the Marvel universe as you do, then I can't possibly be considered a real fan. This is me implying that because you don't know as much about the human body as I do, you can't possibly be considered a real human being.




    dude: Um, I... wow. You're right. Have a nice day. (starts to shuffle away)

    me: his name is Norrin Radd.

    dude: (looks extremely embarrassed)


    I can’t wait for the Halloween! It’s one of the few days of the year when wearing slutty dresses and having sex with multiple strangers is morally acceptable. Costume ideas are welcomed and appreciated, sluttier the better..


    What if Bruce Wayne is actually in Arkham the whole time and Batman is just a delusion he has. All of his ‘villains’ are the orderlies and doctors who work there.

    “Poison Ivy” is the nurse who sedates him when he gets out of control

    “Two-Face” is an abusive orderly who acts nice when the doctors are around and then beats up the patients when their backs are turned

    “Riddler” is a therapist who asks him questions that he has a hard time answering

    “Mad Hatter” is a hypnotherapist who Bruce is convinced is trying to brainwash him

    and of course his arch-nemesis.. “Dr. Joe Car” and his assistant “Dr. Harleen Quinzel” see Bruce as their top patient, both desperately trying to bring the man back to sanity, and Batman will fight with all he has to protect gotham from “Joker” and “Harley Quinn”



    Tumblr. You’ve done it again.


    Gimme THIS movie


    What about Catwoman?


    She’s a fellow patient who has a cat hidden on the grounds and steals keys from orderlies to get food for her kitties.


    THANK YOU! ^^


    Old, but still by far my favorite entry in Sabudenego’s “SB Sex-Arcade” series.  It’s just so relatable!  In her position, I’d like to believe, I would be able to mix as much unyielding defiance into my expression of helpless humiliation.



    I hope so, too, since it’s that look of unyielding defiance which makes her  helpless humiliation so delicious.