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    People Like Us

    What does it say about me, what does it say about you, that we do the thing we do?

    What does it mean that I need you in a secret way, a way we never tell another soul? That I love to feel your hand on the back of my neck, that I bend at your word, that I go to bed, just on your say so, that I bring you the paddle when you tell me to?

    What does it do to me when you make me call you sir, when you turn me upside down and spank my bare cheeks, when you leave me red and sore and rubbing my bottom, and then I am so very much in love with you? Why do I struggle so hard against you when I know I will acquiesce? Why can’t I tell you that I want to?

    Why am I disappointed when you sigh and shake your head and then go back to what you were doing, and I am left wondering why you stopped? And I wonder if I frustrate you too much, and if you don’t want to spank me ever again. And something feels anxious and small inside me and I don’t know where to go or what to do until I hear your voice calling me to your side.

    And when you do spank me, lifting my nightgown, lowering my panties, making me feel like a little, little girl and terribly, terribly shy–and you do it so gleefully and evilly that all my doubts are gone?

    Why do I so willingly shed my power, my pose, my poise and my panties, just because you walked in the door? Why do I need it, why do I want it, why do I want more?

    Maybe it means I’m completely yours. You’re entirely mine. That the truth of us is different than the truth of us earlier, when we kept things hidden from each other, when I was afraid to let you be in charge. 

    Maybe it means nothing at all.

    Maybe it is just a thing that is. Like the north wind meeting the bared trees in winter, or dry logs catching fire at the strike of a match. Maybe it is nature and combustion and maybe it is like any man and any woman who meet without constraints, or words, or don’ts, or shouldn’ts, or we dare nots.

    Maybe it’s the slipping of a silk blouse off a woman’s shoulder and the man’s firm hand pulling her close to him and it’s the hardness of the man she feels when he does and it’s the softness of her that makes him bend his head to her neck and lift her hair and kiss below her ear while she drops her head back and moves her hands across his back and wants without words but he knows what she needs–

    Maybe it’s just us. 

    And people like us.

    Care for your sub One night after a long play session we were sitting on the couch talking. She stretched her legs across my lap and I began rubbing her feet. She smiled, sighed, and laid back contently. At that moment I thought back to my earlier times in the lifestyle when I wouldn’t have rubbed a subs feet, when I had the mistaken idea that subs did all the caretaking. Their role was to cater to the Dom, wait on him, pamper him. At the time I had been labeled a sensual Dom by many and took that as confirmation that I took good care of my submissive. I was misleading myself though, badly. Then I met a married Master/slave couple. Their relationship on the outside was what I imagined. He had full control over her and made all decisions. In public she waited on him hand and foot and was the perfect slave. It was much as I had imagined a real D/s relationship. But then in conversation he described their daily routine at home and I was shocked. Each day he got up first, made coffee, and delivered her a cup of coffee in bed. At night he drew her baths and brushed her hair. I didn’t get it at first but then it sunk in and I understood. She was the most important thing in his life and he took expert care of her, and his care fueled her devotion. So now foot rubs are freely given and in the morning I will cook breakfast. Doing for your submissive, showing her how special she is, doesn’t make you less Domly. The more time and care you invest in a submissive the deeper your bond will be. – Eric_Sir





    So in love 💕

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    This is important, despite my obvious kink.

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    What do you do when a submissive says a safe word?

    I will immediately stop session no matter what stage we are in. Untie all knots or any restrictions she has on her and then proceed to make her comfortable which is mostly aftercare. Hugs and keeping her close to me until she relaxes and reverts back to normal stage.

    It doesn’t’ end here. To be successful in future sessions and boost your submissive confidence as a dominant I need to know what went wrong. I will give her personal space if she needs and maybe next day bring up the same topic and ask her reason of using safe word. As partners we would discuss and come up with solution. It can be something I did wrong, misread details or session might have triggered bad memories/fear in her. So we have to take time to figure out what went wrong.

    There is one more really important to do as a dominant. Make sure she doesn’t feel guilty about using safe word! She will have that feeling of not being to satisfy her dominant or feel weak about it.

    Assure her it’s perfectly okay and you respect her limits. Let her know it’s a pleasure to explore new things with her and a journey you would like to be part of no matter of any hurdles.

    That will make her day and she will make your night ;)


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