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    She is ordered to strip and then her wrists are tied together and pulled up high over her head.  Then all she can do is experience her body’s involuntary responses to Master’s whims.


    Love the model, anyone know who it is?


    Poor resolution, but I love the subject material. 

    Artist Commentary:

    Patchouli's slave life

    Please enjoy Patchouli, forced to do all sorts of things to pay for taking care of her overly long hair, rent, and utilities.

    I've been drawing nothing but work-safe stuff since the end of last year, so it just exploded out of me.


    The enchained slave girls were helpless exposed to the endless screams and moans from next door. That gave them an impression of what was awaiting them, one after another, when the master has finished punishing their fellow sufferer. In future, they would hopefully make every effort, not to disappoint their customers again.

    via sarpedom