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    She would always protest when compliments were thrown her way, “oh no..” “I’m not..” “Please…” “Shut up!..” and so on.

    It did her wonders to hear them echo around her as Daddy’s friends all smothered her with them, put things inside of her and applauded her aptness to take a plug, a cock, to swallow a lace strap. 

    Sometimes good little girls need to be reminded how pretty they are. 


    Last night I put my girl on the floor and made her my personal porn station. At first I made her just lay there with a toy in her butt, humiliated as I watched porn over her body.

    But once i started jacking off and my cock was thick and hard, I couldn’t help myself… I started fucking her pussy while watching the video. I used her body as a human fleshlight. She was just a fucktoy for me to jack off in.

    At a certain point in the video the couple started having anal sex and I craved that. So I pulled the plug out of her ass and shoved my wet cock into her tight anus, mimicking the porno. She started crying too loud, so I had to tell her to shut up so I can concentrate. I didn’t want to be reminded that she was a real human being.

    To me she will always be a fuckdoll first and foremost.


    Make that black bitch put on a show after you clamp her nipples. Make her fuck herself for your entertainment

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    Lovely display


    I’d like the above a lot better without the raceplay *shrugs*