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    The enchained slave girls were helpless exposed to the endless screams and moans from next door. That gave them an impression of what was awaiting them, one after another, when the master has finished punishing their fellow sufferer. In future, they would hopefully make every effort, not to disappoint their customers again.

    via sarpedom


    Pay first.  Then pick your hole.  We guarantee your satisfaction or your next trip is free.  We’re also taking applications now.  No experience necessary.


    Oh god I love this… It turns me on so much. I fantasise about this every time I see this in my feed. Perhaps I need to sort out my CV…


    Fuck, this series of photos. It’s crazy.

    I may just have to gather them all together to make a new photoset sometime...

    edit: Damn, and I found another set from this bit just since it’s been in the queue.