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    Tumblr won’t let me send an ask from this blog so I’ll just post and tag it. Also, I’m feeling kinda passionate and emotional about this so forgive me if I’m a little all over the place.

    I have a great many things to say about @toodomforyou.
    Some of you may remember many moons ago when there was a fake princesstingles blog dedicated to spreading vicious and slanderous lies about me. You may even remember the screenshots I posted where that blogger sent me threatening and hateful messages, first declaring themselves as my dom, then claiming to know where I live and threatening to come hurt me. What you probably don’t know is that tumblr refused my frantic requests that they remove and block this person from their site since he was obviously abusive, slanderous, and dangerous. They told me that they couldn’t prove the things he said about me weren’t true, therefore it wasn’t slander and he was allowed to remain. That was until TDFY got involved. All they did was reblog my plea for help and the link to the fake account. HUNDREDS of messages were sent to tumblr on my behalf and he was shut down.

    That is just ONE story. One small, insignificant thing that this wonderful blog has done to help someone. I’m sure there are many stories from people all over our community that have been positively touched in some way by the diligent work these bloggers do to out fakes and educate BDSM participants.

    That is why I am so disheartened to see the copious amounts of combative messages and outright hate that TDFY is receiving.

    These are real people running this blog. Let me repeat that: REAL PEOPLE RUN THIS BLOG. That means an actual human being with thoughts and feelings and emotions is forced to suffer through the absolute filth being thrown at them. And being the consummate professionals that they are, they address it respectfully and keep doing their best to help others. •You are throwing your shit at them and they are brushing it off and asking you if you’d like help wiping.•

    Being a presence on tumblr doesn’t mean that they owe you anything. If you don’t like what they post, run your own damn blog.

    I’m not saying that they are all perfect shining examples of doms and subs or that you should agree to everything they ever post without question. They’re human. Everyone has different opinions. And everyone has room to learn and to grow. But JFC can you please cut them a break. They are doing powerful good in our community and you are doing your very best to tear them down. (And fuck you very much for that by the way).

    “But Tingles, how could you expect us to be respectful to TDFY when the whole premise of their blog is them making fun of other Doms?” Well I guess that depends on one very important thing….are you one of the shitty “doms” being targeted? Because if you are, there’s definitely a valid reason. And even then, if you engage them in logical and meaningful discourse to defend your actions, they’ll gladly consider your point of view and use it as a learning experience for you both. And if you’re not one of those people, then why would you be offended by TDFY working so hard to protect others?

    I really don’t know what else to say here, because I honestly didn’t think this type of thing needed saying. But I’m over the hate and negativity so I felt compelled to speak up. That’s what the Little Army is about, defending others in our community and protecting those who need it. Even if they happen to be a massive blog that is more than capable of looking out for themselves.

    TL;DR: stop being so shitty to @toodomforyou

    Please and thank you PrincessTingles


    I heart you so much, @princesstingles.  and i am so fucking sorry that that happened to you and you had to go through that.

    And I sit here reblogging this post from inside the home of one of the TDFY bloggers. You’re damn fucking right these are real people, and the person whose home I am in right now is not only a real person, but one of the most real, sincere, and genuinely caring people I’ve ever known in my entire life.

    Take a beat, haters, whoever you are that is trying to test TDFY this week.  I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to do, or prove, and I don’t really care, quite honestly.  

    But I know this:  you’re wrong.  

    Not for having an opinion, not those of you who might engage the blog with polite and considerate discourse, but if you don’t believe that TDFY is 100% about protection and defending this community, or more apt, defending those within it who are taken advantage of by people with nothing but ill intention, then I don’t fucking understand you. 

    And honestly, I don’t even want to.  

    Keep the fire burning, @toodomforyou.  You’re doing the good work. And I will support you to the ends of the earth.


    I ❤️you both so much. Thank for understanding that while we may be flawed, even deeply so, we are humans and we are doing the best we can to make this community that we love a safer and better place.



    I finally told my husband that what I really wanted after all of our play so far was to lick his dress shoes and like he's up for it. Why am I telling you this? I have to tell somebody. I'm shaking with excitement. He is not the vanilla man he was four years ago. I've ruined him. He used to be so shy he wouldn't even video chat with me and now he's taking pictures of me covered in his come the transformation was unreal. A Dom once lied to me and said a vanilla man couldn't be a Dom.

    Happy you could bring him out of his sexual shell.

    Of course some dry-dick rando dom would say that. It’s what he tells himself to get the confidence he has to have. “I’m 100% legit kinkster, this girl needs me to get what she needs”. It’s manipulation: partly of you, partly of himself.


    If I am to command you, you will need to prove your worthy. To prove that, you will need to get a Kik account, or text me. Now I don't care how you text or Kik me, or even email me, but you must contact me in one of these means. Text is 253-242-5281, Kik is bacarian123, and email is monty_97355@hotmail. I don't get on tumbler that often and when I tell you to do something, I expect it done. Or I will punish you. Do as I command, and I will treat you right. I am a generous master

    Ha ha ha! Really? This may work on some subs but I refuse to be controlled or manipulated by a complete stranger.


    Fuck me…..some people just DON’T get it, do they!? The unfortunate thing is that there’s likely to be some poor sub somewhere, who’ll fall for that shit!!! 😕


    What a fucking douche! He’s about as much as dom as my pet cat. That as really really angered me.


    This looks like a job for @toodomforyou.


    Professor, I'm a new sub and found a Dom really quickly. But Sir wants more than I'm ready to give Him. At least right now. During our last session I got scared enough I used the safe word. He went a little longer and then asked me if I was sure I wanted to say that. I told Him yes, and then He made me feel pretty guilty so I did what He wanted but I don't know it just doesn't feel right. What should I have done?

    Okay, so there’s a lot I want to say here, and I think it’s best to do so by recording my thought process as I read through this message:

    “Professor, I’m a new sub and found a Dom really quickly.”

    I can’t say I’m surprised, especially if you got on Fet, CM, Tumblr, or whatever and said anything remotely like “So I’m a new sub ~gigglez~ and I need a Dom.” That’s like throwing chum in the shark tank. The beasts love fresh (innocent and ideally ignorant) meat. So yeah, I have no doubt a predator … ahem, sorry, an eager “training Dom” … found you quite quickly indeed.

    “But Sir wants more than I’m ready to give Him. At least right now.”

    At this point, dear anon, your dashboard should probably be lighting up with warning lights. I know mine is on your behalf. If you’re not ready, you need to tell him. And he needs to respect that. You then move forward in open and honest communication.

    “During our last session I got scared enough I used the safe word.”

    I’m sorry that it got too intense for you. Even with a very experienced Dom and plenty of preparation this kind of thing can happen. Emotions can surge, memories can flood out in surprising ways, or any number of other unexpected events can occur that require the application of brakes. It happens. It’s okay. It need not be the end of anything but that momentary exchange of power. So don’t stress it. The really good thing here is that you were able to use a safe word and thereby put an immediate stop to what was happening …

    “He went a little longer —”

    Wait, what?


    Oh hell no.

    Safe word doesn’t mean “pump a few more times.” A safe word means stop. Now. Period. End of sentence. Non-negotiable. Crank the emergency break. Pull the parachute. S-T-O-P.

    This is not a gray area. This isn’t subject to discussion. … Oh shit please don’t tell me he tried to talk you into continuing …

    “— and then asked me if I was sure I wanted to say that. I told Him yes —”

    Atta girl. But he’s a total douchebag for making you repeat it. You should never need to repeat a safe word. You should never need to defend its usage. It is your word of power, and when spoken it should be as the voice of whatever god or gods y’all believe in.

    “— and then He made me feel pretty guilty —”

    … so you grabbed his John Thomas and gave it a Silly Putty stretch. Or you squeezed his balls until you felt something pop. Please tell me that’s how this ends. Please. Because at the very least someone needs to kick this manipulating fucker in the testes. Submission is a gift, not a blank check.

    “— so I did what He wanted but I don’t know it just doesn’t feel right.”

    Fucking hell. Of course it doesn’t feel right. Because it is NOT right. Not at all.

    Listen, what separates BDSM kink from physical abuse and sexual assault can be summed up in a single word: CONSENT. And some dickhead’s “I bullied her into yes” is in no fucking way the same as consent.

    “What should I have done?”

    Look, I wasn’t there. I don’t know if you were in a physical position to be able to boot this fucknut’s fucknuts into his vacant chest cavity — which is the sort of thing he deserves. But we can’t redo the past anyway. So with the usual caveats regarding taking advice from an internet stranger who knows little of the full scope of the situation, here’s what I would suggest you do now:

    Drop this guy like the rotten meat he is. Drop him, seal the bag, carry it out to the curbside bin, put the lid on it when you’re done, and then walk away with your head held high, without a glance back or a second thought.

    He is not a Dominant. He is an abuser who uses the excuse of Dominance to further his abuse of (presumably) young women. He does not respect you, he does not protect you.

    Frankly, this should have ended at “he went a little longer” — because fuck no. The core of D/s is trust, and if he cannot be trusted to stop with the utterance of your safe word, he simply cannot be trusted. That he then guilted a new sub into foregoing her every impulse to stop — that he fucking manipulated you so he could finish whatever he was doing with your body … Just no.

    No no no.

    Not a Dominant. Not a human being. Not someone you should be with.

    There are other fish in the sea, anon. It can be hard to find them — I think it’s true that there are more subs than Doms, and it seems like the numbers are getting more lopsided all the time — but the right man, a good man, is surely out there somewhere. Don’t give up your search. Don’t settle for this poor excuse of a parrot dropping.

    And please don’t let this experience taint BDSM for you. It may be that this lifestyle isn’t for you — it certainly isn’t for everyone — but I do not think you can use this very wrong experience to judge it.

    Last, let me reiterate that I am truly sorry you had to experience this. Get help if you are having trouble coping with it. Talking to folks can be scary, but it is almost invariably worth it. If nothing else, connect with some fellow subs in order to share the stories of the road. I’d suggest looking in particular for the intelligent and emotionally mature ones — a number of whom might follow this blog — who recognize that this lifestyle isn’t a kill-or-be-killed rat race, that their victory does not mean your loss.

    Whatever you do, I wish you good fortune and well-being.


    Spot on. Please reblog.


    Exactly! 💋


    There are so many good lines in here.  lol.

    But seriously, this happens at an alarming frequency.  Sadly there are more subs than Doms (at least in my experience), and there are even fewer good Doms than jackasses like this anon’s ‘Dom’.

    It’s Doms like this that give BDSM a bad name and make a rich, fan fiction writer become, well, rich. 50 Shades did so well partly because this is how main stream society and wannabee doms think bdsm goes…  It’s not…

    You’re better of being a single sub than having a bad ‘Dom’ (read douchebag abuser)


    Reblogging because this is so goddamn important.  There are a lot of new subs out there being taken advantage of through no fault of their own.  Please inform new subs they can ALWAYS say no.


    Very important! ~pet


    This is such an important read for all of my sub customers - stay safe!


    This may not be sfw but it is tremendously important


    In case you haven’t seen this yet, @toodomforyou


    Someone tried threatening to post these photos so I beat ‘im to the punch. 😁😂 This is dirtier than the stuff I usually post so I’m kinda sorry? Fucking dick heads thinking they can own and threaten a woman’s body or integrity are the kind of people I love to DESTROY The mans username on kik is TheDom331 and his username on okcupid is TheDom3546 but he may have disabled the account. He will offer you a lot of money for this sort of shit and be a big bitch baby when he can’t get it so be careful ladies


    Man, what an asshole. 


    How much do you weigh? I like that you're chubby because it feels like i could actually fuck you. You're not very pretty but thats ok. You'd be good for a least a couple of times. I hope this equal parts pisses you off, depresses, and turns you on.

    Hello! Harper’s Master here, just wanting to clear up a few things. I’m only going to take up a few moments of your time, but I assure you that if you just take in the few short points I’m going to detail below, you will be about a million times more likely to land yourself a woman. Take it from somebody who has! This woman, in fact!

    This will actually be the second time I’ve written out this post, because I was so pissed off by your bullshit that not only did I completely fail to notice that my phone battery was dying, but I’m also willing to write out the whole thing again just so that your tiny skull gets a fucking education on the subject of common decency.

    I’d like to congratulate you first and foremost on your ability to read the blog and understand it right up to the word… “Submissive”. Which is like, the eighteenth word on the blog! Aaaaand it’s a big, long one too, with three syllables. Fuck me, you have some reading skills there. Of course, just a few words later she does put out another big important word, and that word is “owned”, and I’m not sure you realise this, but that carries certain implications for a majority of submissive women that you’re either just ignorant of, or deliberately ignorant of. But no matter, we’ll get there. I know I might be being slightly optimistic about your ability to read this whole thing - and yes, I’m going to be treating you like the dickwaffle you are throughout - but like I said! read this one handy guide, and you’ll be rolling in bitches. You know, the kind of bitches who consent to being called bitches! Isn’t that great? More on consent, later, too.

    So, I’m going to make this clear right here: NOT ALL WOMEN ARE DEGRADATION FETISHISTS. And by “not all women,” I mean, like, less than a percent of all women. And by “degradation fetishists” I mean people who have a chance higher than zero (although for most of them, not *much* higher than zero) of being turned on by your dickwaffle bullshit. As you might have guessed by this point, Harper is not one of them. Which leads to my next point: NOT ALL SUBMISSIVE WOMEN ARE DEGRADATION FETISHISTS. There, I think that gets my point across nicely! “Submissive,” in case you didn’t understand, is the name of a role that some people take on whichmeans that they surrender some or all of their control to another individual. Many submisive women, especially the ones on tumblr, find the act of submission in and of itself erotic. Which, I’m afraid to say, doesn’t necessarily mean that they wish to be treated inhumanly by some aparently sub-human shit-for-brains on the internet. I mean, I know it might seem as though a connection, but it just doesn’t exist.

    “But,” I hear you cry, “What about the people who are into being treated like shit?” Good question, Mr Dickwaffle McGreyFace. I mean, it’s hardly relevant here, seeing as my innocent little girl, whose feeling you deliberately and viciously attacked, gave you zero reason to believe that she was into that, thus making you a living, breathing (but hey, at least you won’t be breathing forever!) turd. But it’s a good question. So, out of the kindness of my heart, let me give you a little more perspective.

    Of all the kinky people in the UK, several hundred gathered in central England for a BDSM convention. It was great. There were workshops, demos, discussion groups. One such discussion group was called “Humiliation, Degradation, and Emotional Masochism.” Doesn’t that sound right up your alley? A room full of people who all engage in consensual degradation play! It would be like christmas. Anyway, out of the several hundred people attending the weekend, there were just twenty people in that room. Only half of them were women. Only half of those women were submissive. Half of the submissive women were curious that this could even possibly be a thing that people were into, they didn’t understand it in the slightest. The other half strictly engaged in degradation play with people who they trusted, people who they consented (there’s that word again) to being hurt by. So, how many people there would have been turned on by your little jaunt of shit that comes from a bull? I wish that I could tell you that it was less than zero, but in fact, it was just plain old “Zero.”

    This issue of “consent” is what makes the kinky world go round. If it’s not consensual, it’s not acceptable. And Harper did not consent to the way you’ve treated her. She and I are repulsed, repelled, sickened, disgusted, nauseated, and quite frankly disappointed with your behaviour. And you’re not going to find a different reaction elsewhere if you just keep blindly spraying various ask boxes with similar manure.

    Now, I understand what your message was trying to do. I really do. And of course, the internet is a big ol’ place, and I can think of multiple tumblr blogs full of needy, self-disgusted girls who would really love to be on the recieving end of such treatment. I’ll even go as far as saying that, from time to time, that’s the exact same degradation kink that I love to indulge in! It’s really fun, or it can be. But I’m afraid, kiddo, that you need to wise up to who wants it that way, and who they want it from. In most cases, they want it from the person they trust enough to call their “Master,” or their “Owner.” And then you gotta become that person they want it from instead of this self-entitled arsehole who thinks it’s a fun game for everyone to rip at a stranger’s insecurities. Got it?

    Probably not, but it was worth a try. You’re a cunt. That’s all I wanted to say.


    -Stands up, throws flowers, applauds until hands bleed-


    Master is British. I’m from the U.S. (just so there’s no confusion)


    While not exactly the way in which I would have worded it, I’m glad someone took the time to explain a few concepts to those ignorant children who too often stick there noses where they are not welcome, and even more glad to see that someone taking such good care of my dear little Harper.


    This was an entertaining read.


    Been reading ur blog. U need to stop calling urself a dom. All this lovey crap makes real doms sick. A sub is not for respecting and loving. A sub is for using and thats what they like. Its fine that u love ur girl, just dont call urself a dom. Real doms show dominance, use there sub and leave her laying like the cunt slut she is. Bein all sweet, and all that does is give her power over u, which makes u not a dom.

    Hi there, Anon. I almost didn’t even dignify this with a response, but I think you’ve actually given me a good opportunity to say something that new doms need to know, so kudos to you. 

    First and foremost, let’s establish something right here and now: You don’t get to tell me what I am, and you are damn sure not the leading authority on what does and does not constitute a dominant. For the record, I didn’t wake up one day and decide to be a dom. I never even thought of myself that way until I met belovedsangi 10 years ago. I always had the characteristics of a dom, sure, but I didn’t ever put that title on myself. That title was given to me by my submissive. SHE is the one who wanted to call me Master, and Sir, and sometimes Daddy. I never told her to do these things. But of course, you probably think I am making my point for you and that if I were a REAL domly dom, I would’ve demanded those things. 

    And that’s where you have a fundamental issue understanding the meaning of the title. So let me help you with that. 

    A dom does not demand respect. He conducts himself in such a way as to be worthy of respect. 

    A dom does not bark commands. His presence is such that he can seduce and command with nothing more than a glance. 

    A dom does not raise his voice. He is the kind of man who gets what he wants without needing to. 

    A dom is not a braggart. He is possessed of a calm, quiet confidence that is evident in his demeanor, the way he walks, the tone of his voice, and all other aspects of him. 

    A dom understands balance. He knows that while a firm hand and discipline are critical in this type of relationship, knowing when to be gentle and understanding is every bit as important. 

    A dom is a gentleman first and foremost. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a fancy man who values the finer things in life, but he does understand manners and protocol. He opens the car door for her. He orders for her if she is having trouble deciding. He treats strangers with courtesy and respect. 

    A dom is a protector. He makes sure that his submissive feels safe and protected at all times. This means so much more than just telling her you will protect her. A dom shows her. He keeps a hand on her shoulder or on her waist in crowds so she doesn’t get nervous. He sleeps on the side of the bed closest to the door so that he is always between his submissive and an intruder. He walks on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street so that an errant vehicle will hit him before his submissive. If anything or anyone should threaten his submissive, he must be prepared to fight for her with the ferocity of an alpha wolf. 

    A dom earns her submission. It is not a thing to be demanded, expected, or assumed. And he continues to earn it, each and every day.  

    A dom values her submission. Fully submitting your will and trusting your body and well-being to someone takes a kind of strength most can’t imagine, and a dom never loses sight of that. 

    A dom understands that being a dominant is 10% privilege and 90% responsibility. He is literally taking her life into his hands. He is accepting the most sacred and important thing she has to give. He is taking her burdens and bearing them as his own, always, every day. 

    A dom is consistent. He understands that he can’t just be her protector, lover, confidant, master, etc. when he feels like it. There will be days when a dom is tired. There will be days when he is stressed. There will be days when he is broken. On those days, it is more important than ever for a dom to show his submissive that he is still everything she needs him to be. 

    So what does it mean, then, to be a dom? I get the feeling that you, anon, would say that it’s all about making her kneel, having your way with her, shouting orders and using her. Helpful hint: Any jackass can buy himself a whip and bark commands. That’s not a dom. Don’t get me wrong, I do absolutely have my way with belovedsangi. I love it when she kneels. I love the kinky, rough, mind-blowing sex we have. I love to dominate her in the bedroom. But for every moment of that, there are a hundred moments of holding her, of talking to her, laughing with her, gaming with her. There are a hundred moments of making her feel safe when she is afraid, giving her confidence when she is unsure, comforting her when she feels troubled. Those are all things that a dominant does too. 

    I love my submissive more than I love oxygen. I love my submissive with a fire that can never be extinguished. I value her and respect her in every way. I treat her like a queen and fuck her like a slave. These things don’t make me weak. They don’t make me less of a dominant. These things make me stronger than you can possibly imagine. There is nothing quite so formidable as a dominant who has found the perfect submissive to fuel his fire. Never will you see anyone love so strongly or fight so fiercely. 

    Bottom line, Anon, is this: you sound like a boy playing at being a man. You decided one day that you were sick of women having willpower and a voice of their own, so you decided to call yourself a dominant and seek out some weak-willed submissive who wouldn’t talk back to you or stick up for herself. You are not a dom. You are a jackass with a whip. Classic case of toodomforyou.


    I don’t often just reblog. But this is big, serious, important stuff. If you’re into what I’m into, and haven’t thought about things like this, do so now.


    Gather round kids while I explain this manipulation tactic that men perpetually try to use and why it’s bullshit.

    If someone is openly showing interest in you by making disparaging or disappointed comments about your age, they’re trying to put you on the defensive. This guy wants me to try to quell his discomfort, to bring up that Im only a month shy of 20, etc. - he wants me to try to prove myself to him, that I’m mature and adult enough for a man like him.

    His goal is to establish a power imbalance right off the bat. If we were to date, I would constantly be on the defensive, constantly striving to be an equal, constantly trying to prove my “adult” credentials. Anything he says or does or wants from this point on that I object to would just be seen as a strike against my age, proof that he was right and that I’m not mature enough for him. This is how SO MANY men pressure younger individuals (primarily women and girls) into situations and relationships they aren’t comfortable with. If he truly thought I was too young for him, he wouldn’t have messaged me. This is a very calculated move, and it’s fucking gross.

    Adult relationships with age gaps are completely fine, but only if all parties view each other as equals. If someone is trying to set you up in a way that ensures that’s never a possibility, run far away.




    This this this.


    Reblogged for the commentary.


    This is really important because I think that educating about power imbalances and how to spot that manipulation is a lot better than saying “young people don’t date older people”. I had people use this kind of tactic on me when I was 18/19 as well and it is really damaging.


    *realizes some things* damn, son.


    hey, toodomforyou!, this you will like!


    Yeah, the previous commenters hit the nail on the head here. Be wary, all. 



    You need to send me a photo of your entire body. And don't you dare tell me "no" Young Lady. Just do as your told and be a good Little pet.

    Dear Applicant:

    First, I would like to graciously thank you for writing to me!

    As a deeply submissive woman, I’m sure you’re aware that I would love nothing more than to comply with your every request. Unfortunately, under the submissive bylaws, I am not permitted to perform for any man who has not yet successfully completed subgirlygirl‘s Dominant Authenticity Interview.

    As a responsible dominant, I understand that you have already made your interview appointment. Upon successful completion and receipt of your certificate, I will be more than happy to commence with our engagement.

    Very Truly Yours (fingers crossed!),



    I really am sorry. But you’re welcome to reapply in one year!


    This made me snort laugh.

    Thank you so much, guys.


    tumblr “doms” are NOT like real Doms. tumblr “doms” are basically sexual predators in my own opinion. they have no interest in anything except their own sexual gratification. they do not care about the well-being and safety of their submissive, they do not care about teaching their submissive. they want to abuse and control women without seeming like an asshole.

    destroy tumblr doms 2k14


    There are real Doms on tumblr.  And there are fake ones.  But the fake ones don’t just pretend on tumblr…they pretend all different places on the internet where there are people talking about D/s and BDSM. 

    I think that this statement is accurate when representing that idea of the “tumblr Dom” who is nothing more than a predator…but there are predators all over the place.  


    I have a hard rule about D/s, I don’t trust Dom/mes who have never submitted. Maybe it’s because I am a switch…maybe it’s because I have mostly been with other switches, or it’s because I know when I am Doming someone, I know from first hand experience what it feels like. That goes for the physical, verbal, and emotional aspects of being a submissive. So when I see Tumblr Dom/mes act a fool…I have nothing but disdain for them. You don’t deserve the gifts of anyone’s submission. 


    That last post...

    Everyone doesn't have to submit to know how to treat someone.  It's common sense.  Be respectful.  Be considerate.  Be caring.  Be kind.  Why in the world must someone submit to know how to do basic shit like that?


    Hello, experienced Dominant here. your "hard limit" of polyamory seems selfish to Me. you are not going to find a good Dominant unless you compromise on that. Men are not monogamous creatures, so you will need to get over that problem to get a Dominant. Take My words into consideration.

    First of all, wanting a monogamous relationship as a woman and/or as a submissive is not selfish. My hard limit is a hard limit for a reason. I will not compromise on it, nor should I have to. Some men are polyamorous, some men are monogamous, and some men can handle being one or the other based on the relationship(s).

    Frankly, I resent everything about your message, from the condescending tone, to you capitalizing your pronouns like you own me. If finding a “good Dominant” means finding an experienced Dom like you, I’m perfectly happy being unowned.


    Putting subs down by telling them that they won’t find a dominant unless they compromise on hard limits = A+ toodomforyou material.


    I tried not to reblog, but just couldn’t… #fake dom


    An “experienced Dom” wouldn’t sound like such a fucking moron.


    Hey everyone, this just in: acting to fulfill your needs in way that doesn't hurt anyone else is now selfish!

    Wow. Guess we'll have to quit practicing BDSM, then. Bye all!