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    No more privacy, fucking this little slutty girl!


    I’ve found at least three or four gif compilations like this...does tumblr have them all together anywhere?


    Cindy reflected later that her job perhaps wasn’t ideal for her personality type.

    After just one day spent packing dildos into shipping containers, the regular guy on the bus going home suddenly became appealing.


    I see those jealous eyes.  Don’t worry.  You’ll be licking her cum off my cock when I’m done with her.



    Public transportation is safer than ever under the New Order.

    Well, for men, anyway.

    [Speaking out of character: that woman’s expression makes this the most convincing “public sex” scene I’ve seen in a long time — most of them look to have been staged.]


    The train passed the edge of town, rolling right through the last small station before hitting the country side across the small country.  Steve stepped into the hall as the speakers announced the ‘entertainment’ portion of the journey had begun.

    As he looked down the hallway of the car, he saw the small red lights above various cabin doors turn on.  Steffania stepped out of her cabin to the open window across from the door and looked down towards him.  She pointed her foot down to show off her wedge heels and that was all she needed to hook him.  He stepped towards her and she turned and went back into her cabin.

    He peeked through her door to find her leaning back against the window inside, skirt hiked up to her hips with her shaved perfect snatch on display as she touched up her red lipstick.

    "American?" she asked with a thick accent.

    He nodded, and slid the cabin door behind him.  She flicked a switch to turn off the red light in the hallway above her door.  ”Is this… included?” he asked softly, sounding as nervous as he was.  

    She smiled and slipped a finger into her pussy as she looked down at this hips and softly whispered “If you are good american boy, you make pie for free too.  You like make the cream pie?”

    The red-eye to London was never this eventful. The corporate jet was usually pretty empty, but tomorrow there was that big presentation, so this time a few other execs and some staff were on the plane. 

    I retired to the forward cabin for a nap after our walk through for the big presentation. I wanted to be fresh for the next day. A glass of wine and I slipped on my sleep mask so the overhead lights wouldn’t bother me.

    I don’t know exactly how long she was there before I realized, but when I felt her I knew it was more than a dream. There was a stir in my balls as my cock had found a nice warm wet home. 

    I slid up my mask to get a glimpse of this gorgeous brunette with the biggest widest eyes staring back at me. Her right hand stroking my cock, while her tongue swirled around the tip. She was wearing an evening gown - clearly she had not changed after the cocktail party the firm held earlier. She wore a rather large pair of earrings that almost distracted me from what was occurring.

    “Well.. uh.. hi”, I stammered, “I don’t think we’ve met.”

    She refuses to stop the actions of her mouth. Continuing to swirl my cock with her tongue. I don’t mind. At all. Eventually she pauses, “No sir, we haven’t.” Her mouth right back to work on me, now, taking me in, more and more than just the tongue swirls that were already causing enormous pleasure.

    “Mmmm” I groaned as she worked magic on my cock. My head falls back momentarily, only to return to staring at the ridiculous earrings on her head. I can’t help but reach down to grab them.

    I held tightly on her ears now as she started to devour me. Again my eyes close. Her mouth speeding the pace. I moan at the though, as she brings me to the edge. Faster, faster, faster.. and.. abruptly, she stops.

    “I’m sorry, sir.” She says, her mouth drooling saliva down her chin, my cock covered in her spit. Involuntarily it pulses and throbs, I was so close to cumming… “Can you please let go of my ears.. I know what I’m doing”

    I release her, a little embarrassed… “I.. I’m sorry.” I stammer. “Your earrings, they’re so lovely, I wanted to hold them” I try to explain.

    “It’s ok, sir. Another favor if I may. It is quite hot when you stare into my eyes, but for me the fantasy is hotter with the blindfold back on. Please, sir”

    Kinky indeed. Although, getting a blowjob in the upper chambers of a corporate jet on an intercontinental flight.. probably gave me the knowledge this girl was a little kinkier than most. I nod, and comply, slipping the mask back up. The darkness soothes, and soon, her mouth returns to the task at hand.

    Again her mouth and hand work in unison. Before long her hand gives way, and her mouth engulfs me, deeper, deeper.. until you can feel your cock down her throat. She holds me there, gulping her throat closed and open again on my cock. Completely swallowed into her throat, I can feel her tongue, sliding back and forth against the base of my balls. Would her deepthroat talents ever be fully revealed?

    She slowly pulled her mouth from my cock. Surely she had just wanted to impress me with her skill, but now she was wanting her reward. Her pace quickened, short furious strokes of her mouth on my cockhead. She was sucking with meaning and her hand started to craddle and squeeze my balls. 

    She knew I was close to release. She was determined to taste it, to drink my cum. Her mouth exerting pressure and her tongue working within her mouth on the tender underside of your cock. It was too much. I could not restrain. “I’m cumming” you warned, but she took no break. She had earned it, and she wanted the cum.

    As I pulsed I could hear her relish my juices. She was happily receiving and her own “Mmmm” sounds told me she enjoyed my cum. As I squirted the last of my load into her mouth, she continued to swirl and nuzzle my cock. The sounds of her saliva as she licked and swallowed all of my cum eased me back into sleep, satisfied…

    As the plane eased into it’s gate at Heathrow, I was stirred awake. Was it all a dream? Did this really just happen. As my eyes focused, I noticed a concierge member on the corporate jet. 

    “Miss.. there was a woman on the flight last night, she came and.. uh.. visited me last night”

    “Yes sir, I believe that was one of the partners assistants, Miss Evans. She works for Mr. Sloane. I had overheard him recommend she come see you last night. He said you looked.. distracted.”

    On the train


    She had been traveling weekly up to London for voice lessons. The clackety-clack sounds of the commuter train never failed to thrill her. It was silly, she knew, but where she was from in America there weren’t any trains, and if there were, they definitely weren’t going to London.

    The sound of train was lulling, and she often dozed off a bit for the hour-plus trip, the remnants of arpeggios and cadenzas weaving through her brain. Sure she could have studied at the University where she was an exchange student, but her teacher at home wanted her in this specific studio and that was that. Plus it was fun to visit the City each week. Soon the semester would be over and this would all be a dream.

    On her excursions she often saw the same people. There was one particular man that caught her a eye a number of times. He rode in her car almost the entire way up the coast. Dark hair, luminous skin. Sometimes he was in jeans, work boots and leather jacket; but a few times she almost didn’t recognize him in a well-cut suit. That made her wet, oddly. Covertly she observed him: she pondered his full and kissable lips. She could see just bits of the tattoos that snaked up his arm, and she liked to watch his large but graceful hands as he turned the pages of his magazine. She started daydreaming about what his hands might feel like on her skin, stroking, teasing, spanking, and then— Where did that come from? Her fantasies made her blush, squirm in her seat. Mortified, buried her head in her score. She hoped he didn’t notice her staring.

    One night she was traveling back late after staying to hear a concert at the Royal Academy. She had gone out for a few pints with the other singers from the studio and was not really looking forward to the long train trip back to Uni. She was worried about traveling alone but her car at the station was jam-packed for this time of night. People were jostling a bit for room. She ended up giving her seat to family with a pregnant mom traveling with a little girl. The mom looked so weary and grateful, she didn’t really mind being sandwiched like a sardine for part of the way home.

    As the train entered a long series of tunnels she felt somebody press up behind her very closely. He or she then stroked her ass, gently but firmly. Her brain shut down. She froze as a hand slid across her hip to her pussy. She tried to turn around but was held firmly in place. “Don’t make a sound or I’ll stop,” a male voice whispered in her ear. “You don’t want me to stop, do you?”

    Did she? She couldn’t even think, just stood absolutely still and let this stranger feel her up in the middle of the car. She hung on the strap above her for dear life as the train began its series of hard shifts and tight turns. The man behind her stayed close, breathing on her neck, stroking, stroking. Her panties were soaked.

    Suddenly the train lurched to stop and all the lights went out. The car gave up a collective groan of irritation, while she sighed aloud in lust—and apprehension. “An obstruction on the tracks, shouldn’t be more than a few minutes,” the loudspeaker rasped. Could anyone see or hear what they were doing? She was afraid—but not enough to stop it. She felt him smile against her neck, whispering, “Mmmm,” as he moved the panty aside and his hot fingers touched her slick folds. She gasped and he whispered, “Relax,” expertly stroking her wet lips, licking her ear. Her body started to tremble.

    Eyes closed, she gave in, and leaned back, feeling his hardness against her ass. He licked then bit her neck as he pushed a finger inside. Just then the car started moving again, jerking along slowly, without lights. “Oh!” she breathed, her sigh egging him on. He slipped two fingers inside her, then removed them to rub her hard clit again and again, sucking her neck as he felt her legs buckling, his other arm hard around her waist, her breath coming faster and faster. He pulled her more tightly against him, his fingers everywhere as she started to soar. “Cum on my hand, bad girl! Cum for me!” he whispered, and she did as she was told, grinding herself hard against this stranger’s hand, biting her bottom lip so hard it drew blood, the taste filling her mouth as she came one final time.

    The car was now moving at almost regular speed, this section through the tunnels almost complete. The stranger was stroking her pussy very gently as he kissed her neck. Just before the train left the last tunnel removed his hand, and smoothed down her skirt. Her thighs were slippery with her own cum. The crush of the commuters eased as the train stopped at station. But he was still standing so close behind her.

    Even before she turned to see his face, she somehow knew it was the man she had been staring at during all her trips to London. They locked eyes, and as if they were all alone instead of in a busy train car, he stroked her cheek then licked his fingers, smiling, as she whispered, “It’s you.”

    For my Swindon friend (not Andy Partridge)



    Some girls find that the best way to deal with the inevitable harassment on the train or bus is to solicit sexual attention, which can make it more enjoyable, and more remunerative if so desired.