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    Gave my little slut a really good spanking with her big new plug in the other night.  Then I fucked her from behind while forcing her to hold her magic wand to her clit.  She came twice within a 40 second period or so, screaming the entire time like the good horny little slut that she is.   


    This is a great post. It should have far more notes than it currently does. 


    Tiegan sighed as she sat by the hotel room window and pressed play, sliding the earbuds into place.

    “Good morning, slave. I hope you slept well. This morning, we’re going to start by discussing your underwear…”

    She smiled and felt herself go blank for His instructions. Underwear was beginning to feel like such a strange concept…. If it wasn’t lacy or crotchless or edible, it wasn’t much use to her Master. She hooked her fingers into her thong and slid it down, caressing her soft, smooth mons as she listened to His silky voice change her thoughts…