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    to everyone who's lost a dad, has suffered abuse from their dad, has no or a strained relationship to their dad, is struggling to concieve, or anything else that makes today hard, i see you. you have every right to take today for yourself. you have no obligation to call your dad or do anything for him, if he hasn't earned it. sending everyone struggling today so much love.


    pride angel demon love baby!!!!!!!!

    if you wanna support your local trans/gay artist and buy one of these dm me


    by popular demand here is ace and aro pride!

    also by several requests, i made a redbubble if any of yall want a sticker or shirt etc! i only added a few of the prints but if anyone wants one specifically lmk


    It’s pride month baby!!!!! Buy some pride merchandise from me and support an actual ell-gee-bee-tee person ✌🏳️‍🌈😘


    do yuo think jon strategy for small talk is stiltedly stating slightly obscure facts and hoping someone latches on


    jon, fresh-faced researcher, stuck in the break room with tim, slightly more seasoned fresh-faced researcher: so. the uh. the columns at the front of the institute are doric

    tim, gearing up to launch into a monologue about greek revival architecture: yeah,

    [ID: image 1- a digital painting of gerard keay from the magnus archives. he’s shown in side profile, with orange lighting from behind. he wears a dark coat with a black shirt and has an eye tattoo on his neck. he has black lipstick on and spiked eyeliner, as well as a septum piercing, a lip piercing, as well as two helix piercings and small black plugs. he’s painted realistically and his blonde roots have grown out from dyed black hair. image 2- a version of the same painting, without the eyeliner]

    ok i lied he’s back again. this is younger than i usually draw him so i’d probably imagine it like before the events of mag 12? but i’m just making excuses lmao. this is my first time digitally and realistically painting in years and i’m pretty happy with the outcome!


    ive been buying more stuff on bandcamp because it supports indie artists way more than spotify


    reminder to buy on bandcamp fridays!

    these specific friday events (that do not happen every friday, it varies)?

    artists get 100% of what you pay for their work.
    On bandcamp friday all proceeds go to the artist.


    bandcamp fridays are over but bandcamp is organising a fundraiser for juneteenth where they will be donating 100% of their sale shares to the NAACP legal defense fund