Join us for the opening for our next exhibit @ Nepenthes NY Gallery

September 8th, 2016 7-9PM 

Music provided by K-Prince (BBP) & JD (Deadly Dragon Sound)

“This exhibition is inspired by the missions my brothers and I executed during our time on the tracks. The graffiti movement has had a significant impact on me since I was introduced to it in ‘93. It continues to provide me with stimulus in my daily life. Our story is one of many, but one of a kind. Like any crew, it was a brotherhood. It’s not extravagant or flashy, just down to business. 

Besides being an impassioned moment in my life, it was also a way to express my identity using my native tongue.”

-Junichi Nakane


Born in Tokyo in 1977, Junichi is an artist who loves to travel. He explores self-expression through visual outlets. His international wanderings allow him to connect with people, observe different cultures, and discover inspiration for new projects. His years in Philadelphia hold a special place in his heart and is a key influence on his work.  

Junichi currently lives and works in Brooklyn.