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    Arrested Again Part 1:

    At this point, I had been out of jail for about a year. I was 29 and almost done with my year or parole. I was really fortunate that a friend of mine offered me a room in her new house for cheap. Getting a job after being in jail is certainly not easy. I did find a job. However it was a job I knew wasn’t sustainable forever. I won’t sugar coat it. I was dealing weed. Was it risky and stupid being on parole? Yes. But I never smoked it or brought it into our house. I didn’t want her to get in trouble. Plus I was only doing this for a little while until I got back on my feet financially. It was honestly really easy. Every week I would meet my boss and he would give me a big bag. I then texted my regulars and then made my usual deliveries. The whole thing took about two hours tops. I was living in a pretty bougie town at this point so most of it was rich guys just using it recreationally.

    One night I had just picked up my supply after I turned onto the main road I saw a cop car start to follow me. I tried not to panic. They were probably just going the same route I was and I hadn’t done anything wrong. Then they turned their lights on. I took a deep breath. Maybe I was just going too fast. Everything I had was in the car was in the trunk and they probably wouldn’t search it. I pulled over and sat there nervously. I got extra nervous when I noticed two cops came out of the car. One of them approached the driver side and the other approached my passenger side. I only looked to the passenger side and saw how hot that cop was. Tall, perfectly cut dark hair, and perfectly trimmed dark beard. Then the other one tapped on my driver window and I rolled it down. “Good Evening Sir” the other officer said. Low and behold he was hot too. Even taller, a little older and just the perfect amount of muscles. Total classic handsome daddy. “Good Evening Officer” I said as I handed him my license knowing he would ask for it. “Where are you coming from sir?” he asked as he studied my license. I then noticed the other officer was shining his flashlight in my car looking around. “Coming from a friend’s house sir” I said. “Coming from Hubbard Ave?” he asked. Oh my god. That’s where my boss lives. They were following me. “Yes sir” I said. There was a couple moments of dead silence. “Would you mind stepping out of the car sir?” he asked. I made a lot of student mistakes in my life, but what I did next was by far the stupidest. I don’t know what came over me but I stepped on the gas and tore off down the road.

    As I sped off I saw both of them run back to their car and then they jumped in and started to follow me with their lights and sirens on. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this but I could not get caught. I made a quick right down a side street hoping I would lose them. Nope. There they were starting to get closer and closer. I made another right and then I saw it. A dead end. Fuck. I was screwed. I got to the dead and got out of my car and just started running. I had no idea where I was going but I just knew I had to get away. As I started running I heard them get out and scream “Stop Police!” I kept running and could hear them following me. I ran up the other way of the dead end and then darted in between a couple houses. Hoping I could maybe get to another street this way. As I thought I lost them I was greeted by a fence in this backyard. It wasn’t that high so I figured I could jump it. I was just starting to jump when I heard “Freeze!!!” They found me. I just kept my arms on the fence and froze. It was the one who was asking for my license before. “Don’t make another move!” he screamed. I just kept my arms on the fence frozen. “Step back from the fence and put your hands up in the air! “ he screamed. I did as he said. “Keep your hands up. Walk backwards to the sound of my voice!” he screamed. I started to walk back with my hands up. I think I took about 10 steps very slowly. “Stop!” I could tell he was not far behind me. In my peripheral vision I saw the younger bearded officer to my right. His gun was drawn and pointed directed at me. I had never had a gun pointed to me in my other arrests. This was scary. “Keep your hands up and drop down to your knees” the older officer screamed. I dropped to my knees like he asked very nervously. “Lay down on your stomach slowly!” he screamed. I got down on my stomach in the grass and I could see the younger bearded officer continue to point his gun at me. “Put your hands out to your sides and don’t move!” the older officer screamed. I did as he said and could hear him walking closer. He bent down and quickly yanked my hands behind my back and held them together while I imagine the younger one kept his gun drawn. He then put his knee on my back and I heard him unhook his cuffs from his belt. He then snapped his handcuffs around both of my wrists first left followed quickly by the right. He cuffed super tight and you could hear him breathing heavily. “203 suspect is in custody” he said into his radio. I then heard the other one step closer. They then pulled me up one on each arm while the older one ordered “Get up.” Older one on the left and younger one on the right. They then started to perp walk me back towards the road.

    We had to walk all the way down the road back to where the dead end was so this was certainly embarrassing. They both gripped me super hard and all three of us were huffing and puffing. As we walked the older said “Why are you running man?” At this point I just panted and said “I just didn’t wanna go back to jail.” He then half laughed and said “Well that didn’t work out did it?” I somehow managed to half laugh and said “Nope.” God they were both the hottest cops who ever had their hands on me and I had plenty. I was enjoying this double perp walk for sure. We finally reached their cruiser and they leaned me up against the trunk. “Spread your feet” the older one said. I did as he asked. “Anything illegal on you sir?” he asked. “Not on me I answered.” It was spring so I was just wearing a grey henley t-shirt, jeans and a backwards snap back and the only thing in my pocket was my wallet so they didn’t have much to search. The younger one then let go of me and went to my car. “All right sir” the older one said. “My partner is gonna search the car. I’m assuming something is in there and you’re already going to jail so better just come clean now to make this easier for all of us.” I then huffed and puffed and said “There’s a big bag of weed in the trunk sir and there’s a gun in the left pouch of the bag. There’s also a scale and some small baggies.”

    The younger officer went to search and the older one held onto my arm and continued to pat me down. He lifted my hat just to make sure nothing was in there and then put it back on. He then read me my rights and double locked my handcuffs. He kept his grip on my left arm but moved slightly forward. He then looked at me and said “You probably didn’t know this son but we’re well aware of the sale of marijuana in this area. We’ve been watching you and some others for a while but have been waiting to make our move.” Wow. They were smarter in this town than I realized. “This is at least a pound Sarge” the younger officer yelled as he looked through the bag. The officer on my arm nodded to him and said “All right boy let’s step over here” he said as he pulled my by the left arm. He then opened the back door to his car and I wiggled my way inside. My hat fell off but he was nice and put it back on.

    The older officer then looked at me as I was seated and said “Alright son I’ve already advised you of your rights. Obviously you are under arrest. Right now you’re being charged with felony drug possession with intent to sell, possession of a fire arm and since you ran you’re also being charged with reckless driving, evading the police as well as some traffic violations. You understand?” “Yes sir” I said. “Any questions for me at this time?” he asked. “No officer but could you possibly grab my phone from the car so it goes with me?“ I asked. “Yes I can do that” he said. “Thank you Officer” I said. He then leaned over and buckled me in. God he smelt so sexy. He had some cologne on mixed with big sweaty man. “Alright son. Sit tight watch your head” he said and shut the door. Another cruiser then pulled up and I saw another officer get out. I saw the officer who arrested me go into the car and grab my phone. The three of them then chatted by my car for a couple minutes and then the older officer left them and got in the driver seat. “Alright boy” he said. “They’re gonna finish searching and then your car will be towed.” He then started to drive and said into his radio “10-92 transporting suspect to county.” I felt the cuffs digging into my back and I was sweaty and gross from running and wet from my laying in the grass when they cuffed me. If someone told me at my first arrest this would happen I would have never believed it but here I was. My third time arrested and headed to jail, and this time, I knew it would not be a short stay.

    Мне всегда было интересно побывать в тюрьме, хотя бы в качестве экскурсии. В настоящей тюрьме, а не музее, которых предостаточно. Но увы, этому пока не суждено сбыться. Этим парням повезло. Надеюсь, что это был единственный в их жизни раз, когда они надели тюремную униформу, и были скованны по рукам и ногам.

    Цепь с навесным замком в виде ножных кандалов? Может быть это и приемлемо, но как-то не эстетично. Я всё же предпочитаю нормальные ножные кандалы, которые применяют в большинстве американских тюрем.