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    Officer Down!

    Here’s my latest story. I hope everyone likes it!


    Most people recognize the potential dangers police officers face on a day to day basis. Time and time again, we see reports of a cop being hurt or killed in the line of duty somewhere in the country. I never thought one of these casualties would be brought to my ER, but that changed recently.

    The officer brought to us was 29 year old Tracy Scott. Tracy had blonde hair which was usually in a ponytail, big blue eyes, was of average height and slim build, didn’t wear makeup, and had an attractive tomboy appearance.

    The young officer was brought to our emergency department after a routine traffic stop went horribly awry. During the traffic stop, Tracy was shot twice in the chest by the suspect, with the suspect speeding off immediately afterwards. Tracy was wearing a bullet proof vest, but the suspect used teflon coated bullets, which are armor piercing rounds. The bullets are very lightweight, which increases their velocity substantially, thus allowing them to penetrate even the most up to date body armor. Even though teflon coated bullets are illegal almost everywhere, criminals still manage to get their hands on them from time to time.

    After the shooting, Tracy’s partner Kyle radioed into dispatch to give a description of the vehicle for other units to respond to. Kyle then picked up his critically wounded partner and placed her in the back seat of the squad car. Kyle was visibly overwhelmed by the tragic turn of events, just as anyone would be.

    Kyle was a tall, athletic man with short brown hair. He was a first year officer and was recently assigned to be Tracy’s partner. The 23 year old officer was now facing a situation that very few people understand on a personal level. His partner laid in the backseat of the squad car moaning in pain and bleeding profusely. “hang in there Tracy!” said Kyle in a panicked tone while speeding down the highway, sirens blaring.

    Tracy was in the backseat awake, in pain, and very aware of what was happening to her. She took off her bullet proof vest and began putting pressure on her own wounds with her hands. The pressure she was applying did very little to help her situation. Blood continued to quickly ooze out of the 2 wounds. Tracy was having difficulty breathing at that point, and tried her best to fight through the unbearable pain. “once we get to the hospital, I’ll be ok.” She kept thinking to herself. Time seemed to drag on for the remainder of the car ride to the ER, and both Kyle and Tracy had a feeling time wasn’t on her side.

    Finally, Kyle was able to get Tracy to the ER. He drove through the hospital parking lot like a madman before slamming the brakes, and putting the car in park right near the ambulatory entrance. Kyle jumped up out of the driver’s seat and rushed to the backseat and picked up his wounded partner. Kyle noticed the backseat of the squad car was saturated in Tracy’s blood before rushing the pretty blonde into the hospital.

    The young officer rushed through the doors, carrying his partner. Before he could even get 1 word out, a few nurses at the main nurse’s station realized the severity of the situation. “prep trauma room 1! Lets get ahold of the doctors STAT.” ordered the lead nurse.

    Two nurses appeared with a gurney and asked Kyle to place Tracy onto it. Tracy was placed onto the gurney and rushed off to trauma room 1. The 29 year old blonde laid on the trauma room table still in her uniform, minus the bullet proof vest. She looked around the room, which became more and more crowded by the second. The attending physician ordered the nurses to remove Tracy’s top to examine the trajectory of the bullet wounds, get her on the heart monitors, get IV access, and get a chest x ray.

    One of the nurses started snipping away at Tracy’s black police uniform and undershirt. A large collection of blood was noticed on Tracy’s chest once her uniform top was removed. Her sports bra was snipped, exposing the rest of her chest. “ok, 2 entry wounds in the left chest.” Said the attending physician. The nurses log rolled Tracy onto her side to examine for exit wounds. “I’ve got 2 exit wounds. 1 near the left shoulderblade and 1 that just missed her spine.” Said a resident. The nurses stuck EKG electrodes onto the officer’s chest and got her hooked up to the heart monitor. Her BP was 80/45, heart rate was in the 140s, and her pulse ox was down to 93%. The nurses finished removing all of her clothes and shoes, leaving the officer completely nude. Tracy felt completely violated being naked in a room full of strangers.

    The trauma team set up IVs and started Tracy on the massive transfusion protocol, along with a dose of morphine for pain management. A chest x ray and echocardiogram were ordered: the chest x ray showed a massive hemothorax on the left side. The EKG showed an alternating tall-short QRS complex, with the echocardiogram conforming cardiac tamponade. The massive left sided hemothorax prompted chest tube placement.

    A 1 inch incision was made in between her ribs. Even though Tracy was tough as nails, she was no match for the scalpel that sliced through her skin while she was wide awake, fighting back tears. The officer whimpered and cried during the placement of the large, flexible tube into such a small space. The tube instantly shot out a large quantity of blood onto the floor below once it was in the correct place.

    A mild sedative was pushed into Tracy’s IV to calm her down a bit so a pericardiocentesis could be performed. The trauma team didn’t want to fully sedate her because her blood pressure was already dangerously low, but didn’t feel the need to intubate since the chest tube seemed to alleviate respiratory symptoms.

    However, Tracy’s situation began to deteriorate rapidly while the equipment for the procedure was being prepped. Tracy coughed up large amounts of blood. Tears rolled down her face while she tried her best to get a few words out. “am I gonna die?” asked a terrified Tracy while her mouth was filled with blood. “just stay calm for me, ok?” replied one of the nurses, which didn’t exactly reassure the attractive police officer.

    Tracy began struggling to remain conscious. The young blonde kept fighting with all she could to stay awake, because she knew she was on the verge of death. That battle was short-lived. Tracy’s eyes opened up wide, and she let out a calm exhale before drifting off into unconsciousness. Her eyes glazed over and stared up above, with the heart monitors chirping loudly in the background. In a split second, she became pulseless.

    The monitors showed pulseless electrical activity, initiating a code blue. One nurse began deep, rapid chest compressions on Tracy. Rapid sequence intubation was being performed by the residents. Blood had to be suctioned out of her airway and mouth so the ET tube could be placed without being clogged with blood. The suction slurped out the excess blood, allowing the 7.5 ET tube to be placed into her trachea with relative ease, being secured with a blue tube holder.

    A round of epinephrine and atropine were pushed intravenously in an attempt to obtain a shockable rhythm. In the meantime, CPR was performed. Tracy’s chest caved in and her belly bumped outwards. A popping sound was heard from some of her ribs becoming dislocated from the harsh nature of the chest compressions. A pericardiocentesis was performed in the following seconds, aspirating dark, clotted blood from the pericardium of the dying officer. The procedure didn’t convert Tracy to a shockable rhythm, so resuscitation efforts continued.

    The first few cycles of CPR proved to be ineffective, but the fight for Tracy’s life was still active. Her body swayed and recoiled from the vigorous energy of the compressions. Her big, blue eyes stared blankly at the trauma team while they pumped her blood drenched chest, desperately trying to reverse the outcome of the code.

    The first round of drugs and initial resuscitation attempts didn’t convert her out of PEA. A 2nd dose of epinephrine, and the first round of bicarb were given. Tracy’s ET tube began to fill up with blood, obstructing her airway. With compressions still ongoing, the ambu bag was detached to allow suction. A few seconds worth of suction was able to clear her airway, so the ambu bag was reattached.

    Tracy remained in pulseless electrical activity despite the efforts of the trauma team. The attending physician noticed no improvement of the situation so they decided to open her chest via a left anterolateral thoracotomy in a last ditch effort to revive the beautiful cop.

    Betadine was squirted onto the left side of her chest. While CPR continued, a large incision was made in the 5th intercostal space starting at her sternum, continuing across the chest just under her left nipple, and concluding just shy of her left armpit. Over the course of the next minute or so, Tracy’s chest was cracked open. There was an immediate rush of blood from her chest cavity once it was opened. A 2nd chest tube was placed and suction was called for to help create a good line of sight for the trauma team.

    The suction and 2nd chest tube eliminated blood from the line of sight, revealing Tracy’s boggy, fluttering heart. A cross clamp was placed on the aorta near her diaphragm to preferentially redirect bloodflow and a pericardiotomy was done. Clotted blood oozed out of her pericardium, suggesting it’s been there for awhile. A small drain was placed in the opening in the pericardium to remove additional blood.

    A minor laceration in the left ventricle was located by the trauma team, and subsequently plugged up. It appeared the bulled grazed the left side of the heart and exited near the shoulderblade. The major injury was discovered shortly after. A right atrial blowout with a 3cm tear in the pericardium was recognized. This type of injury is associated with mortality rates well into the 80% range.

    The large gash in her right atrium was temporarily plugged up since Tracy finally converted to V-Fib. The internal paddles were charged to 20j and placed around her fidgeting heart. A wet thump was heard once the shock was delivered. Her body twitched slightly, with her big bug eyes still wide open. Her heart continued twitching erratically, so internal compressions were resumed. The internal paddles were recharged to 30j and placed back into her bloody mess of a chest.

    The 2nd shock was a little more powerful, causing her torso to flop sharply. Her feet jarred slightly on the other side of the table, showing off the prominent wrinkles in the soles of her feet. Blood refilled her ET tube after shock #2. Her breathing tube was suctioned out yet again with internal massage taking place just a foot or two away. The 2nd shock sent her back into PEA, so the next round of drugs were given.

    While internal compressions were taking place, the trauma team worked more diligently to repair the laceration in Tracy’s right atrium. The wound was stapled shut, but the staples came undone, exacerbating an already bad injury. The wound was rapidly sutured shut by the trauma surgeon who was standing by in the trauma bay. However, the right side of Tracy’s heart was flaccid and mostly empty. The wound in the right atrium allowed blood from the SVC to flow into the pericardium and thoracic cavity, rather than down into the right ventricle, explaining the tamponade and hemothorax. The transfusions and internal compressions helped the situation a bit, converting her back to fine V-Fib.

    The internal paddles were charged to 30j and the 3rd shock of the code was delivered in a timely manner. A dull, wet thunk filled the room. The electricity from the shock coursed through the cop’s dying body, making it twitch sharply. The monitors chirped and beeped loudly, still showing V-Fib.

    The trauma team shocked Tracy 3 more times with the internal paddles and maxed her out on drugs, but became asystolic after the final shock. The trauma team abruptly terminated the code at that point, calling time of death at 12:22am.

    The ambu bag was detached from the ET tube and the flatlined monitors were turned off. A nurse shut Tracy’s eyes for the final time while another nurse began plucking off EKG electrodes. The officer laid on the table completely lifeless, with an abnormally pale complexion. Tracy’s heart sat completely motionless inside her exposed chest cavity with clamps and drains still in place. The ER nurses cleaned up all the blood and garbage off of the trauma room floor. Her body was then covered and a toe tag was placed shortly afterwards.

    The doctors left the trauma room and went off to the private waiting area where Kyle and Tracy’s family were waiting. The doctors had to break the bad news to all of them, and allowed them to view the body for a short while before sending her off to the hospital morgue.

    A few hours after Tracy’s death, her assailant was apprehended by officers in a neighboring county. It turns out the suspect shot Tracy and evaded the cops because he had an arrest warrant for a series of armed robberies in another state. The suspect was charged and convicted of: armed robbery (multiple counts), evading police (2 counts), possession of armor piercing bullets, and 1st degree murder, all of which resulted in a life sentence in prison.

    Dead Drop - part 6

    “We’ve got a rhythm!” Zainab’s shout followed the second bleep of the monitor. She let out a long deep breath, her shoulders slumping in relief.

    “Check pulses.” Carl cut in, holding up a placating hand to Zainab. “Nice work Zee, I’ll take it from here.”

    Anna reached over to Linh’s inner thigh, her fingers pressing a point close to Linh’s smoothly shaved vagina. She stared at the monitor, barely feeling the pulse of blood that followed each spike. “it’s there, but it’s weak. Too weak.” She said.

    Carl nodded. “Attach the combo pads, A-P positions, we may need to pace her until her potassium is back up. We’d best get a 12 lead and echo. Make sure her heart is physically intact.”

    The nurses scuttled around, readying the equipment. Anna stepped down the floor, shaking her arms out for a moment as Jess tore open the package of combo pads. Carl stepped up beside her, releasing the straps of the backboard, and together they rolled Linh towards them, Sara taking the rectangular pad from Jess and placing it just slightly to one side of Linh’s back, between her shoulder blades. They rolled Linh back, and in seconds the round pad was placed into the valley between her breasts, her heart sandwiched between the two electrodes.

    Trish was dragging over the ventilator from its unobtrusive location in the corner. After fiddling with the controls for a few seconds she motioned Kirstie away, swapping the ambu-bag for the end of the vent hose. Carl looked at the control panel, making sure the values were ok. He nodded and turned to Jessica. “Let’s go ahead and start pacing, initial output of 50 mili-Amps at 80 beats.”

    They all watched as the pacing started, Linh’s chest twitching gently as the defibrillator sent the small shocks through her heart. They waited ten seconds, each little shock on the monitor failing to produce a beat. “Up to 60.” Carl ordered, glancing at his watch. More twitching, more downward spikes on the monitor, still no capture. “Anything in her femoral?” He asked Anna.

    Anna fingers returned to their previous position. “Nothing. PEA?”

    Carl cursed with a sharp nod. “Back on her chest, give her one round then we’ll step it up again. Push an amp of atropine.”

    Anna stepped up, her hands falling on the round foam pad. She started to push down, hoping that Linh’s heart wasn’t damaged. That it was just the imbalance of electrolytes that was preventing the young woman from surviving on her own. Her gaze shifted to Linh’s head, her compressions forcing that head to rock gently from side to side.

    Anna counted to 30 then pulled back. The pacer was upped by 6mA, but Linh’s heart was still not responding. Anna resumed compressions, other hands moving around her own as additional ecg leads were attached. After another 30 the pacer was increased once more, to 72mA. Anna’s hands hovered slightly over the pad, Linh’s breasts shaking gently as she was shocked repeatedly.

    “I think we’re getting somewhere.” Carl murmured, drawing Anna’s attention to the monitor. The small spike of each pacing shock was now being followed by a wide wave that roughly resembled a standard QRS complex. “Do we have a pulse?”

    Anna pressed her fingers into Linh’s thigh, feeling the surge as Linh’s heart contracted with each pacing shock. “Yeah, I’m getting a good pulse. I think we have capture.” The tension in the resus-suite dissipated, they had managed to get Linh’s heart beating properly. Anna crossed her fingers, hoping they could keep it that way.

    “Good.” Carl said, a slight smile playing on his lips. “Let’s go ahead and get that echo. Jess get a urinary catheter in, I want to know her kidney function. With any luck she won’t need dialysis, but let’s get that base covered. Trish, take a fresh sample to the lab, all the usuals. And chase up the tox panel, we need to know if we’ve missed anything. Kirstie, could you call neuro? That initial seizure was more intense than opiate’s or potassium deficiency usually present. Ask them to check for epilepsy when we get her upstairs.”

    Anna settled with stepping back out of the way. Her arms tingling slightly. She watched intently as Carl took the echo probe and held it tight to Linh’s chest, just below her breast. The intensity of the resuscitation, and the wave of relief that was flowing through the room, served to lower her defences for a moment. In that moment she yearned to have that probe up against her chest. To have her heart visible on the ultrasound screen. She felt it, felt that little pump flutter in response. It caught her off guard.

    No. Now is not the time. Shame welled up within her and she closed her eyes tightly. She’d always kept her special interest buried deep. Now it had shown itself twice, in the space of two days. She clenched her hand tightly, digging her nails into her palm and turning her knuckles white. She should be able to control it. Needed to be able to control it.

    “Heart looks good, I can’t see anything that looks like permanent damage. Cardiology will probably want to work her up anyway given the arrest.” She heard Carl talking, then the rustle of paper towels. A few seconds later she heard the paper towel being thrown into the trash beside her, then a hand settled on her bare arm. “I know what you’re feeling.” Carl’s voice was kept low, just between them.

    “How do you control it?” She whispered, opening her eyes. She was surprised by the concern that was evident on Carl’s face. He grimaced slightly, taking a breath to answer, but was cut off.

    “Doctor, labs are back.” Zainab was stood by the large screen, fresh results flashing to draw attention.

    Carl glanced back, sighing softly. “We’ll talk about it later.” He gave her arm a squeeze, then turned away heading for the screen.

    Anna retreated to the wall, crossing her arms defensively as the internal war raged on. In the corner of her vision Linh continued to twitch rhythmically with each pacing shock. She could feel her own heart slowing, back under control. She noticed the glances cast her way, rubbing her arms to try and convince them that she was merely recovering from giving compressions. She didn’t know how effective it was.

    She watched, remaining in the background, as the lab results were discussed. An ET tube was eased through the i-gel, into Linh’s lungs. The i-gel was then removed, leaving the ET tube in place. After a few minutes they began to reduce the intensity of the pacer. Anna felt another wave of relief as they managed to wean Linh off the pacer, her heart successfully beating on its own.

    “Great work guys. Let’s package her up for the ICU.”


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    Prescription for Medfet

    The protocol must be followed for a full 30 days without any interruption.

    Keep the patient on bed rest as much as possible.

    Better outcomes are obtained using social pressure to get compliance, but medical and physical restraint should be used if necessary.

    Wear full anti-contagion protection. Change gloves frequently.

    Begin by recording patient’s rectal temperature. If elevated begin antibiotic injections IM.

    Perform a digital rectal exam to check for hardened stool. This will interfere with thorough evacuation. If found, place a glycerin suppository High in the rectum. Doing so now will allow sufficient time for complete effect.


    Next darken the room. Using the UV Illuminator visualize the entire surface of the skin, paying particular attention to the orifices and any creases in the skin. The by products of the infection glow under UV. Use the prepared towelettes to vigorously clean any areas of the skin showing contamination. Caution: the solution on the towelettes can be irritating, especially to sensitive tissue, but do not neglect to do a thorough job. In the male retract the foreskin, in the female examine the labial folds thoroughly.


    Restrain the patient’s head and hands. Administer the eyedrops and ear drops. Do not allow the patient to rub or touch their eyes or ears.


    Place the biteguard/airway in the mouth. Inject the dose in 10 pulses at 30 second intervals. Be prepared to use vacuum to clear the mouth in case of vomiting. If any part of the medication is lost to vomiting, repeat the oral protocol at the end of the treatment.


    Visualize the urethral opening. Insert the premoistened swab to the length indicated. The diameter and length of the swab has been individually determined. The necessity for god contact with the tissue means that the swab may seem, and feel too large, but this is not so. Repeat with all 10 of the swabs.


    In a female patient, insert the medicated tampon using The applicator. This is much longer and thicker than a menstrual tampon and must be place so as to reach the cul-de-sac behind the cervix. Again this was designed specifically for this patient, although it may seem too large this is necessary to completely fill the vault and maintain contact with the walls.


    Insert the first balloon of a double bardex into the patient’s rectum. Inflate both balloons. Attach the colonic machine and initiate the cleanse cycle. This program must run for the full 15 minutes.


    Pulse 10 doses at 30 second intervals. You may need to use your body weight to restrain the patient.


    Wait 30 minutes.

    In the female, Remove the tampon. Significant traction may be required.

    Deflate and remove the bardex. Manually compress the buttocks for 5 min to allow the sphincter to recove and avoid loss of medication.


    Coat the skin throughly with medicated oil, massagein well over all parts of the body. This may be soothing for the patient, although some find it stimulating.


    Sounds like one hell of a vacation to me


    Love this. So much.


    From someone who’s survived MySpace, livejournal, deviantart, and fanfiction.nets’ content purges and bad policy updates, here’s some advice on how to get through tumblr’s recent bullshit:

    - don’t knee jerk delete. I know it’s tempting to peace out immediately but hang on and do the other steps first. Out right ghosting and erasing everything is how fandoms die.

    - archive everything on your blog you want to keep

    - tell your followers how they can archive and keep your work too. A lot of fic and art were only saved from ff.net and lj because other people saved it first. If you’re cool with other people saving your work for them to personally keep, let them know this. You can absolutely discourage reposting but I really do highly recommend you allow people to personally save fic and art they like and are worried will disappear forever. Digital Dark Ages are a real thing.

    - tell people where you’re jumping ship to. Give links. Keep that info up, even if you’ve left the site.

    - go through who you follow and find out where else you can follow them. Save their work if they’ll allow it. It’s tedious as hell but if you want to keep up with people on here clicking on their page to check in is the best way to do it.

    - support places like ao3. This is exactly why ao3 asks for donations a few times a year. They are a 100% anti-purging, judgement free, ad free non profit run by an elected board and protected by lawyers. Places like ao3 literally save fandom so please continue to support them and other similar archives. This is exactly why ao3 is so important.


    For example, here’s a post that explains and links for how to back up your blog

    Also, go read the source policies and official Tumblr statements in addition to user analyses and reactions. It’s important to keep abreast of developments over time; staying informed is your power in this situation. Memes and reaction posts are funny and are a useful way to vent / provide commentary, but some of them create an inaccurate picture of what’s happening and should not be taken as evidence on their own of what developments have happened.

    Well lovelies, it’s been fun.

    I’ve so enjoyed exploring my fetish on this site, meeting and even befriending people with the very interests that I once thought made me undesirable or unloveable. I’m devastated that this is coming to an end.

    Tumblr is banning “adult content” from December 17. Posts with adult content will be set to private, which will prevent them from being reblogged or shared elsewhere in the Tumblr community.

    I personally don’t understand why Tumblr wouldn’t spend more time and money trying to hunt down child pornography, while letting us adults enjoy this community and our sexuality.


    “She comes from healthy stock. No family history of disease, and she tested negative for any STI’s–she’s never had a boyfriend. According to her cycle, now is the best time to attempt the procedure. You’ll get your money’s worth.”

    “She’s awfully pretty, and quite the strong one… she’ll make a wonderful surrogate.”


    No additional content added because @andmybodytosurgeons already made it perfect. I need to experience this immediately.


    Kinktober day 2:Medfet

    Kinktober snap sale


    You’ve made it clear - you hate the diapers. But you better get used to them - until you fully recover from the surgery, you’ll need them for both bladder and bowel.

    Your rectum was too small and we tried all kinds of ways to manually dilate and stretch it. Remember the weeks and weeks of anal training? Surgery was the only option to keep you healthy and to correct your bottom. Now you get to do training the other way - electrical shocks and clenches to re-tighten the muscles since Doctor made them super loose.

    No you can’t have a longer gown, silly - we need to see your diaper clearly for when it needs changing. Now don’t forget - once we’ve changed your dressings, you’ll need to sit on a doughnut ring. *Yes*, even in the common areas - no-one will even be looking at you!


    You were given explicit instructions.

    Strap your legs into the stirrups.

    Expose your breasts.

    Cover your eyes. And wait.

    After what seemed like forever, you heard the noise of the sliding door, and the temperature of the room decrease slightly. Your nipples hardened as you heard, no felt, someone walk around the table where you lay. Never touching. Just looking.

    The anticipation was about to push you well and truly over the brink and it hadn’t even started yet.

    You felt the figure between your spread legs, and the slight warmth from a surgical lamp turned on and aimed right between your legs.

    “Happy Birthday to you. Shall we begin?”

    So I’ve described my fantasy before where I’m forced to give birth to a huge baby, or even babies, and end up with all sorts of interventions – surgical delivery suite, high stirrups, forceps and episiotomies.

    Well, naturally after that, the doctors want to do all sorts of procedures to put me back together right. But of course, they want the best for the babies too.

    I’m lying in the operating theatre, my vagina and rectum destroyed by such a traumatic birth. Surgeons are standing between my propped up legs, muttering “that will never look the same”.

    Just as I think they’re finally going to put me out so I can escape the pain, obstetric nurses come along with two huge breast pumps and announce that they can’t wait – they need to start milking me now. The surgeons argue that I’ll be asleep and they don’t want nurses standing in the way just holding the pumps. So they agree to tape them to me – I’ll be asleep, so what do I care, apparently. I’ve given everything my body has to offer and they still want more!

    My poor, sensitive nipples are mandhandled into the pumps, and then taped down. Just as they finally put the mask on my face to give me the gas and start what will be the first of many surgeries, I feel them turn the pumps on and up…


    Vintage births are where it’s at.

    The cold, clinical drapery. The horrifically uncomfortable positions that made pushing way less effective. The use of catheters and drugs and incisions without any explanation or consent.

    She has to push all that out and everyone in the room is there to get the baby out, not to make it nice or comfortable. She’s not the sole focus in the room - the sole focus in the room is her vagina and how they’re going to manipulate her to get the baby out.


    The patient is prepped and sedated for a more invasive investigation. She will feel everything that is done to her, she just wont have the strength to fight back


    Sounds never really appealed to me until I recently watched an old ORR clip where a female patient was methodically sounded by a doctor and a nurse. The patient’s groans - like it was uncomfortable but she could take it - combined with the clinical intimacy of the scenario, really appealed to me.

    So naturally the above scenario is a total fantasy.


    Emma  - part 2

    The rubber of the table under her was pliable and warm as she was pushed down onto it, the full glare of the surgical lights above blinding her.  Hands, so many hands, holding her shoulders still  and strapping her forehead down, restraining her arms out to her side with heavy cuffs, restraining her legs apart at the ankles and at the knees.  She couldn’t even find her voice to protest in her terror, in her shock at what was happening, at what her father was permitting to happen to her.

    She managed to croak out a ‘Stop.’

    Instead of heeding her, someone she couldn’t see against the light used the opportunity to slip cold metal into her mouth and over her teeth and then she couldn’t even close her mouth.  Her jaw was pulled apart until she could feel the antiseptic bite of the air in the back of her throat.  She wanted to scream.  Tried to scream.  No sound came out.

    She tried to pull her arms from the restraints, tried to kick.  Couldn’t.  Couldn’t.

    Something sharp in the crook of her elbow, sharp and pushing.  She tried to see what it was, but could only see a figure leaning over her arm.  All of a sudden a cold liquid sensation shot up her veins.

    ‘Emma,’ a voice said from behind her head.  She strained her eyes upward to see Dr Smith leaning over her, ‘I’m afraid neither your father nor I have been quite truthful with you.  Sadly I’m unable to tell you the exact purpose of what is happening to you, but let me assure you that your father is fully aware and has given his permission for this to happen to you.’

    She tried to struggle again.  She was an adult and they couldn’t override her consent like this!

    ‘No harm will come to you in my facility, Emma,’ Dr Smith continued. ‘I’m sure in time you will be happy that your father arranged this for you.’

    He stepped out of her field of vision, and she could hear him and her father converse in low tones.  She couldn’t make out the words, even straining to hear.

    There were no hands on her now, the people surrounding her had all melted away.  Frantically, she tried to take in what little she could see of her surroundings.  Aside from the surgical lights above, all she could see was a monitor beside her head, maybe the gleam of a metal cart  at her side.  How could anyone ever suggest that she could be happy that this would happen?

    She lay there for what might have been seconds, or minutes, or hours, she had no idea.  Every nerve ending was alight and the thump of her pulse in her ears was all-consuming.

    Dr Smith stood above her again. ‘Emma we’re now going to examine you and do some simple investigations.  I need you to be as calm and still as possible - ‘

    Emma almost wants to laugh. Calm?

    ‘And so we will be administering a mild sedative into the IV we have placed in your arm.  You will be conscious, let me assure you.’

    The shoulders of the hospital gown were being pulled down and away and off and suddenly she’s naked. No warning, no permission asked for.  Burning shame, and rage at them for doing this to her… she barely groans in objection around the dental gag in her mouth before something sweet and burning is slipping through her veins.

    ‘Nice and still and relaxed now for me Emma,’ Dr Smith is saying.

    Everything very very slowly gets liquid and soft.  Her heart doesn’t thud quite so hard. Her nerve endings don’t feel so electric.

    ‘Good girl,’ Dr Smith says.

    Then his hands are palpating her neck, not roughly, but deeply.  It’s uncomfortable but she can’t even pull away.

    ‘Very good girl, Emma.  You’re doing so well,’ Dr Smith says as he fits a stethoscope to his ears.  He’s leaning over her and there’s cold metal on her chest, being placed again and again and again.

    ‘We’ll echo her after the preliminary assessment,’ he says to someone standing at my feet.  ‘There’s a soft systolic murmur.  It’s probably just a flow murmur but best to be sure.’

    From far away there’s an agreement.

    He palpates her breasts in little circles, around and around, and then under her arms.  Its uncomfortable, and when he pinches her nipples between his thumb and forefinger she gasps in pain.

    Moving down the table, he begins to press onto her abdomen, superficially, then deeper and deeper until every touch is an ache.  He presses on her bladder so firmy that she realised that she really, really needs to urinate.

    ‘An abdominal ultrasound as well.  I can’t really feel her kidneys.  We’ll do that first, while her bladder is full.’

    He steps around the table to her feet.  There’s a mechanical buzz, and her legs are being pulled apart, her knees bending.  She tried to fight against it, but the movement in inexorable and her muscles feel like syrup..

    His gloved hands are on the inside of her thighs, then higher, on her vulva, pulling apart her labia.  She wants to scream, wants to twist away.  Can’t.

    The smooth latex of his gloves, the distant warmth of his fingers, is palpating and pressing all around her, his fingertips running down her around her, almost inside of her.  She wanted to cry out, to scream at him. When his thumb strokes over her clitoris she jerks at the sensation.

    It felt like he was never going to remove his hands from between her legs, but finally he did.  She could have cried with relief.

    But before she could even take a single breath, his hands were back.  Fingers of one hand holding apart her labia and pushing something cold and metallic inside her with no hesitation, deeper and deeper until it felt like it  couldn’t possibly go any deeper… then is feels like she is being pulled apart as it widens and widens inside her.  She groans against the gag.

    ‘You’re doing so well Emma,’ Dr Smith says, ‘Just a little more.’

    The speculum pulls her apart even more.  She can feel Dr Smith’s hand on her thigh, the other making tiny adjustments to the instrument inside her, pushes and tugs that feel huge but which must be mere millimeters.

    She can feel cool air inside her like she never has before. A quick, harsh, horrible scraping like nothing she ever wants to experience again…

    ‘Well done Emma,’ Dr Smith says, pulling the metal bills out of her.  ‘Just my fingers inside you now.’

    Pressure, then she feels so full. A hand on her lower abdomen, pressing, pressing. And fingers inside of her, pressing all around her. Pressing up to meet the hand pressing down.  Vague nausea settled over her, and she felt lightheaded…. Darkness around the edges of her vision… and suddenly the fullness, the nausea, the dizziness… was gone.

    ‘Beautiful, Emma.  Lovely,’ Dr Smith says. ‘Just a few scans now and you can have a rest.’

    Almost instantly there’s cold jelly on her tummy, just below her ribs pressing hard, pushing down and down and then on the other side and right down the side of her belly button and then right over her bladder.  She almost lost control… clenched so hard.  So hard.

    So hard that she barely heard Dr Smith say ‘yes, the vaginal probe please.’

    She didn’t really have time to tense up before a cold, slick probe was forced into her, pushed and pulled every which way. Sick sweat came over her again as she was invaded… it never seemed to end, went on for days and weeks and years…

    ‘Good girl, Emma. You’re being such a good girl,’ Dr Smith said as he removed the prove from her. ‘One more scan and you can have a rest.’

    Just in her field of vision,she saw another probe being handed to the doctor, before it was placed in the centre of her chest. Before it was moved all around her chest, pressed hard into her ribs.  Before her left breast was palmed out of the way Dr Smiths thumb resting on, stroking her nipple, and the probe pushed into the taut skin. She could feel the tears running down her face into the table beneath her.  She didn’t understand why this was happening, why her daddy was letting this happen to her.

    “Alright Emma, well done.  You’ve done so well,’ Dr Smith said as he removed the probe from her chest. “We will start again tomorrow.’


    So obviously this is a totally perfect fantasy: intense medical examination with no control, and a touch of cardiophilia.

    Tonight, I’m Emma