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    Because it’s in Ojai, California where the weather’s always nice, Bart’s Books is an open air bookstore.

    It’s open until sunset every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a book when they’re closed. 

    It’s a lovely place to browse or sit and read. 

    Isn’t this lovely?

    And, your dog is welcome to browse, too. 

    You can spend hours here.

    Cookbooks are in an actual kitchen from an old house.

    Winston can’t believe what he found, he’s been looking for that book for ages!

    And, like any good bookstore, they have a cat. This is Pygmy (aka Pigley). 


    <>Road trip to Litto’s Hubcap Ranch, Pope Valley, Calif.

    <>When Litto Diamonte retired to Pope Valley, he’d find hubcaps on the dirt road in front of his house, so he began to collect them (among other things, as well).

    <>Eventually, the state made the ranch an official historic landmark. If you visit, be careful driving thru- there are lots of dogs and cats around.

    <>It’s private property, but Litto’s grandson & his wife maintain the place, and they’re happy to show you around, if they’re home.

    <>If the gate to the property is closed, they’re not open. Apparently, the best time to go is a weekend afternoon.

    <>There’s a lot to look at.


    <>Well, I’m stuck in Folsom Prisonnnn... The prison in Calif. that country singer Johnny Cash wrote a song about, and gave concerts at, is now a museum.


    <>The docents are retired corrections officers and they have some crazy stories to tell.


    <>There’re lots of interesting exhibits, like the shank wall. 


    <>Ankle restraints.


    <>The hanging rope (ugh!).


    <>Gatling guns that are pretty cool.


    <>There’s even a souvenir shop where you can buy a Johnny Cash figure.


    <>Here’s a ferris wheel that a prisoner made out of toothpicks.


    <>And, this dude hangin’ out in a replica of an old cell with a whisk broom and a bucket.


    <>There’s even a photo op where you can dress Grandma up and put her in a cell.