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    Because it’s in Ojai, California where the weather’s always nice, Bart’s Books is an open air bookstore.

    It’s open until sunset every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a book when they’re closed. 

    It’s a lovely place to browse or sit and read. 

    Isn’t this lovely?

    And, your dog is welcome to browse, too. 

    You can spend hours here.

    Cookbooks are in an actual kitchen from an old house.

    Winston can’t believe what he found, he’s been looking for that book for ages!

    And, like any good bookstore, they have a cat. This is Pygmy (aka Pigley). 


    <>In Chester County Pennsylvania, is the most gorgeous barn turned into a 3-story bookstore. The Baldwins live in what was an old milking house, and made a bookstore in the barn.

    <>It’s an incredible place to visit. 

    <>There are rare antiquarian books, as well as used titles.

    <>Isn’t this wonderful?

    <>It’s a beautiful, amazing place. 

    <>Resident pets- the cat looks like someone woke him up from his nap.