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    Please don’t write nsfw shit about real life people ffs

    Lost a follower for this

    Good fucking riddance 

    Anyway real people aren’t your playthings to ship and write nsfw of. There’s a line between just having fun and being incredibly disgusting and a lot of u cross that line too often.

    Don’t treat real people like fictional characters and make them do nasty shit for ur own pleasure. Real life people have told fans multiple times that they don’t like being shipped with other people and I doubt they’d be okay with porn written about them. (Like Buzzfeed Unsolved for example. The two guys running it have had to make an announcement saying that they weren’t comfortable with that ship shit)

    If I found out someone was writing porn about me, I’d attack them immediately. This shit has ruined/almost ruined friendships before. Don’t do this shit.

    U can reblog this if u want though I encourage u to do so bc people really need to have this drilled into their skulls

    Tips for new adults

  • If you have the ability to, pay your bills on time. You never know when you’ll need a loan in an emergency and if you destroy your credit rating it’s going to be rough.
  • While you’re at it, get a low interest low fees credit card so you actually can start building a credit history. Stick it in the freezer in a block of ice, or even cut it up straight away if you need to take away the temptation to use it. If you know you can pay the balance every month then go ahead and put stuff on it for the cashback or points, just be disciplined about the due date for the interest free period.
  • Never leave your washing in the machine, that stank takes like three hot washes to get out
  • Don’t smoke weed inside, the smell seeps in to everything
  • One of the most important things in life is your physical and mental health. If you need to stop talking to someone to protect the latter then it’s okay.
  • You have no obligation to your family if they suck
  • Learn to cook at least five basic healthy meals like chilli, bolognese, roast dinners, salads, burgers . Bulk them out with veggies and beans/lentils if you’re a meat eater but can’t afford a lot of it
  • Remember that it’s okay to admit you were wrong, or to grow and change your opinions
  • You’ll always be younger than someone, and there’s bound to be people who will patronise you because of it. You don’t suddenly get respect from boomers the moment you turn thirty. It sucks but don’t let it get to you. Those people are dicks.
  • Don’t close any accounts prior to applying for any credit, this can temporarily cause a drop in your credit rating as part of what contributes to it is age of accounts
  • You’ll feel like you’re constantly cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. It’s okay if there’s a bit of mess but as long as nothings growing in it you’re good.
  • Don’t bother with feather dusters. They just redistribute the dust. Use a damp cloth instead.
  • Stuff that says dryclean only can usually be handwashed or put on a gentle cycle, just don’t put it in the dryer
  • If you’re itchy all the time, it’s probably your washing powder/detergent. Switch to an eco friendly brand (actually, just use an eco friendly brand anyway). Also, skip the fabric softener
  • Invest in the best quality bedding you can afford. Sleep is a huge contributor to your health
  • It’s okay to take a mental health day, and don’t feel bad if you do nothing all weekend. You need a rest sometimes
  • For the love of all that’s holy, learn to use your indicator correctly when you’re driving
  • It’s okay to fail at things, don’t beat yourself up about it
  • <>POC in Goth/Punk/Alternative Music

    Submissions Open!!

    Relaunching this again for a future ‘not-post’, but something better! Thank you to everyone who continued to send in suggestio<>ns. Submit <>here.

    As an addition to the goth/post-punk/alt band masterpost, here’s a list of bands featuring members of color. Most are influential, others new discoveries or future freak gods. Thanks to research and helpful readers, here’s a bit of sick sound suitable for all taste buds:

    <>Goth, dark or industrial:

  • <>Creature Feature - Erik X is an evil composer and organ player with a special gift for raising the dead.
  • <>Plastique Noir -the Brazilian band that made the song “Empty Streets” that’s just too dark to handle.
  • <>O. Children - contrary to popular belief, Tobi O’Kandi is not, in fact, a black reincarnation of Ian Curtis.
  • <>Thrill Kill Kult - sick industrial band with several poc members.
  • <>Glorious Din<>
  • <>Android Lust - Shikhee is Bangladeshi, and she makes some of the best industrial music ever heard.
  • <>She Past Away<>
  • <>13th Moon<>
  • <>Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois
  • <>Phaidia
  • <>Corrupted - awesome japanese doom/sludge band that are considered super influential in the scene.
  • <>Light Asylum - heavy dark synth primarily. It’s really fun and the front singer HAS A MIGHTY POWER.
  • <>Plastic Zooms<>
  • <>Hocico
  • <>Crowd Pleaser
  • <>Angelspit
  • <>Punk, hardcore or post-hardcore:

  • <>Bad Brains - why most of the bands on this list even exist.
  • <>Death - not to be confused with the metal band of the same way. Not that you could confuse the members in any way.
  • <>Rough Francis - founded by the sons of David Hackney of Death.
  • <>Pure Hell - afropunk taken literally.
  • <>X-Ray Spex - Poly Styrene was the energy and feel of the band. Actually, she was just energy and feel period. Fun fact: she was also bipolar.
  • <>Radkey - Rad.
  • <>TMGE - Japanese band named “Thee Michelle Gun Elephant” or as they prefer: JAPANESE BAND NAMED “THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT”.
  • <>Tamar Kali - powerful musician, especially known for “Boot”.
  • <>The Objex - Feloney Melony’s got a wicked hawk and voice.
  • <>Stiffed - Santi White now performs solo as Santigold.
  • <>Cerebral Ballzy<>
  • <>Suicidal Tendencies<>
  • <>Midori - great jazz-punk fusion band.
  • <>The Redscare<>
  • <>Le Butcherettes - Mexican garage punk band.
  • <>Atari Teenage Riot<>
  • <>NOFX<>
  • <>Stalin
  • <>The Bags<>
  • <>Dev Hynes <>- a British musician who started out in a punk band Test Icicles then went solo as a folk/indie musician as Lightspeed Champion and now is doing an electronic/R&B thing as Blood Orange.
  • <>L’Arc-en-Ciel - Okay, so these guys are Japan’s other most famous export. These guys got known outside of japan for doing some major anime theme songs (Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam 00, NANA live action movie, etc) and were the first Japanese act to headline Madison Square Garden (Japanese rock bands really like New York for some reason). Their bassist tetsuya (formally known as tetsu) gets bonus points for being one of Japan’s only out LGBT celebrities (he’s Bi).
  • <>Doll$Box<>
  • <>Letlive<>
  • <>The Chariot<>
  • <>Trashtalk
  • <>Gogol Bordello<> - self described as “gypsy punk”. Singer Eugene Hütz is Russian-Ukranian with Romani heritage and born with a ‘stache. Nearly crazier than Little Big and Korpiklaani combined.
  • <>Blackfire
  • <>The Bots - punk duo made of two brothers.
  • <>Bow Wow Wow<> - IIIIIII Waaaant Caaandy!!!
  • <>Love Equals Death<>
  • <><>Ritualization<> - blackened death metal from Orléans, France
  • <>Teengenerate
  • <>Ten Grand
  • <>Letlive
  • <>Martin Sorrondeguy - spoke out about US based Latino issues in many of his lyrics and was involved in bands Los Crudos, Limp Wrist and Needles.
  • <>Ghost Town
  • <>Metal, funk/rap/reggae metal fusion or core:

  • <>Blasphemy - Black metal, the biggest irony on earth as Caller of the Storms remains one of the rare black musicians within the genre.
  • <>Babymetal - this Japanese trio is more metal than a viking woman on her period in the middle of a battlefield drinking the blood of her enemies to the sound of Immortal…for some at least.
  • <>Wicked Wisdom - Will Smith’s wife get a band?? Yes she Will.
  • <>Unlocking the Truth - these 13 year olds played in the streets of NYC before they opened for Living Colour.
  • <>Absolace - amazing metal from Dubai.
  • <>Living Colour - better than Dead Monochrome.
  • <>King’s<> X - more hard rock, but hey.
  • <>Bionic Jive - one of the better hip-hop/metal fusions.
  • <>Skindred - check out the album “Roots Rock Riot”.
  • <>Ego Fall - a Chinese folk metal band and also Corbac’s fave. Mixing tradition with heavier sounds.
  • <>Static X - Japanese guitarist Koichi Fukuda & Mexican-American bassist Tony Campos.
  • <>Sepultura - the founding members are all Brazilian, currently their lead singer (Derrick Green) is black. “Arise” is a massive album of pure metal awesomeness.
  • <>Straight Line Stitch<>
  • <>Blood Stain Child<>
  • <>Sasamaso<>
  • <>Tenger Cavalry - a folk metal band based out of Bejing who describe their style as “Mongolian folk metal”. Like this and you’d probably enjoy Ego Fall.
  • <>Cthonic - Taiwanese metal band who’s lead singer is also the president for the Taiwanese branch of Amnesty International.Most of their music deals with their goal of an independent Taiwan and they’re really REALLY great.
  • <>Myrath<>
  • <>God Forbid<>
  • <>Invasion - a stoner/psych-metal band fronted by a valkyrie space wizard out of London.
  • <>Vodun - like invasion, marries punk, psychedelic, and doom metal influenced instrumentals with soul influenced vocals to create a unique and original takes on doom metal.
  • <>Sevendust<>
  • <>Animals as Leaders - most suggested band on this list and for good reason.
  • <>Veil of Maya<>
  • <>Oceano<>
  • <>Body Count - Ice T’s metal band rules. It would be a little tastier with ice cubes though.
  • <>Hirax - pioneering thrash/speed metal band (with hardcore influences). Katon De Pena is one of the most distinctive vocalists of the then-burgeoning California metal scene. Though they never achieved the success of some of their contemporaries like Metallica or Slayer, they have long been an insiders’ favorite and cited as an influence by bands ranging from Napalm Death to Cannibal Corpse to Darkthrone.
  • <>Infectious Grooves<>
  • <>Melechesh<> - an Assyrian black metal band originating from Jerusalem whose lyrical themes include Mesopotamian mythology and occultism.
  • <>Iron Man - American doom metal band with PoC members.
  • <>Sex Machineguns - Japanese speed metal band.
  • <>Hibria - Brazilian power metal band.
  • <>Metallica - their first lead guitarist was Lloyd Grant. Here he is in their first recording.
  • <>Gevolt - Yiddish band from Israel.
  • <>The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza<>
  • <>Gridlink<>
  • <>X Japan - Probably Japan’s most famous metal export. These guys are the reason Visual Kei (basically Japan’s gothic metal scene) exists. All those flashy JRock bands wouldn’t exist without X Japan. They also recently just played a huge show at Madison Square Garden.
  • <>Maximum the Hormone - Also known as “the guys that did that weird opening and ending to death note”, MTH do a fantastic combination of metal, punk, and even pop. The best part about MTH is that their lyrics don’t make sense even when translated so you can just have mindless fun listening to them even if you understand Japanese.
  • <>Suffocation - one of the most influential death metal acts of all time. Terrance Hobbs’ incredible mastery of the guitar allowed the band to blend complex technicality into the genre without sacrificing raw brutality.
  • <>Versailles Philharmonic Quintet<>
  • <>Suicide Silence<>
  • <>The Crimson Armada<>
  • <>For Today<>
  • <>Glass Cloud<>
  • <>Heaven in Her Arms<>
  • <>Here comes the Kraken<>
  • <>Issues
  • <>Periphery<>
  • <>Reflections<>
  • <>System of a Down<>
  • <>Fear Nuttin Band<>
  • <>Year of the Dragon - founder was a member of Fishbone.
  • <>Dir En Grey
  • <>Skyharbor
  • <>Spineshank<>
  • <>Coal Chamber<>
  • <>Ill Niño
  • <>Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in Dilapidation (FID) - Formed in Tokyo. Rad ladies playing some super hard grindcore.
  • <><>Sarcofago - Brazilian band
  • <>Acrassicauda - Iraqi heavy metal. There is a film called “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”, about the band. Another documentary called Global Metal, which is by the same director as Heavy Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, is highly recommended.
  • <>Sigh<> - one of the first japanese black mack metal bands led by a fierce lady.
  • <>Sabbat<> - Japanese black/thrash.
  • <>Blood Stain Child<> - rather epic sounding Japanese metal band with contrasting vocals and instrumentals.
  • <>Gallhammer - female Japanese extreme metal band of doom. The wickedest chicks, definitely recommend.
  • <>Avulsed - Spanish death metal band.
  • <>Necramynth<> - Korean black metal.
  • <>Crossfaith<> - japanese metalcore.
  • <>Subrosa<>
  • <><>As they Burn<> - deathcore band from Paris, France.
  • <><>Wolves and Jackals<> - blackened thrash/death metal from Atlanta, GA.
  • <><>Infernal Revulsion<> - brutal death metal from Tokyo, Japan
  • <><>Orange Sky<> - from Trinidad and Tobago.
  • <><>Monuments<> - it’s got saxophone and it’s awesome.
  • <>Ego Likeness<>
  • <>Peelander-Z - watch the videos, you’ll be happy you did.
  • <>For Today - if you’re into Christian metal.
  • <>Dream Theater - John Myung plays in the influential prog metal band with the aid of his majestic hair.
  • <>Alternative or too cool to label:

  • <>Bat for Lashes - Natasha Khan’s songs are ethereal.
  • <>Skunk Anansie - Skin is a fierce woman with a fierce voice. Also, her eyes will pierce through your soul.
  • <>Fishbone - literally unclassifiable: ska, punk, crazy cool…
  • <>Dub War - often likened to Skindred. Not because the singer has dreads or anything. Or because it’s the same guy.
  • <>The Slack Republic - fairly new (2005), looking forward to more.
  • <>Pierce the Veil - they’re really more “Punk Pop” than anything else. All members are Mexican.
  • <>Coheed and Cambria<>
  • <>Alice in Chains<>
  • <>Boris - japanese experimental metal band highly influential in the doom, stoner, noise rock scene.
  • <>Bleed the Pigs - great band with a singer who has an awesome colorful fro.
  • <>Motherjane<>
  • <>Jimi Hendrix - duh.
  • <>Asian Dub Foundation<>
  • <>BIS (Brand-New Idol Society) - considered “alternative Japanese idols”, and have done some amazing things including recruiting a new member who was rumored to be a high school girl and turned out to be Junko Koshino, a famous fashion designer who is 74 yrs old. Their song + video for MURA-MURA is excellent.
  • <>Go Betty Go - chicano rock, “pop punk”. Several of their songs are in Spanish.
  • <>Melt-Banana - Japanese noise rock band.
  • <>Deftones<>
  • <>Rage Against the Machine<>
  • <>TV on the Radio<>
  • <>Rain Machine<>
  • <>Bloc Party - singer is gay and black.
  • <>Little Dragon<>
  • <>Asobi Seksu<>
  • <>Blonde Redhead<>
  • <>The Go! Team<>
  • <>CSS<>
  • <>The English Beat<>
  • <>Kenna<>
  • <>Mono<>
  • <>One Ok Rock<>
  • <>ELLEGARDEN - JAPAN’S BEST 90s/EARLY 2000s POP PUNK ROCK EXPORT I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. Part of what contributes to this is Takeshi Hosomi (singer/rhythm guitarist) writing ¾ of the band’s discography in perfect english. Unfortunately they went on hiatus in 2006, but that spawned two more fantastic bands: Takeshi does experimental progressive indie in the HIATUS (its the same guy I swear), and guitarist Shinichi Ubukata formedNothing’s Carved In Stone which is basically a Japanese alt. rock supergroup.
  • <>The Hiatus<>
  • <>Nothing’s Carved in Sto<>ne
  • <>Shonen Knife - you can’t talk about japanese girl rock without the literal originators of the movement/popularity. Because Kurt Cobain said he listened them, a HUGE surge of all girl bands started popping up over Japan.
  • <>O’Broth<>er
  • <>The Pillows - alt rock band from Hokkaido.
  • <>Set it Off<>
  • <>The Novembers<>
  • <>Shiva En Exil
  • <><>Guns N’ Ros<>es - Slash.
  • <>(Hed) PE - (or Planet Earth) original sound described as “G-Punk”, a fusion of punk rock and gangsta rap.
  • <>Soundgarden<>
  • <>She Wants Revenge<>
  • <>Skip the Use<> - with influence from various genres and a black lead.
  • <>Elsiane - Formed in Montreal. Fronted by Elsieanne Caplette. Trip-hop/downtempo.
  • <>Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz English/German and Afro-Jamaican.
  • <>Sonic Boom Six
  • <>Cibo Matto - real cool duo.
  • <>My Vitriol<>
  • <>Buck Tick<>
  • <>Wormrot - grindcore from Singapour.
  • <><>Toe<> - post rock from Japan.
  • <><>Guitar Wolf<> - “Jet Rock n’ roll”.
  • <>Gazette<>
  • <>Kanon Wakeshima<>
  • <>The Coup<> - Yesssss.
  • <>Street Sweeper Social Club
  • <>Merchant Ships - post hardcore.
  • <>The Skints - reggae/dub/punk fusion.
  • <>White Town - bzangy deserves WAY more recognition! You’ve probably already heard “I Could Never be Your Woman.”
  • <>The Mars Volta
  • <>Drill Queen - Born Depressed is just the greatest song.
  • <>Death Grips - experimental rap.
  • <>Grateful Dead
  • <>Suffrajett
  • Remember to<>Submit here<>.

    The Wikipedia page linked to literally says his mother is Jewish, which makes Daniel Jewish by literally any definition. Fuck you.


    By that logic my mother is Christian because so was my grandmother; which means I too am Christian.

    Religion isn’t genetic you know.

    Judaism is an ethnoreligion, so, actually, in this case it is. Fuck off.

    First of all, exactly what @if-i-am-not-for-me said: The Jewish people are an ethnoreligious group, which means a person can be ethnically Jewish without being religious. 

    Moreover, @chibi-blastoise, being totally ignorant of Jews and Judaism, obviously has no idea that one can actually be a practicing Jew and still be atheist or agnostic, and that there are, in fact, two branches of Judaism (Reconstructionist/Secular Humanist) devoted to practice through an atheist/agnostic lens. Unlike many other religions, Judaism does not require belief in a deity, and even beyond those two aforementioned branches, I even know several agnostic Jews who are Orthodox. 

    It’s likely that @chibi-blastoise is what we’d refer to as a Christian Atheist, somebody who has Christian heritage and actively participates in secular Christianity without acknowledging that it’s still connected to a religious movement, despite not personally observing it that way. For some reason, it never occurs to people like this that atheist Jews can also have secular versions of their own holidays. Instead, they expect atheist Jews to adopt secularised Christianity because they think their heritage can be devoid of religion in a way ours cannot, which is incredibly offensive and hegemonistic.

    Also, just for the record: 


    “I’m an atheist, but I’m very proud of being Jewish.” Not “I’m an atheist, but I’m proud of having Jewish ancestors.” Daniel Radcliffe says he’s proud of being Jewish. Being. Because “atheist Jew” is not an oxymoron, but rather a perfectly common, normal thing in our culture. 

    Daniel Radcliffe is an explicitly self-identified Jewish atheist and anybody who can’t handle that can die mad about it.

    I’m actually confused… There’s a whole part of Judaism that doesn’t believe in god? Do they not believe the Ten Commandments were a thing or the whole Burning Bush incident? Is Passover a thing for them? It seems like you’d have to believe in a god to believe in such things, but I could be wrong. I am just legit confused how this works.

    I mean, there are thousands upon thousands of people who celebrate Christmas believing in the Jesus story, so I’m not sure why people would assume atheist Jews can’t celebrate their holidays?

    To answer your question, though, there are two movements in Judaism that don’t put stock in a literal deity. Reconstructinist Judaism, as described by Ellen Umansky, holds that “Judaism does not come from the (mountain) top down, but rather grows from the ground up, as the creation of the Jewish people…the Torah is a sacred document, not because God revealed it, but because it belongs to our people and records our first steps in growing towards the concept of godliness…. God is the name we give to the strivings for ethical insights and coordinate behaviour.”

    Similarly, the Institute for Secular Humanist Judaism believes that “Judaism is the evolving civilization of the Jewish people. It has been created, lived and recreated in response to the needs and beliefs of each generation. In our days, we believe in the power of people to understand their world and to influence it for the better. We celebrate human freedom and responsibility for our choices and actions. And we know that if justice is to exist in our world, we must create it together. Secular Humanistic Judaism is a cultural Jewish identity lived through this human-focused non-theistic philosophy of life.”

    While the movements differ in some ways, basically the idea is that Judaism is our culture and we don’t have to believe in the deity aspects literally for that to have value and meaning to us.

    Philosopher Asher Ginsberg is credited as saying “More than Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews.” Our cultural practices, regardless of how we choose to view them, keep us together as a people.

    I light Shabbat candles. I celebrate all the holidays. Being Jewish is the core of my identity. I don’t have to believe the Torah is literal for those things to be culturally sacred to me.

    A thought has occurred to me.

    Ever since the reveal of the Panopticon being in the center of everything, there’s been talks of Jon needing to sacrifice himself in order to save the world. Or, further, if they burn the Institute, Jon will die as well. 

    But, we’ve been shown time and time again, that killing the avatars does nothing to fix anything. And as important as Jon is for bringing the powers here, what makes him any different in that aspect in the long run? 

    Right now, the Eye rules. If another power were to rule or even just plain chaos, is there anything fundamentally different about Jon being an avatar? 

    This is all to say: I don’t think Jon’s death will solve anything. At best, it would stop any power from using him, but I also don’t think it’s an easy solution or really, even a likely outcome, at least in the form of saving the world. 

    This is not to say he won’t die, but it’s more likely to be due to a consequence to his actions than an outright solution. 

    It would be fun if the Eye grows concerned when Jon starts getting too close to the *real* way to save the world, and so it makes Jon *think* he has to sacrifice himself. The Eye has every reason to believe Jon would go for it, the way he’s plagued with guilt and despair. If Jon Knows (rightly or otherwise) that his death would end the apocalypse I imagine it would only be a few scenes of shock and drama before he’d be ready to jump headlong into the fire.

    Which means that at the penultimate moment - excellent soundscaping, the climax of the Act - we might get a revelation speech from Martin along the lines of: 

    “Killing the avatars has fixed nothing so far, why would your death be any different? And ALSO, Jon, every other time you’ve tried to Know how to fix the world you haven’t been able to see anything useful, so don’t you think you suddenly Knowing you have to die seems a *little* convenient?

    “You know what *I* think? I think the Eye knows you’re getting close to the real answer. I think the Eye wants you out of the way before you derail its ‘perfect’ world. 

    “So what it does is it feeds you a theory *just* plausible enough you’re willing to believe it and JUST like that! You take yourself out of the picture. You remember you told me how difficult it was to even *touch* that statement about quitting the institute - well, why would saving the world be any easier?

    “So stay. Stay and help me fix the world and still have the chance to live in it.”

    Honestly I think that this is actually what the Web is up to, that Jon sacrificing himself won’t save the world but *will* make it easier for another Entity to usurp the eye. I feel like the Web more than anything has been goading Jon into with the tapes/conveniently giving him a lighter to burn down the Archives/possibly destroy himself.

    sometimes I hate how much modern clothing is determined to show women’s bodies

    like if it’s not skimpy, it’s skin-tight- leggings, skinny jeans, bodycon dresses, etc.

    doing historical costuming has made me hyper-aware of just how “on display” my body is when I’m wearing normal modern outfits, and it affects my behavior. don’t bend over to pick things up at work because men will stare at your ass. sit differently so you don’t show stomach rolls. a guy running a pop-up stand next to my shop commented so much on how I had “great legs” that I didn’t wear leggings and skirts- one of my favorite winter outfit combinations -for the rest of the season

    there’s a certain freedom in medium-to-long skirts and skirt supports, I find: the freedom to define what people see of my body. men won’t stop being creepy no matter what women wear, but I like that kind of dramatic body re-framing. you don’t get to see my legs and hips, Creepy Guys. you get to see a massive bell skirt, or a bustle, or an upended trumpet flower shape. my body is to be seen only by those I’ve chosen to trust, not the world at large

    of course, empowerment is different for different women. some feel comfortable and powerful showing as much of their shape as possible, and I applaud them in doing exactly that. what pisses me off is the pressure from the fashion industry for all of us to be empowered by the same thing…a thing that just so happens to tie in with the diet industry and the cosmetics industry. it’s easier to sell the idea that you have to be hairless and smooth and thin and blemish-free when it’s all on display

    sometimes I just wish I could go about in a hoop skirt and a t-shirt that says “fuck off” in delicate script



    Technically unless there’s a dress code for your work or whatever there’s nothing that says you can’t wear a hoop skirt everywhere.

    Fight the man.

    Wear a hoop skirt if you want.

    I see this post a lot and I’m sure I’ve seen someone I follow add on this as well but if you agree with the sentiment of this post I really hope you also support hijabis and niqabis, because that is more or less the core of how we dress. Observing hijab is religious, yes, but dressing modestly is like as OP said “my body is to be seen only by those I’ve chosen to trust, not the world at large”. that is the exact sentiment behind why I wear niqab (the religious reasons for wearing it I don’t feel comfortable talking about a lot, because how i express my faith is personal and between me and Allah(SWT)), because I get to choose who sees my body and how much of it they see and because I like having that control and I think it’s fun and I enjoy it!

    If you now support people choosing to dress modestly for whatever reason, you must include supporting hijabis and niqabis who have been dressing modestly forever.


    A student at my school just lost his home to a fire. Over fourth of July weekend, someone left improperly disposed fireworks outside their apartment, which started a fire. 

    He’s twelve, his younger sister is 8. Everyone is okay, but the family doesn’t have insurance (my school serves low income families and this isn’t uncommon.) They really need help raising money to find a new place to live and to replace essentials that they have lost. 

    If you see this please reblog it and donate if you can, they are trying to raise 5k but I know that raising more would be a huge help to them. Thank you!

    the hello jon meme has me jumping several lines ahead of any given text post that has even the potential of being tma related, frantically scanning to find out if it's safe or not before scrolling back up to read it properly and I've come to the conclusion that you're all spiral avatars and none of you are valid

    More than 1/8th of the White Mountain Apache Tribe has tested positive for Covid-19.

    They have been hit EXTREMELY hard and I have seen no posts going around talking about it. It is one of the hardest hit places in ARIZONA, a state that already has horribly high case numbers.

    They have a Covid relief gofundme. Please donate if you can and spread this if you can't.