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    I keep thinking back to how we ended up like this. It was hot. I had just come back from my jog and was sweating so much. Lying down on the sofa, I was exhausted and just instinctively took off my sports bra. My son had to come in from his room at that exact time and catch me sprawled on the sofa. Totally exposed. I was so tired I didn't even cover up. Just looked and said hello. My son said hello along with his little friend. Or should I say big friend. I told him to come closer, which he did. And asked him if the tent in his boxers were because of me. Obviously, he said yes and if I caused it, I have to make it go away. Obviously a vigorous handjob, then a blowjob did nothing to bring my son's big monster down. And mommy had to take off her shorts and use the big guns...


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