It had sounded like something out of a comic book at the time - ‘put the necklace on and imagine becoming your bully’ - but Chris had been so desperate to put an end to his misery, actually be noticed for once, that he’d been willing to try anything.

    What he hadn’t anticipated, though, was the necklace actually working, or interpreting his thoughts a little too literally. As his scrawny frame became replaced with the all too familiar bulk of Rhys, he found his fists balled up at his sides in an uncharacteristic display of aggression. It was that same bullish rage, those calloused fists, he’d been on the receiving end of far too many times to recall. He’d never wish that kind of suffering upon anyone, but the thought of going a few rounds down the gym, of bodying some little fag in the street had become…alarmingly amusing to him.

    He tracked the spreading of ink along his torso with tear-filled eyes, having already begun to catch on to what was happening, but his meek, passive features soon glossed over into a permanent scowl of hate, then into one of arrogance as he began to bounce his pecs in the driveway. Yeah, the lads ‘mired this kind of shit. Proper fuckin’ shredded. They tagged along out of fear and respect for him, knowing full well he’d tear them a new one if they tried anything. The babes knew what was up, too. Thirty-odd constantly blowing up his DMs, most of them already with other guys, all blowing smoke up his ass for a shot of the goods.

    Just the thought of all the trashy nudes he’d sent had caused his girthy python of a cock to strain against his trackies. It left nothing to the imagination, but, honestly, Rhys - Chris - wasn’t exactly famed for his cognitive abilities, so fuck all that geeky shit. Thinking was for beta cucks. Real men solved their problems with their body. No, wait, he didn’t buy into all that toxic masculine bullshit!

    Lewdly groping his cock with a smirk, he stumbled out of the driveway in a half-drunken state, chest bared to the world, belting out football chants in his hoarse, twenty-a-day bass. Everyone in the scheme turned to stare, dog walkers in the street, old folk from their windows, pigs writing him off as not being worth the time. He saw. And he revelled in it. It fuelled him. Their disapproval, their fear.

    Chris may have failed to make a lasting impression, but no-one would ever forget Rhys.

    Trying Out the New Collection

    “Hmmm, seems like Bruce Mayfield is in quite a patriotic mood, and quite sore too, post-workout maybe? Guess this will do just fine for the occasion,” said Paul as he looked down at his recently claimed physique. Pretty sure he snapped the picture of Bruce when he went to Des Moines last month, yeah, he’s definitely not the bunch of guys he snapped in Chicago. Bruce is a recent addition to his collection and with his name glowing as Paul looking through the app for a guy he wants to “borrow” for the night, might as well taking his look out for the spin, even though the sexy hunk and his go-to party animal Nick Valdez would be an even better choice especially with the impression he left in the previous party

    The shy 32 years old decided to close the app and head for the booming party held by his next door neighbor, Lucas. His neighbor and everyone in the party of course will still think that the socially inept and off-putting fat dork Paul Zielinski is once-again skipping the neighborhood festivities doing whatever dorky shit he’s doing. But not even Jen, Lucas very own girlfriend, or Vince, his cute younger brother, a college senior, would even consider that Paul Zielinski already slid into their hole and caused them both to moan like some bitches in heat, of course while Paul posed as someone else from his list of collection. The thought of such possibility will probably caused them to puke or something, but it always give Paul such pride knowing that those people that looked down on him would be forced to look up and beg for his mercy if he wanted them to. Hmmm....maybe he should tweak the app too so he can change people into whoever he desired, must be hilarious seeing Lucas looking like him while he takes on the form of Lucas.....fuck.....that sounds hot actually, he thought while he rubbed Bruce’s uncut cock in front of the mirror. You know what.....that’s for future plan, the party is already up for an hour, he cannot miss the action’s going down there, plenty of bitches and dudes to lure for some fun tonight.

    "Damn he's built," said Leroy as he admired Justin's older brother, Kane, body

    "Leroy, please focus on the task ahead. I know this might be cheating and a little bit manipulative too, but I believe that even an ounce of support from one family member is enough to sway their perception about me coming out,"

    "Yeah, yeah, totally get it," said Leroy staring at Justin with his now perfect vision while his hand busy fondling his pecs

    "Leroy......please. This is important. I need you to be in your A game. I need you to make sure that my parents believe that it's their favorite son speaking in support of their least favorite children. My brother has been threatening to out me ever since 6 grade. At least now his mouth can be used for something better rather than spewing those hateful cusses at me or whispered those hurtful words, by defending me against my whole family and shift their perception to be in my favor,"

    "Okay queer, no need to worry, I'll handle 'em all just fine,"

    Justin glared at Leroy, which quickly apologized and looking regretful

    "Too far?"

    "Too far, asswipe. Behave, but don't let his personality overpower yours, okay?"

    "On it, bro,"

    "That sounds better. Thank you for your support, Kane," said Justin with a little emphasis on his brother name as they both hug it out before heading to re-gather in the family function with the rest of the Hopkins


    This story was made by @turningalpha​ and consisted of two parts. I added two more extra part along the way and eventually able to finish it with a possibility of continuation. My parts started after the "keep reading" sign

    Things had turned really sour in our neighborhood. Duncan, a close friend of my brother, had been mercilessly trashed by a gang of thugs on his way to school. The underdeveloped teenager didn’t stand a chance against the violent and possible steroid-popping twenty-something-year-olds and had to be hospitalized for his injuries.

    Now the rest of Duncan’s friends, all of whom were also puny weaklings, were expressly forbidden to travel without adult supervision. I was assigned the job of supervising them during the school walk.

    The trial run was this morning.

    Firstly, there was my brother - easy to pick up as we lived in the same house. Bryan was his name and he was a decent little kid, though he was very impressionable and easily fell for tall tales and silly gimmicks. I had a tendency to call him “kid” and “squirt” but the age gap between us was really small. He was just a late bloomer and I was all for gloating at him about our huge height and weight differences until the time will come when he will finally catch up with me. I wouldn’t be a respectable big brother if I didn’t.

    Then there were Michael and Sebastian, the computer geeks. They lived next door to each other and were pretty much inseparable. They spent most of theirs evenings glaring through their owlish glasses at flickering computer screens in darkened bedrooms. Their pasty faces always looked startled and completely out-of-place while outdoors in the sunshine. Their houses were several blocks away from our house, giving me and my brother a nice and leisurely walk by ourselves.

    When we finally picked up the computer geeks, they immediately took out their 3DS consoles, put on their earphones and walked beside us emotionlessly with their eyes transfixed to their little screens. I shook my head in disbelief. I have no idea how Bryan or Duncan could ever have a decent conversation with the pair without them getting distracted by a passing LCD screen. 

    Finally, we had to pick up Jeff.

    I groaned inwardly.

    It wasn’t that the walk to Jeff’s was really long or particularly dangerous. I just found Jeff to be a really exasperating kid.

    Jeff was the traditional mischief-maker of the group, always making overblown plans that would backfire on himself and always dragging the rest of the gang into his messes. Like the others, he was pint-sized and had the physique of a scarecrow. In the past few months however his hormones had really gone into overdrive, gifting him with some really disgusting acne and a raging libido but, sadly, no noticeable improvements to his boyish physique.

    He was now spending most of his time talking about internet porn, making crude dirty jokes and leering at girls. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was spending all his evenings masturbating in his bedroom. The little shit was destined to remain a virgin. It was really going to be painful babysitting the potential sexual deviant for the next few days.

    I spotted Jeff waiting by the corner store. I sighed with relief. At 6 foot 2 and with 230 pounds of rock-hard powerful muscle, Jeff would see to it that any trouble heading our way would become instant mincemeat.


    The young muscle stud was leaning against the brick wall, doing his best “hard man” glare and scowling menacingly at passersby. He was unashamedly wearing a tight-fitted sleeveless top with some obnoxious fake rips and holes torn into it. On anyone else, the top would look completely stupid but Jeff somehow managed to make it look masculine and sexy. Knowing Jeff, he had picked up some phone numbers from some choice hot women while he was putting on his don’t-mess-with-me routine this morning.

    I couldn’t help growing hard at the sight of him. Sue me, the man was the definition of hotness - his brawny arms were flaunted like prized trophies, while his classically handsome face was further intensified by a manly stubbled jaw. Who wouldn’t cum in their pants just looking at him? 

    Unfortunately for me, he was as straight as you could possibly get and he had obviously no problem attracting girls. Still, there was nothing to prevent me from enjoying the view this morning.

    Bryan and the boys were completely shocked at the sight of Jeff, their eyes popped right out of their heads. Incredibly, the computer geeks were rapidly packing up their prized handhelds and were whispering excitingly at each other.

    Their reactions puzzled me, did they think he had suddenly grown a second head or something? Jeff frantically sent them the universal hand gestures for shut-up-and-I’ll-explain-later and the boys suddenly acted as if everything was normal.

    I pretended not to notice. Still I couldn’t help wondering what the little gang were up to. Was another of Jeff’s half-assed schemes being put into operation without me knowing?

    Needless to say with Jeff accompanying us, I was now completely relaxed. I wouldn’t consider myself anywhere close to being a jock, so having the school’s star wrestler hanging around the boys every day was a huge boon.

    Not that I couldn’t overlook his faults. The arrogant jock was flexing his impressive muscles at the boys every few seconds. During some of his he-man poses, he couldn’t help snapping out of his cool and confident persona and giggle like a dorky kid who had only just discovered he had muscles. I rolled my eyes at his antics.

    Although he was a few years older that the boys, he was just as childish and nerdy as they were. It’s no wonder he had become real close friends with them. The only difference separating Jeff from the rest of the group was that while the others played Dungeons & Dragons during the evenings, he was sure to be pounding some hot chick hard in the ass with an over-sized cock and a winsome smile.

    I know that because he had no trouble boasting about such conquests during our walk to school.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he never had to masturbate, there seemed to be always some hot girl on his speed-dial ready to fuck him at a moment’s notice.

    I had originally thought of him as being a bad influence to my brother. But maybe with recent events, the jock will encourage the boys to take up some exercise and learn to defend themselves. They did seem to be oddly preoccupied with his flexing sessions throughout the morning walk. Almost as if they had never seen Jeff’s huge muscles before, so who knows? Maybe they’ll be clamoring to join the gym in the evening?

    By the time we arrived at the school gates, the bell rang.

    “Well, Squirt," I said as I ruffled  Bryan’s overgrown hair. "I’ll see ya later.”

    I couldn’t help noticing a mischievous grin creep onto Jeff’s handsome face as I left the underdeveloped nerds in his care. Maybe he was about to tell them another obnoxious sex joke? I sighed with exasperation.


    As I suspected, the boys did try to arrange to meet up with Jeff after school but Bryan had promised Mom to help me clean out the garage and couldn’t attend. I couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief - I suspected that the boys were up to some to mischief but I had no idea what.

    I tried to imagine Jeff hanging around with Sebastian and Michael for the evening. I couldn’t imagine what the meathead jock and those tiny introverted computer geeks could do together - did they really have anything in common?

    Bryan was sulking all evening. It was obvious that he was really pissed off being stuck at home. Believe me, spending the whole evening cleaning out the garage with a petulant teenager was complete torture.

    The next morning Jeff took over the morning run as he had the lend of his Dad’s car.

    Bryan was still acting like a moaning git in the morning. It took him forever to get dressed and he kept playing with his food during breakfast. I tried to lighten the mood by chatting about video games and geeky movies but I couldn’t get a decent conversation out of him.

    Breakfast got interrupted by the obnoxious blaring of a car horn. Jeff had arrived and subtle entrances were not his thing. 

    Bryan rushed out the door, finally free of his prison. I futilely attempted to shovel down the rest of my cereal and gather my belongings.

    By the time I reached the driveway, Bryan had already called shotgun. He sat next to Jeff, his small and delicate body completely dwarfed by his super jock friend. Bryan was trying his best to act casual but I could tell that he was shaking with excitement. What the hell was up with him? One minute he was moping around like Eeyore, the next he was like Tigger on a massive sugar rush!

    Behind him sat Sebastian and Michael, acting like the overly loud, overly confident and overly muscled studs that they were. They were grinning at me, their chiseled Hollywood faces set upon godly physiques. Their clothing were minimal, sleeveless vests and sweatshirts designed to show-off their mouth-watering brawn.


    Oh fuck! I just realized that these two musclegods were really taking up a lot of space in the cramped car - I was going to have squeeze myself right up against Sebastian. There was no fucking way I could do that without sporting a huge erection!

    I calmed myself down and got into the car, vainly trying to tuck my limbs in so that I could reduce myself further. It was no use, I could feel myself rubbing against every hard ridge of Sebastian’s perfect arms and legs. I carefully positioned my schoolbag to cover my lap, trying to act inconspicuous.

    I tried to ignore my jock companions, instead focusing on the view outside my window and trying to clear my head and keep my rising cock at bay.

    I heard the two jocks whisper to each other. They were always doing that. Whispering to themselves instead of talking to other people - for a pair of popular jocks, they could be really antisocial at times. It doesn’t seem to stop them from getting dates from hot girls though.

    Suddenly Sebastian yanked off the schoolbag from my lap.

    The most obvious bulge in the universe stood out hard against my right leg. I felt completely exposed as both jocks took in the sight of my bulge and then flashed me a pair of predatory grins.

    “I knew the little fucker was trying to hide something!” crowed Sebastian. “Couldn’t help yourself, could ya? Having to squeeze yourself beside a hot muscle stud like me really fucking turns you on.”

    He casually rested a meaty forearm across my waist, allowing his manly hand to lie limply against my crotch. I turned my head to look at Sebastian. His cocky smirk dared me to do something about it.

    I tried to ignore his teasing but the sight of his herculean limb draped languidly on my mere mortal form was making me horny. My cock gave a little twitch and his grin broadened.

    “Hey, Bryan, you’ve got yourself a queer for a brother!” announced Sebastian. “You should get him to suck your cock when you’re bored masturbating at home!”

    I could see my brother’s ears turn red with embarrassment. Jeff just laughed.

    Oh, God! This wasn’t the way I envisioned coming out of the closet. Not with Bryan around too! I could feel my heart pounding like crazy. All I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and try to drown out the sounds around me.

    A strong hug from Sebastian interrupted my thoughts. I looked up at him, his normally arrogant face replaced with a look of real concern.

    “Sorry about that. Look, there’s nothing to worry about, Carl,” said Sebastian gently. “I’m only teasing you. I honestly didn’t mean to hurt you. Seriously, you’re still with friends here. We really don’t care if you’re straight or gay. And I don’t mind if you have a hard-on for me.”

    “Besides,” he explained, as a wicked smile lit up his face. “You’ve seen Michael and I hang around with each other every single day for years. Did you really think that two hot fucking studs like us have never once experimented? We really do everything together.”

    Then he and Michael kissed each other slowly and passionately.

    My cock was really hard now.

    Sebastian gave a little laugh as he felt my cock grow. He stopped kissing his partner, gave me another encouraging hug and began to undo my pants.

    I could see Jeff rolling his eyes at Sebastian through the rearview mirror.

    "Fucking queers,” he mockingly complained. He couldn’t help sending a cheeky grin at me. “You better not spill faggot spunk in my car.”

    “Oh fuck off, Mr. Straight-and-macho” retorted Michael. “Your car already stinks of your jock spunk.”

    “Besides,” whispered Sebastian into your ear. “We’re not queers. We love the pussy too. Especially when we get to share it between us. There’s nothing like seeing a hot chick getting impaled on two porno-sized cocks, especially when one those cocks is mine.”

    “Well perhaps a virgin boy getting impaled on two huge cocks,” he amended. “You’re still a virgin, right, Carl?”

    He enclosed my six incher with a masculine fist and slowly and assuredly massaged my cock. It was clear that he had plenty of practice jerking off other people’s dicks. He was good.

    I really wasn’t expecting that my first sexual experience with another boy would involve the perfect erotic handjob from a way out of my league muscle stud. I wasn’t able to last one minute and Sebastian’s beefy fingers were soon covered with my cum.

    Sebastian raised his gooey fingers to his mouth, tantalizingly sucking them off one-by-one. He then grasped the back of my head with a strong hand and forced my mouth on to his. He growled as he kissed me hungrily, his cum-coated tongue squirming it’s way into my mouth and aggressively wrestling my own to submission.

    Time seemed to halt.

    “I hope that makes up for things,” Sebastian said when he finally broke the kiss. “Sorry I was a complete dickhead earlier. Let me know if you ever want to get hooked up with someone. I know plenty of guys who would find you cute.”

    It suddenly dawned on me that Bryan had observed the impromptu porn scene with slack-jawed astonishment. He immediately whipped his head forward with embarrassment when I had spotted him.

    I groaned inwardly to myself. Shit, this was still not the best way to come out of the closet to your little brother!

    Jeff laughed from the driver’s seat. He grinned mischievously to Bryan.

    “Don’t worry Bryan. Soon you’ll be all grown up and fucking like a man too.” he said, like a father doling out some really twisted facts of life to his impressionable son.

    I jumped a little when I finally heard Bryan speak.

    “Carl?” he asked timidly. “Can I spend some time at Jeff’s house after school?”

    What could I say? Jeff was a complete douche and I didn’t like him influencing my brother. But Bryan was obviously shocked at my actions this morning and I needed to tread lightly with him. Maybe it would be good for both of us if we spend some time apart this evening. Besides Jeff didn’t seem to mind me being gay, maybe he wasn’t as big of a jerk as I thought.

    “Sure, squirt,” I said, trying to sound confident.

    I did my best to ignore the wink Jeff slyly sent to Bryan.

    What’s the worst that could happen?


    Kyle and Fritz are hanging around the quiet side of the riverbank looking all imposing like the thug they are.


    That nerd from three weeks ago turned to be quite a huge jackpot as he held some fat stack of cash in his wallet. But the dweeb was stubborn as fuck, they have to resort to violence in order to extort the money from his grasp. After they took turn in hurling the nerd until he passed out with soon-to-be bruised face, they quickly ran from the scene and laid low for a while. But, with the week passed already, it seems like the dweeb keep his mouth shut or acted dumb and said not a single word about his assailants. That’s probably the only explainable reason why police haven’t been up in their ass all week long to put them behind bars. Guess their threat to swing by the nerd’s house and take things to an even worse scale work and terrified that pimple-faced brunette nerd. And now, with the cash from the nerd running low, it’s time to search for brand new target. 

    But, despite their patience, they don’t find the appropriate target for the day. Checking on his wallet, Kyle found that there’s still a couple hundreds dollar left.

    “Let’s stop for now, it’s not like we urgently need cash,” said Kyle as he put on his tight black t-shirt

    “Well, if you say so,” said Fritz casually as he hopped from the fence where they sat for the past 3 hours and then continued to walk

    The sun already set even before they reach their flat. The night is weirdly very chilly, it’s like as if this is not in the cusp of summer already. 

    “We should’ve brought thicker clothes,” complained Fritz while he hugged his body to radiate some warmth

    “Since when are you a pussy, bro? Calm down, it’s not like it’s freezing,” said Kyle, a slight shiver run across his body but he dismissed it and proceed to keep walking. 

    They started to jog from there on and in under 10 minutes, they finally arrive at their flat building. They proceed to climb 5 flight of stairs before eventually reach the front door of their flat. Weirdly, it’s unlocked already

    “Yo, you forget to lock the door?” snapped Kyle to Fritz

    “What? No. I literally locked it, twice! What the---” Fritz said slightly high-pitched because he’s pissed off, but Kyle already cut him mid-sentence

    “Psstt......there’s at least one person that broke into our flat,” whispered Kyle as he gently pushed the door and entered their flat, Fritz followed right behind him anxiously

    They tiptoed their way in as they take slow and almost noiseless steps. There’s some noise from the living room and the design of their flat with this angled and narrow hallway manage to at least hide them from whoever that broke into their flat but at the same time failed to give them any clear sight of the trespasser. They literally need to peek from the entry of the living room to see the trespasser and that’s risky. What if they are armed? 

    “Boys, are you there? Come here!” said this very deep booming voice from the living room

    Wait? Did their trespasser literally addressed them? No....that can’t be real, and there’s literally no one calling them boys, ever. But isn’t that too coincidental that this person addressed the people that he called in plural as if he knows that Kyle and Fritz just came in? Boys. Their doubt eventually shattered as the booming voice speaks again,

    “Kyle. Fritz. Stop being a pussy and show your face to me!”

    JESUS CHRIST. That can’t be good. The two thugs, rather than pissed off for being ordered around or just run outside, somehow just quickly make their way to face the trespasser. In front of the TV, sitting in a couch, is a dark-haired muscular stud with an intense look on his face and a massive lateral and shoulder muscles that’s easy to spot because he’s not wearing any shirts to cover his upper body.


    The trespasser smirked

    “Still trying to avoid me, boys? I told you I would swing by your house if you failed to pay me back,”

    The two thugs left confused. Pay who back? Like.....who is this person even? Kyle try to talk back to the huge stranger

    “W---what the fuck are you talking about? We---we have a--a gun, you dumb fuck, we can sh---shoot you dead!” that came out like a wuss with all the stuttering, and Kyle knew it from the first word. Why is he so terrified with this guy and why the heck his hand and legs trembled?

    The muscular guy chuckled and then quickly shifted his expression to serious. He seems to be excited

    “Well, I’m talking about 3 weeks ago when you two dumb fucks thought that it was a smart idea to steal my money. 2000 dollar of it. Ring any bells, you ungrateful son of bitches?”

    Their confused look turned into fear in just a matter of seconds. Their legs almost giving up and ready to kneel and beg for forgiveness

    Fritz is the one to get on his knees first

    “Master Duncan, please, we’re very sorry! We didn’t mean to do that, we.....we didn’t think through when we did that. Please don’t call your friends on us, Master,”

    “After everything I did for you two, and that’s how you paid your superior back? And let me guess, after 3 weeks and you still failed to get any money to return mine, am I correct?”


    Kyle looked at Fritz with slight shock. Why the fuck Fritz is such a wuss nowadays? He might not be the biggest guys weighing only 150 lbs or something, but he’s no scaredy cat like this. Yes he’s also terrified with Master Duncan, but isn’t it the only way to get his attention when there’s literally more than a dozen dudes working hard for him and trying to get his attention?

    “You are not sorry, Kyle?” asked Duncan as he raised his eyebrow

    “..........N----no.....I’m not. We deserve that money. You haven’t paid us any attention despite our tributes to you, so I’m just taking back what’s mine, and what’s his,” said Kyle, slightly nervous in his effort to stand up for himself. 

    “That’s the problem, Kyle. What you think is yours, it’s mine. When you pledge to become my sub, you authorize me to control everything, and that includes that 2000 dollar that belongs to my wallet,”

    Duncan then decided to stand up from the couch, showing how tall is 6′6″ compared to Kyle’s 5′7″ frame and Fritz who is currently still kneeling and sobbing on the floor.


    Kyle takes a step back as Duncan looks down at him imposingly,

    “Well Kyle, if you want my attention, I’m here now. So, you wanna be like Fritz and start worshipping or you still want to insist that you own the money? Remember though, this ain’t gonna be free and I’m going to still ask that 2 grand,”

    Kyle flushed and looked down to the floor in embarassment. How stupid is he to not understand yet his role as Master Duncan’s sub. And as Master Duncan speaks, Fritz is already kissing and licking Duncan’s feet while saying sorry countlessly, and that causes a stir in his crotch as his 3 inches dick gets hard

    Kyle quickly kneel and starts kissing Duncan’s obscenely bulgy crotch. Duncan then grabs Kyle’s head and rub it up and down, forcing him to taste and inhale his pungent, fresh-from-workout crotch musk that sure can push away any girls but certainly drawn the attention of subs like Kyle and Fritz here. Kyle' head is definitely getting smaller and less rough as he probably regressed back into a 19 or at least early 20 years old delinquent rather than the late 20s violent dude he was. Same goes for Fritz who now rock his shaggy blond hair, the guy’s now looked like he hasn’t passed his emo stage yet. The 6′6″ muscle guy just flashed a handsome smile to the reflection that he sees in the mirror from the room in the opposite side, he cannot wait to inform Jeff and the others about the success of his trip to the thug’s residence. But first, he got massive load to share to his subs


    I hear loud music from the street and well, noting the time, it’s definitely Bryan and his friends who just finished with their football training. Jeff's car indeed equipped with the loudest sound system so it's not hard to recognize that they are getting closer. The Four Horsecock of Tyler High. I mean.....that title ain’t wrong tho, and for such a crass naming, I can bet it’s Jeff who came up with that idea and probably talked it to some of his frequent bitches who eventually spread it all over town and the neighboring town too.

    The whole pandemic put on a lot of people’s plan on hold, including the 4 boys who all turned 19 earlier this year and still not attending college and preferred to play along in their dominion, enjoying their youth and basically all available holes in town. And at 19, they probably wet a lot more pants than even the smoothest talker or the biggest douchebags ever known. Can’t blame the folks though, even I basically came out because Seb put on this borderline-porn PDA with Michael in that cramped car and basically made my body rubbed to his gorgeous muscle. And of course I can't forget that blowjob and cum-coated kiss he gave me, that's the literal peak of my sexual life, well, the sweet one at least, because after that incident, both Michael and Seb regularly impaled me with their porn-star sized cock. I admit it feels embarassing that the boys that once looked up to me now only see me like I'm their friend horny older brother, but I cannot deny that truth because even Bryan orchestrated some of the fucks I received from Seb and Michael.

    "Because you have such a dry sex life bro," he said once to me on why he arranged moments where his two best friends would just came down to our house and fucked the shit out of me whenever they wished with no cares given to who's watching or whatever I was in the middle of. I remember that moment vividly because circled by his huge arms were two of the most gorgeous babes from the college in the neighboring town, his hands gently rubbing their tits as if it's his property to play with

    That memory put me in a nostalgic mood. My not so little little brother. Jeff’s trusted confidante. The football star. The best captain that ever graced our town's football team. And the hottest one too, by miles

    And to be Jeff’s right hand, of course you gotta keep up with Jeff and boy what an amazing work my brother did to catch up to that star wrestler. Not like it’s hard though, they basically just decided to become an obsessive gymrats in their final year of junior high and upon entering high school, they already toe-to-toe with the biggest seniors. Bryan already outgunned the QB and outrun the running back in his sophomore, Jeff already outweight anyone and basically elected as team captain from his sophomore until graduation, Seb and Michael destroyed all state records in baseball and proven to be a dynamic duo (on and off the court) from the get go with their powerful swings, crazy fast throws and just an overall supreme quality as an athlete. People said it’s some fucked up doping or all the dirty roids, but what I can assure you is those boys are just borderline obsessive to reach a state of aesthetic and that obsession is the key that caused their growth to be such gorgeous fuckbeast in their ripe age of 19. Besides, roids should damage your skin, hair or make your dick smaller and well, how can you say a dick sized around 8.5 inches as small? And that’s Michael’s, the smallest among the 4. And did you see their lush and gorgeous shiny hair? Roids would fuck that up. And no matter how sweaty, how insanely high the libido or testosterone their body produced or how intense their activities are, their skin beat even the girls with the craziest skincare regimen. It's like as if God himself bestowed upon them some superior genetic unmatched by anyone, and they're still 19 and growing.

    My nostalgia disturbed by Bryan's sensually suave voice that he loves to show off by singing those low-registered country songs or George Ezra's

    “Hey there bro, you cookin’? Good, I’m fucking starving,” Bryan said from the entry, his curly blond hair peeking from the entryway while I’m putting some meat and potatoes in the oven.

    Now he's looking excitedly from the countertop while I'm ensuring that everything is all inside the oven

    Fuck.....didn’t they just come in? I swear to God this house instantly smelled like some den full of testosterone as soon as they stepped in.

    “Yeah. Thank God I cook extra, you didn’t say that the boys wanna come today,” I said while showing a little bit of dejectedness that he didn’t inform me about the visit from the boys today

    “Well, that’s part of your prep, bro. After all, didn’t Seb and Michael said that you should be ready for a pounding anytime, anywhere? Don’t tell me you’re not relaxing your hole yet, Seb and Michael are pissed after the current Tyler team almost lose to St. Patrick despite the training we gave them alongside Coach’s training. You know how hard they will fuck you if they’re pissed,”

    My hole twitched. Thank God I put on the butt plug as soon as I finished my online class this afternoon. If not, phew......I won’t be able to walk straight until next week. At least with this stuffed in my ass, it will be easier for Michael to slide his dick in, assuming Michael as the starter rather than Seb’s 10.5 inches....

    "Bring the food up if you're done, okay? And oh, Duncan's coming, he got some foot fag session or something, but he's coming and he'll be hungry too, so prep some food for him too, kay squirt?"

    I hate that nickname, but it's been their way to mostly addressed me because of the fact that I squirt some loads in that coming out day of mine, while at that same car, Bryan was also engaged in some steamy phone call with the hot young widowers, Alexandra Greene. That moment was hella confusing and overly stimulating, listening on how he basically caused her to burst time after time with just his words and how Seb and Michael totally mindfucked me with their erotic kissing and how Seb's hand repeatedly tugging at my dick....oh shit I'm leaking pre, Jesus H. Christ.......thank God Bryan already head back to the living room and didn't see the growing wet stains in my grey sweatpants, gosh I should really wear black instead if I'm leaking this easy.

    I can hear the loud footsteps of the boys climbing the stairs and I fucking swear to God that Seb and Michael talked about me under their breath, those giggle and low deep voices, they sure love to speak like some bunch of timid teenagers that sit next to the wall or window murmuring answers to the questions asked by their teachers but never dared to raise their hands. Are they talking about things they want to do to me? Oh stop it Carl, stop being such a stimulated perv and focus on the task ahead!

    I've been waiting for 15 minutes standing up in front of the oven and well, it will not be done for a while still so maybe I should just sit down for a while.

    As I’m sitting down in the dining table, checking my phone while waiting for the food in the oven, a huge hand suddenly wrapped my mouth and the voice from whoever this person slightly trembled but still inaudible beyond this room

    “Please be quiet, please, I’m not going to hurt you,”

    I know that voice. I nod gently and then I turn around to see Kayden, the football jock from the same batch with Bryan. He’s been away for a year, at least, and this is the first time I see him back in town

    “I need you to listen to me. I know this will sound crazy but I need you to put this in those meals you prep for them. They fuck our minds bro, they tinkered with dark magic and that caused all this change. They aren’t jocks, they are bunch of nerds!”

    I’m puzzled. Is he smoking weed or something? His face seem weary too, did he just arrive in town or something? All the way from California?

    “I went to this shaman back in winter during my time in Caltech and she said that there’s something that blocked my view of the world and she offered to cast it aside. The moment she finished with her ritual, boom, every single moment I stumbled with your bro and his friends eventually turned crystal clear. Their real form revealed and these muscle studs you see nowadays, it’s just a projection, some kind of avatar when in fact, they are still the same puny nerds that they are. Even the pictures in their IG, I see it for what it is now, not the fake projection their dark magic casted to the whole world,”

    Damn......what kind of weed he smoked? He's definitely deep into some kind of sci-fi fantasy bullshit

    “Kayden, I’m sorry, have you seen your parents? You seemed a little bit sick.....disillusioned even. Are you high?”

    “Shit Carl, I’m not kidding here. Please, just knock themselves out with this and and I’ll show you the truth. I will not hurt them,”

    He handed me this tube of sleeping pills and I looked at him. Hmmmm.....I do remember some odd and indescribeable moment I have with the boys (and some good fucking too), but it seemed like distant memory and some of them just something that I falsely remember. But if there’s an ounce of truth here, that magic exist and my brother has been using it to change things in his life, maybe he changed me too? Fuck....maybe I shouldn’t be all obedient and cooking meals for him while our parents went away. Maybe I’m the jock in the family! The timer rings and that broke me from my thoughts and I instantly grab the sleeping pills from Kayden’s hand. I look at him nodding vigorously so I instantly crush all the pills and spread it like some seasonings to the food. This will knock them out and we'll see what's gonna happen next


    “Now watch,” said Kayden as he gets out this tub that seemed like a protein powder from the bag he brought earlier. 

    As he is about to sprinkle the powder all over the sleeping bodies of Bryan and his friends, the bedroom doors creak open and Duncan steps into the room glaring angrily

    “Stop whatever you want to do,"

    "Hey Jonas, great to finally hear from you!"

    "Hey cous, great to hear from you too," that really Jonas? Why is his voice so deep?

    "Jo--Jonas, are you sick? What's up with your voice?

    "Uh---ohh---nothing. I have a cold last night but it's getting better now,"

    No shit this can't be Jonas. What the fuck is happening here? Damn....what if someone is in his room right now trying to save his own ass from getting caught after hurting Jonas? I've read about it, the increasing break-in around Jonas city, one of the prominent target is his neighborhood. Shit, I have to act fast!

    "Umh Jo---Jonas, can you turn on your camera? I mean......that's the purpose of us doing video call anyway,"

    "My room is messy, Dan. And I haven't showered,"

    That voice is definitely way too deep for Jonas, even if he caught a cold last night. Shit, I cannot force him to turn the camera on, I'm not the admin. Goddammit Jonas, what the fuck is wrong here? The thought of that skinny brunette gagged and tapped in his bed or passed out after a knockout to his head while the invader who broke into his apartment tried to seize some stuff terrified me. Jonas was on the call room earlier than me, so he accepted my request to be in. What if it was the burglar that accepted my request as he didn't want to raise any red flag by rejecting my call? Does that make sense?

    "Oh come on Jo. Who the fuck cares? We're cousins, we've seen each other at worser condition,"

    I could hear him sighing. Wait? Is he relenting? Is he going to show himself? As the camera focuses, my eyes surprised me

    "Hey cous," said Jonas with a subtle smile on his face as he poses for the camera

    I lost words......the sight in front of me.....that---that---I feel

    "Yo Dan---Dan! What the fuck?" Jonas said slightly panicking as he witnessed Dan to slink back from his chair and a loud thud confirmed that Dan passed out

    "Shit.....I guess I surprised him. Well, guess I have to postpone the explanation for now,"

    "Now the question is, do you still have it? Well, heck no, twig, it's all mine now,"

    I was just mindin' my business watching some workout vids on Youtube when Jesper came back from wherever the fuck he came from and then suddenly pointed this bright laser-like beam to my eyes at first while saying the cringiest line ever

    "Ka-chow motherfucker,"

    Like.....I swear to God I really have it with Jesper and his annoying nerdy behavior but then I just couldn't stand up from my couch.

    "Told ya, ka-chow," and then I see him pointing out his beam to my arm simultaneously, starting from the left. At the same time, he clicked this red button on the device that projected the light, the only othe button in that small device of his and that was when I felt this stinging sensationn on my biceps. Right in front of my eyes, the horror unfolded as his biceps and triceps swole in front of my eyes

    And that brought us to this point, with him practically already swapped every body parts below our respective neck.

    "Now, twig, if you've been paying attention to the noise around here, Oskar and Shane already waited in our living room playing some games. I need you to chat Wade and Frans to swing by here for whatever shit you three love to do. My boys need some upgrade too before the three of us hit the club tonight. No funny business though, I cloned your phone weeks ago so if you tried to alert those two meatheads, you'll see me posing as you and lured them in by myself. Just need a single click, baby," he said while waving that device of his in front of my face

    I swear to God I'll rip his face off if everything return to normal. Well, that's a bold and big if because that boy is definitely high on power now. I'll take my time and strike when it's right


    Seanday Lunch: Inside and Out

    Jerry had been pushing Ben around at the party. Jerry was your typical hard headed bully. He stood in front Ben, and grabbed his shirt, lifting him off the ground. Ben flinched away from the giant’s face, and glimpsing Jerry’s bicep threatening to burst through the sleeve of his white shirt. “You fucking queer!” “Hey! What’s going on Jerry, leave him alone!” a girl called out. Jerry dropped Ben like a hot potato, and spun on his heels. The shout came from his girlfriend Jodie. “We were just messin’,” he laughed. He looked at Ben, and scowled. “Isn’t that right buddy?” Ben said nothing, and staggered against the wall. “Jerry, stop bullying people. If I see you doing it again, we’re finished!” Jodie–with a flick of her head–turned and stormed off. Jerry’s gaze returned to Ben. “See what you made me do, now I’ll have to be fucking nice until she forgets. You’re going to pay so much for that…” He bully glanced around, and then grabbed Ben by the scruff of the neck and marched him into the kitchen. Inside, he growled at the collection of teens to get out. No one was going to argue. Ben’s had his doubt that he would escape Jerry unblemished. Of course, he had the option to get inside the bully, but that thought only revolted him. As Jerry’s pulled back, there was a shout from the door. “Are you fucking crazy?” Jerry glanced over, it was Calum; Jodie’s brother.

    “Well, this fucking queer was coming onto me!” Jerry spitted. Ben just pulled a face and slowly shook his head.

    “Yeah, fucking queer, but you can’t hurt him here. My sis is bound to find out and she’ll dump you.”


    Calum went to the table and started to pick through the various bottles and pitchers.

    Ben glanced between Jerry and Calum, then twisted free of the bullies hold. Instead of sprinting for the door, and safety, he headed straight for Calum.

    With all the strength he could muster, he pushed Calum, doubling him over the counter–bottles crashed to the floor.

    “What the hell….” was all Calum managed to say before Ben jerked forward, forcing his legs and waist into jock.

    “Holly shit,” Jerry exclaimed, his eyes wide.

    Ben knew he didn’t have long, and he was right. Within moments Jerry was running to his friends aid.

    Without waiting, Ben plunged into Calum’s back. The compromised jock let out a quiet whimper, as his body contorted and stretched to accommodate the intruder.

    Jerry, had reached his friend, but could only watch in horror as he witnessed Ben disappear. “Fuck, fuck!”

    Calum’s body stopped convulsing, and with a groan he pushed himself up from the counter top as his torso returned to normality below his shirt.

    Taking a few breaths he turned to face Jerry, and starred up into the bullies eyes.

    “What the FUCK!” Jerry yelled, “How?” he stammered.

    Calum, smiled. “What are you talking about bruh,” he replied in a quite voice.

    “Don’t jerk me around you queer, I watched you… you, get inside him!”

    Ben was controlling a much stronger body now, one bristling with testosterone and confidence. “You’re talking shit!” Calum chuckled. “Besides, how will it look if you beat up Jodie’s brother. You’d be so dumped!”

    Jerry grabbed at Calum, but had his hand deflected. In instinct Jerry followed up with a fist in Calum’s face. Calum was just as fast, and Calum wielded a large fist in the bullies face. Ben was enjoying his new found strength; the tightness in his chest and bicep. Below the jock’s skin Ben smiled, forcing Calum into a grin.

    Calum relaxed. “So what are you going to do? Tell everyone that the queer guy pushed into your pal?” Calum looked away, and caressed his bicep.

    “Then I’ll beat the little shit out of you!”

    Calum’s smile broadened, and he looked up at Jerry with a glint in his eye. “You’re a fucking hypocrite.”


    “So what if I’m in your pal? You don’t fucking understand do you? I know everything he did–everything!”

    Jerry took a step back, as his cheeks flushed.

    “Yeah, that’s right,” Calum snorted. “You’re not straight, you two faced shit… you’re bi!”

    “You’re lying, take that back,” Jerry growled.

    “So yesterday in the showers at school, you didn’t suck me off?”

    Jerry’s face contorted, and for a moment he couldn’t look at his friend.

    “And it wasn’t just the once, hell you’re fucking the sister, and getting fucked by the brother!”

    By this time, Jerry was slowly shaking his head in denial.

    Calum grabbed Jerry’s face and held it. “I want to tell you this! Ben–me, is not gay, queer, whatever–he, I am straight–just like Calum!”

    Jerry by this time was desperately trying not to whimper, is whole confidence and superiority was in tatters.

    Calum chuckled again, “Look, I’m already enjoying being in Calum, and believe me, I DO know everything about him. His strength, skills–EVERYTHING. Nobody will ever believe you if you say anything, ‘cos I can fool them all.”

    “So for how long?” Jerry muttered.

    “Huh, well, my old family is shit–maybe forever, but then you’ll never know really–would you?”

    Jerry started to wring his hands nervously.

    “But don’t worry, me and Jodie are tight,” Calum smirked, “like brother and sister! Keep your mouth shut, and just pretend you didn’t see anything.”

    The bully could only huff an acceptance.

    Calum winked at Jerry. “Well, you know I’m straight, but taking Calum has given be a monster hard-on. Lets keep to character, and go upstairs. You can help me out right? Like you did in the showers yesterday.”

    Calum walked confidently back to the party, with Jerry following.

    from Blogger


    I need some visuals and well, nothing beats the original

    "Looking for this?" said Kamil smugly while revealing the small spray that he hid in his pocket all along

    Jack is stunned. Time's ticking and when the time is over, he'll be forced to return to his real persona, the fat and reserved ginger he hated so much to see in the mirror, as the effect wears off.

    In a desperate attempt, he tried to lunge at Clive, his Grindr hookup that came knocking to his door last night, and put him down to the floor. In a setting that he favors, that spray would be released from Clive's grasp and he would take that chance and grab it before spraying the mist to his body before it's too late. But sadly things don't go to his favor as Clive just easily stop him altogether as he instantly slammed back to the floor and Clive pinned him down

    "Well, let's see who's hiding behind this handsome facade of a Jack Monroe, shall we?" taunted Clive as he stares down and pins Jack with all his body weight to the carpeted floor

    Jack struggled to squirm himself free but when the sound of a strained hoodie comes from his back, he knows that it's too late. But the fuck this guy knows that the spray could change looks based on what he said before this? 'Who's hiding behind....' sounded specific while the bottle itself never mentioned anything and designed to keep such information discreet. Unless this guy is a user himself and he's not doing this to expose Jack's real identity but it has more to do with having access to the spray

    "A fat fuck apparently," said Clive to Jack's face with a smirk as Jack's jawline turned back to its original form alongside his face that lost its piercing good-look. His steely blue eyes returned to dull, tired brown with a very clear eyebag, his pointy nose turned crooked and peppered with black spots here and there while freckles appeared all over his chubby face that is now framed with the stark, frizzly red hair.

    His physique also returned to its original, overweight form with his moobs very well encased in the now incredibly tight yet ripped here and there hoodie that once framed his lean physique. The hoodie basically turned into a crop top that is going to be ripped altogether anytime soon due to his moobs. His shorts already gave up earlier and now he only covered in his strained briefs that imprinted a rather small junk, a far cry from his once glorious 9 inches during his disguise as 'Jack Monroe'

    "Well, thanks for the spray. Next time, don't let the bottle appeared in your social media post. Some keen and observant users would enjoy to have their hands on a freebie like this. Guess I can last for a few more months with this spray hahahahahah. Ciao, catfish,"

    10:00 AM

    Pretty sure I already notified them last night to review this batch of submitted articles at this hour, but not even a call? A reply? Where the fuck are they? Cannot call this peer-reviewed when only I am the one doing the review, those submitter won't be pleased too if they ever find out about such egregious conduct from our team

    Should I call them though? Uh fuck it, bet they'll come soon. Just gotta finish this whole thing and leave while they start working on it because their unpunctuality

    01:12 PM

    Wait....they are still not coming yet? For fuck sake I even finished with my lunch already. Insanity. They're never this unprofessional. What is wrong with them?

    "Eli, have you seen Professor Halys and Professor Gombos while I'm at lunch?" I asked one of the new younger staffer that comes today

    "No, sir. No one came in or walked out from that room you blocked for the day,"

    "Okay, thanks Eli,"

    My phone buzzes. Are you kidding me? 01:14 PM? 17+ hours after my notification to them?! Hmmm.....a picture from Pierre. Jesus Halys, if this is another stupid brunch or any bullshit you tried to pull.....

    W----what the fuck? Is that----Carter Davis and Lee Kerrigan?

    "Hey dude, sorry, take some times to get into these young flesh. But it works very well as you can see,"

    Holy this for real? I quickly run to the conference room and dial Pierre number. Am I really seeing this right? Is this not some kind of evil prank?



    "Hey there, William,"

    That voice. Carter's voice. That low raspy voice of that arrogant dumb jock I used to hear for the past semester.

    "Pierre? Is that you inside him?"

    "You think I'll let the dumb jock take a hold of my phone? And do you think the dumb jock will ever take your call?"

    I stand in the middle of the conference room in silence. He got a point. Shit this is straight out from a sci-fi movie.

    "Sorry to take some times to get back to ya. These boys......they're quite the resilient fighter. Very keen on keeping the control of this youthful body,"

    My mind races with imagination. The way their muscular body wriggled on the floor, battling for control, screaming and panting and begging.....fuck that makes me so aroused......

    I can hear the phone's moves hand. Now, it's the smooth velvety voice of Lee that comes from the other side

    "I know you probably drooling now thinking about all of this so I want you to pack all those articles, bring that to my house and we'll see you there, okay? We cannot possibly judge those articles looking like this, cannot we?"

    I tried to keep myself composed but my hand is shaking violently with excitement as I put on all these articles recklessly into the box. I slammed my laptop shut and shove it to my bag as I tried to get there as soon as possible. I didn't listen much of what he or Pierre said when I was frantically cleared the conference room, but Nico....or Lee now with his current body's name last statement before I exit the conference room was

    "We prepared a surprise for you,"

    If what they said is real, Kurt Jenning is going to be mine......and that thought alone, the thought of that cocky yet fucking hot frat president looking back at me when I look in the mirror later already enough to make me leak quite an amount of pre into my brief.....

    He was very hesitant to get to know me. For fuck sake, I'm his roommate and he's acting all awkward around me and very timid. Like, I don't care that he's a bookworm who never even touch a game console, I want him to be my buddy and make my dorm life fun.

    But well, cannot stand a roommate who cannot even speak his own mind and can't let loose for a while so I decided to take the matters into my own hand

    Now he's probably the horniest fuck tool I ever stumble upon in my entire life and he's got the skill to make my game night much more fun. Well......with that stick in his arsenal, things escalated to be very fun, very quickly.

    Oh, no, when I said stick, it's not that joystick that turned him from nerd to dumb jock, it's the other stick confined in that shorts of his

    He looks at his whimpering opponent with quite a stoic expression. No remorse or anything, just staring at him like a vanquished opponents. And to think that his opponent was the national champion a year earlier, it should put things into perspective on the feat that he achieved. Yet, he just strut his way to his Coach and hug the dense 52 years old man who hug him back and pat him on his shoulder while whispering

    "Put on some happy face will ya, and show some excitement with your teammates,"

    As if some kind of switch just get turned on, he starts grinning and then flexing his huge muscle while hi-fiving his friends excitedly. The other boys match his energy before calming down quite sychronically and then he head back to the locker room with one of the coaching staff

    Inside the locker room, the coaching staff watch as the young wrestler takes off his tight singlet and then just standing there as stiff as a pole, face facing the locker with his muscle clenched. The coaching staff then wipe the wrestler's nape with alcohol swab before injecting a vial filled with clear liquid. Soon, hissing sound comes off from his body and then like a barn door, his back springs wide open and a lanky black guy almost half the size of the wrestler comes out drenched in sweat

    "Oh long have I been there?"

    "Three days," answered the coaching staff as he cleaned up and throw the thick-rimmed glasses nerd a pair of fresh clothing, "Change into that and give me yours,"

    The nerd quickly strip himself and then throw his clothing to the coaching staff as he put on the fresh one. Then, he shut the back and smack the wrestler's head rather hard. Soon enough, it starts whirring

    "Remember, 1 minute before he wakes up, okay?" The staff said while throwing yet another vial, this time it's dark blue, "Your assignment for next week already sent to your e-mail, revise it if you want, but that's already an A-. How many pills you still have in your possession?"

    "Enough for 3 more meetups,"

    "Okay. I know you already remember it, but it's part of the procedure since you are still a recent addition until the 3 months mark so here we go. What's the function of the pill that you take?"

    "To make me compliant and able to override my host emotional impulses. A direct command with the keyphrase will be my sole goal during my control over the host's body. Reasons why not giving the pills to the athlete? Because some of its substance is detectable as doping due to its focus-enhancement nature and some other effects to the users respiratory cycle plus it puts your body in half-consciousness state,"

    "What about the yellow vial?"

    "To bust him open so I can step in and subdue his personality as quick as possible,"

    "Side effect of the yellow vial to your host?"

    "A hour long erection after every injection, so it's advised to do the procedure at a private area away from anyone, like our shared dorm room. It also caused temporary memory loss, but that memory loss is useful because it will make our host forget about the entire thing happened during the takeover experience and assume everything conducted during takeover as his own action,"


    "To restore his consciousness and basically return him to normal,"

    "This clear one?"

    "Owned by the coaching staff, it's to release the controllers out from the host body. No side effect has been detected,"

    "Okay, great. So, briefly explain to me what the Procedure is?"

    "It's an initiative by Coach Becker to ensure that his boys are focused on the competition when it matters and not side-tracked with things like party, sexual desires, etc. It's also to ensure that the boys are not failing in their academic program and even able to achieve the highest possible mark with the help of the controllers. Controllers are recruited from the pool of top of the class students who wish to have direct employment with leading companies in defense industry,"

    "Well done. Okay, I'll wait for him to be awake before we go back there and join the others. As for you, I'll see you in the next training. Thanks for your help, hope you'll last until the end of the program,"

    "Tobias, Matthew, where the fuck are you? Those dumb jocks gonna be back to the locker room anytime soon," hissed Lee under his breath searching for his two friends from the college newspaper

    "Cmon you two, I cannot let 'em know I'll let you in. They can fire me," said Lee, continuing his search of his two friends

    Then, he heard gurgling and bubbling noises from the exit door in the back of the locker room so he takes sigh of relief as that means that the two are already out and ready to leave the premises. Did they find something that they search for? They're quite secretive in regards of that, they just said they need some times to slip into the locker room and search for evidence or something without detailing what kind of evidence they're looking for. Lee knows better to not question the two since he doesn't want to be involved in any sorts of fallout of the football team and by claiming innocence and having no idea of his two friends plan, he should be acquitted if anything happens. Plus, he owed them and part of the the deal is to help with no questions ask.

    Well, better escort them through the alleyway and moving as far as possible from the locker room quick and check whether or not they left any sort of trail. The team might be filled with some dumbwit, but the coaching team ain't stupid and they definitely have the ability to find out if something is amiss. As Lee gets closer to the exit door, he can hear the two of them speaking rather loudly, they really need to tone down a little bit because they're not safe yet! What's so exciting to talk about anyway, and why they need to sounded like mocking the jocks with that deep voice, in an area that soon will be swarmed by that exact same type of people?

    Much to Lee's surprise, as he swings the heavy exit door open, he's welcomed with the sight he never expected in his life

    "You finally found us, bro,"

    Lee's eyes goes wide. It's Tobias and Matthew, but not in the way he remembered them. This is like.......a more masculine version of the two college journalist, and with no shirt on too! Plus, they resembled more of the school's athlete rather than the one investigating or reporting about them.

    "Tobias! Matthew! What the fuck is happening to you two?!" He said as he walks closer and trying to check his two friends

    To his surprise, both boys suddenly grab both of his arm and then grinned devilishly

    "Reckon' we need some more linebackers due to Rudy's injury, don't you think so?" asked Matt to Toby

    "Damn right we are. You think Coach will forgive us for skipping practice today with this catch?" Toby asked Matt's back

    "I see no reason why he should be upset having 3 new players," said the assistant Coach with the team captain appearing from the end of the alleyway with smile on their face, ready to dunk the traitorous waterboy to the special substance that guaranteed the team's Conference victory for the past 4 years.

    Cole recently back in town after his tour, and he's not wasting any time to get back to the social scene that changed quite dramatically for the past 4 years. As a town with several higher-ed institution, the social scene indeed changed rapidly and filled with diverse array of selection. Apparently, Marine or practically anyone outside academia has some fanbase among the students and Cole tapped right into that niche with his dating apps.

    He is currently sending flirtatious message with a girl named Molly. Based on the exchanges, she's a bombshell of a Engineering student and looking hella fit in her gymnastic clothings. Cole is not the one that plays along the line, he goes direct and deep and a pic showing an interested fella tucked inside his silkies sends quite a message to the expecting girl

    But, student is not a term specified with any sex or gender. It's a neutral term, and of course, the recently back Marine attracted some considerable attention among the male student too. Unfortunately for Cole, one of them is willing to tap into dark magical sources to exploit the hunk's body for his enjoyment.

    As a reply come from Molly, Cole can feel a certain foreign and cold sensation coming from his back. Then, that sensation materialized into a pressure so hard, he feels like his anus stretched by something long, cold and slick. It's like as if someone forcefully shove some shotgun up his ass and he cannot stop it or even know what kind of oddities happening in here. The pressure turned to be unbearable and seemingly goes beyond the kind of depth even possible for human to achieve as the sensation invades his abdominal area. As he writhes on the floor screaming in agony, a sensation even more sinister takes place as he suddenly lost all sort of senses of his lower limbs. Combined with the cold presence now crawling into his pectoral area and his lungs, he feels like he's not going to get out from this position alive, or at least conscious.

    Too bad that his bathroom is soundproof and no one's home for the day as his mom left to the hospital earlier today while his father went to some Veteran gathering across town. He's too late to realize that he could call 911 as he also lost control of his both hands. Things take an even weirder turn as his hand moves on its own and then suddenly goes to close his mouth. This is absurd, and this is something beyond humane which he cannot face or control. This is a battle he certainly won't be able to win.

    As the numbness creeps into his head and start to somehow affect his brain, that's when everything clicks. But when a possession already reach such late stage, it's too late to do anything and with that, Cole pushed and chained to watch someone else in control of his body. The possessed Marine takes a long satisfied breath while he laid on the cold tiles.

    "Mine," he said while casually groping his bulge.

    The possessed Marine decided to stop laying around and stand up. He checks his own reflection, now the face is wearing quite a malicious smirk that Cole never pull off.

    "You're such a stud," Cole said to himself as he smirked, snapping a selfie that he quickly send to his own number. Then, the possessed Cole looked around the phone and find the chat between Cole and Molly

    "Well, well, well, Molly Webb, girl you are really nice, but I guess your stud over here lean the other way with me in the driving seat,"

    He quickly exit the app and decided to download a more appropriate dating app for a cock-hungry Marine like him. This body might be a top, but that tight ass he went through to be in control of this hunk really need to be busted wide open for easier entrance in the future.

    "Are you done with your lecture? Because I need to check on some things before I left to the party WE supposedly attend. I'll let you calm the fuck down on your own and make that decision. It better be the one where you'll be by my side, looking like the douchebag Ryan is, and following all the plan I made to the T, or we'll have some talk after I'm done with the party with a pile of stash in my possession still," said Freddie as he motioned his eagerness to just hop into the bathroom and slam the door right at Magnus face

    Magnus just stand in front of the closed wooden door and tried to make peace with the fact that he's now looking exactly like his bully, Ryan. What Freddie, or Gareth if we are talking about the person inside that Freddie's suit, have no idea about is the fact that Ryan was the one that assaulted Magnus' older sister and the feeling of being inside the skin of someone capable of doing that really thrown Magnus out of the loop. It's like.....he's terrified yet disgusted at his own reflection. Why Gareth put this Ryan suit on him while he's asleep? Now, there's no way for them to not make losses from the selling tonight if he really needs to get himself out from this suit. The payment to put on these two body itself is already taking 40% of the income, not to mention the obligatory payment and other additional fees, and there's no way Gareth could sen all of the stash all by himself without his help

    So, Magnus sucks a deep breath and then knock at the door, basically informing Gareth that he's ready to attend the party and make some sales while posing like the two BMOCs.

    "Huh, you naughty boy," Calvin thought as he let out a short chuckle while his mind wandered to his boyfriend, Alfie, probably patiently waiting in their apartment with asshole spread open invitingly, his right hand busy typing whatever modification to Calvin's Chronivac profile while his left hand busy tugging his dick off

    "He wanted me to plow huh? Well, not like I expect any different,"

    And to think that his name is Calvin now, well, he indeed looked more like a Calvin than a Curtis now. Curtis sounded so fitting for his old profile, but no stud looking like this fit with such boring name. Calvin sounded cooler and well, it's indeed a cool name.

    Well, as long as Dan doesn't turn on the "oblivious" mode though, all is going to be fine like their regular morning sexcapades for the past 2 years. As Calvin stands up from his seat, he can feel the plug in his hole buzzes, fuck, this plug can really make him leak right here and there, but he gotta keep himself composed because why should he shoot his load for something like a butt plug when Alfred Hardman's always lived up to his expectation with that kind of last name.

    Meanwhile, in a huge house around a mile from the park, Alfred Hardman is checking himself in the mirror. If it's not for the 3D model of his boyfriend looking like a fucking hot gym bunny in the Chronivac he modified earlier, he might shoot his load right at this spacious living room with no hesitation. But well, soon, that gym bunny will arrive here and he will show who's the dominant one in this household, and maybe he will stop modifying that Chronivac for good if all goes well with this modification.

    "Not bad for some arcade prize kind-of-body," said the thick rimmed glasses nerd, Andrei, as he checked on his latest 'acquisition'

    "Yeah, looks realistic enough for some dated model," responded by Ned, holding himself to stay calm and not showing his erection right in front of his best friend. Good thing he swapped those sweatpants and replaced with the rather baggy knee-length shorts when Andrei came picked him up earlier tonight

    "So, shall we move around? The guy in the desk said that I have 48 hours to wear this on before the time expires and I have to return this. You think girls gonna notice it?"

    "Notice it as in noticing you or noticing the fact it's just a skinsuit?"


    "Well.......," said Ned as he carefully stepped closer to Andrei before suddenly grabbing his best friend's massive, veiny biceps "again, definitely some late skinsuit model, but I think it's still gonna do the trick. Pretty sure those girls just left disappointed after watching you for some times before I approach you, maybe they think we're a couple or something,"

    "Well then, do give me some breathing space, bro, and let's go get you some games to beat its top records so you can acquire one of these," said Andrei as he gently pushed Ned, turned himself around and circled his now-massive arm around Ned's shoulder, "maybe we each can get some action on our own posing like some jocks," whispered Andrei seductively with his slow and very deep voice, not knowing the kind of havoc that might be caused by it to Ned's already lustful mind

    "Y-yeah.....sounds good enough,"

    "W-wha---what is happening here?"

    "Sorry Eddie, I'm thankful for your help, I really do, but I cannot let anyone know about my magic. You could use it for leverage if you need anything from me, and that's not the way I want to operate,"

    "B-b-but.....I trust you. I-I helped you. Cody wouldn't be outed and kicked out from here with---without the video I anonymously sent to the Dean's office,"

    "Well, the fact that you have that video got me curious, Eddie. How on Earth and why on Earth you have such footage? That's literally a dumpster in the back of some random nightclub,"

    Eddie, now looking like the exact replica of Cody started trembling, in anticipation for what she gonna said and also because there's literally some sort of testosterone or adrenaline rush running through his system

    "And when I found out about that folder you documented me in a lot of situation where if that ever leak out, my power would be exposed to the whole world. I appreciate your silence all this time despite knowing what I'm capable of, but I cannot risk any shred of evidence that will jeopardize me and my people. Besides, having those footages didn't necessarily make you the goody two shoes dude you always claimed yourself to be, so consider yourself lucky that you didn't end up like Cody. Plus, you always say that you wish you could look like Cody,"

    He's having trouble breathing as the transformation still keep on going and there's seemingly no way of going back to the way it used to be

    "Not at this stage with this kind of record that will haunt me for the rest of my life. And w-what about the real Cody? What about the old me?

    "I already take care of him, and as you said, you tipped them off anonymously plus there's no one going to search you, you confided that to me, on how lonely you are as the rest of your family already passed away. Now, as Cody, you will live a less lonely life. You're going to fill his spot, well, at least a better or more bearable version of him,"

    He tried to come up with a reply but he stuttered so badly as the changes started to get solidified, the sensation of suddenly owning such massive body is something no one ever trained or prepared for

    "So now, you will close your eyes now and stand still right there while I leave this premises. In 5 minutes, you will snap out of your trance and proceed as if nothing happened. You will show remorse for your action and won't repeat it ever again to another women. Acknowledge how lucky you are that I didn't press criminal charges and only want you to be expelled. You can still even work in your parents company, you will be fine. Do you understand that, Cody?"

    His eyes already closed and he only nodded as the sign that he understood what she said to him. Nina then walks away and leaving the muscle hunk internalizing her command that will soon sounded like his own thought


    My big brother is ashamed of me because I’m not a big tough man like he is. I love him very much and desperately want to be a man he can be proud of. Maybe you can help me be more alpha?

    Never in your life that your older brother looked at you with such affinity

    "Fuck, you are so manly, little bro. This is what I expected from you,"

    It's also not helpful that you started to believe that you and your brother still sometimes showered together and expressing affection towards each other's manly bodies or jaw-dropping facial feature. It's also not helpful that your mind started to be filled with memories of you two passionately screwed each other, you even started to question whether or not he is your brother? Maybe he's your lover, your muscle bottom of a lover that love to be fucked by you as if you two are some kind of rabbit in heat. Yes.....that sounds about right. After all, by just looking at you and how hairy you are and how you outweighed him by at least more than 15 pounds, you are clearly the alpha in the relationship. And let's not even talk about dick size, his 6 inches hard is no match for your uncut, 8.5 inches, soft.


    I'm tired of my life man. No job, no purpose, no partner etc. And I am aware it's probably far from the truth, but being a horny alpha bro seems so pleasant. Think you can make that happen bro? I don't care about the consequences.

    It's not like you'll consider dumbed down and horned up all the time as consequences when you always believe that's the state of your mind. Oh, you think I wouldn't clean your mind first before working on your body? Well, rather than choosing which part to keep and which part to let go, I preferred to wipe it all and built your brain from that clean slate. Just to be more time efficient, you know.

    Why, you ask? Well, I wanted to give you the best physique that would scream dumb douchebag from miles away. So, let's see, definitely wouldn't describe your face as demured and feminine-like as if you are some yes-man associate lawyer with no sex life, it's more on the handsome and slack-jawed type of face. Skinny is definitely out from the conversation when we describe your body. It's jacked-up, smelly, and just like as if you are always pumping iron during every free time you have. And it's going to keep growing, after all you're just 20. Yeah, 20. Do you really think you can fool anyone and claim yourself as 32 years old? 24 maybe, but definitely not 32 lol, what are you? Dumb? Oh right, you are indeed dumb. But ladies wouldn't give you the time of their day with just that, right? It's that schlong that give you the comparative advantage among the other jocks in your campus. It's not only long, it's hella fat too. Rested and it's almost as thick as a beer can, just imagine the kind of power when that monster split open some pussy, or boipussy. Of course you are straight, but when you are in need of a relief, any hole could work wonder, right?

    So, bro, flex that muscle and start looking, someone in the proximity might be drenched already upon seeing you, and even if no one sees you, there's nothing wrong with flexing and showing off the muscle that you worked so hard. After all, what's the purpose of being so muscular if you will just hide it in some oversized sweater?

    The 5 nerds went for a much-needed vacation after a year-long burnout caused by their work. Of course they have no idea about the capability of the private pool in their rented villa. They even mock Isaac, the curly haired meek UX designer who booked the hotel for not checking the specification of the villa's pool and now ended up with some tiny box filled with water

    "Well, we could still work it out. Not like we're that big,"

    "Hhhhh.....fuck you Isaac. Okay then, I'll change first. You guys can go in first,"


    As they walked out from the tiny outdoor tub, their old memory washed away with their old body as the pool changed them for the better (and for good). The company where they worked would be forced to found some sudden replacement as 5 of its staffer failed to notify their whereabout and seemingly has no interest to return to their old job. Well....not like they ever remember their life before this, they always thought themselves as some hot models on a photoshoot trip.

    Got this one flagged, so maybe I'll try it this way