"C'mon, get up, we're not done yet,"

    Moments like this makes me reflective. What if I was nicer to Aidan? I mean......he did nothing wrong as a roommate, heck, he was so nice but I was such an inconsiderate asshole to him.

    Now, as he somehow turned from the pale as fuck platinum-haired anime-lover I recognized easily into this tattooed muscle beast, I could only wish that his energy at least reduced from the fucking we just did for the past 3 hours. I think I might pass out if we keep on fucking with the same intensity.

    He shown all the red flags of being a vengeful motherfucker, but heck I have zero idea that even the universe backed him up for his vengeance by just one day transformed him into this massive brutal fuckbeast while I remained the same college junior as I always was. Even our room altered in a way that fits this new reality and I feel like I'm the crazy one for ever remembering Aidan as something else other than his current form. But I know that was the real Aidan. That was the pure, uncorrupted world that I should live in, not this fucked up reality when Aidan McMillan fucked the shit out of me and even offered me around to the other athletes in the school as if I'm some cheap slut that they can just fuck whenever they want


    Fuck......Roy Keenan's dick was just too big when we fucked for the first time yesterday night, having Aidan now is literally not the best scenario as I can ended up unable to walk normally for the next one week if this thing progresses the way it went down......

    "Now the question is, do you still have it? Well, heck no, twig, it's all mine now,"

    I was just mindin' my business watching some workout vids on Youtube when Jesper came back from wherever the fuck he came from and then suddenly pointed this bright laser-like beam to my eyes at first while saying the cringiest line ever

    "Ka-chow motherfucker,"

    Like.....I swear to God I really have it with Jesper and his annoying nerdy behavior but then I just couldn't stand up from my couch.

    "Told ya, ka-chow," and then I see him pointing out his beam to my arm simultaneously, starting from the left. At the same time, he clicked this red button on the device that projected the light, the only othe button in that small device of his and that was when I felt this stinging sensationn on my biceps. Right in front of my eyes, the horror unfolded as his biceps and triceps swole in front of my eyes

    And that brought us to this point, with him practically already swapped every body parts below our respective neck.

    "Now, twig, if you've been paying attention to the noise around here, Oskar and Shane already waited in our living room playing some games. I need you to chat Wade and Frans to swing by here for whatever shit you three love to do. My boys need some upgrade too before the three of us hit the club tonight. No funny business though, I cloned your phone weeks ago so if you tried to alert those two meatheads, you'll see me posing as you and lured them in by myself. Just need a single click, baby," he said while waving that device of his in front of my face

    I swear to God I'll rip his face off if everything return to normal. Well, that's a bold and big if because that boy is definitely high on power now. I'll take my time and strike when it's right

    He was very hesitant to get to know me. For fuck sake, I'm his roommate and he's acting all awkward around me and very timid. Like, I don't care that he's a bookworm who never even touch a game console, I want him to be my buddy and make my dorm life fun.

    But well, cannot stand a roommate who cannot even speak his own mind and can't let loose for a while so I decided to take the matters into my own hand

    Now he's probably the horniest fuck tool I ever stumble upon in my entire life and he's got the skill to make my game night much more fun. Well......with that stick in his arsenal, things escalated to be very fun, very quickly.

    Oh, no, when I said stick, it's not that joystick that turned him from nerd to dumb jock, it's the other stick confined in that shorts of his


    Hey, I’ve heard you change people. I was wondering if you can do something with me and my roommate to turn us into two hunky asian boyfriends.

    You seemed a little bit.....reserved? Why? Does this has anything to do with him being the bigger and 'edgier' one? Because well, you can't blame me for that, you don't write the specifics so I decided to take liberty on how I wanted to bring the hunk out of you two

    Besides, I'm pretty sure I ticked all the boxes of your idea of hunk with that hella ripped physique and that cock to die for. I also decided that Korean would be in your best interest as you have issues with body odor, you know how Korean literally incapable of making themselves rank because they have such bodily mechanism that make them never required to put on deodorant and the sort. As for him, well, based on the porn he enjoyed, tattoo turned him on the most, even more than muscle or long, thick cock. He also believed that a killer smile and attitude that fit the body are important prerequisite to be considered a hunk because hunk should be more than just meet the eye, it's a whole package. So....well.....he's the whole package.

    Now, I don't want you to put on a tantrum and tell me to make you bigger than him because you should be the more dominant one since you were the one wished for this and dealt with me. So now, open that video I just sent you and watch it intently. That's your conditioning video, I also sent one to your roommate/boyfriend and you two will watch it together while jacking each other's dick off. As soon as you two hit thoss loads, you would instantly fall asleep, all your old memories soaked to the bedsheet and you would believe all the things said in that video I sent you. Understand?

    I still feel my head throbbing intensely. Fuck, what the fuck he drugged me with? And did he really need to do that? I tried to sit down but it's just too much so I decided to just lay myself down in his bed. I tried to recall the event before my blackout but really, I cannot go further beyond the last 5 minutes. The moment where I witnessed him grew in front of my eyes, getting bigger by seconds while I felt weaker. Then, everything clicked when I started to see my feature in his face while I could easily tell that my jaw softened. The last image in my mind before I blacked out was this blurred vision of him in tanktop that looked hella childish in my form---- his form---- but at the same time accentuated it, the voice of his cracked and widened feet sent shiver all across my body as I lost my consciousness.

    I noticed the time in the clock, 11:59, a couple seconds before 12. Well....he's better be bac----HHHHHHH FFUUUUUCCCKKK WHAT IS UNGGGHHH------is that son of a b----FFUUUUCCK WHAT ARE THESE SHI------


    Jesus.....what time is this....wha---

    "Damn nerd, you really are enjoying my bed huh? Sleep like a log for more than 24 hours,"

    I quickly leap from the bed after realizing that I slept all this time in Austin's bed. I'm fucking terrified because from the look of it, he just arrived from his work and I could also tell that by the smell wafting from him. But then, his once very serious expression become softer.....and then laughter as he then gently punch my shoulder

    "Calm down nerd, I'm not mad. I'm flattered even, you really have some hots for me huh?" He said while directed his glance towards my crotch, which I just realized now soaking wet, and hella sticky in the inside. AND THIS IS NOT EVEN MY UNDERWEAR, NOT EVEN MY SHIRT TOO! IT'S HIS AND I'M SWIMMING IN IT, WHAT THE FUCK??!! I don't know how I look like now, but I must be lookin' like some deer caught in the headlight. This is insanely embarassing!

    "Well, what do you say if I give you access to the real source? I'm fresh from work and I guess I can use some good headjob to wind down. I don't mind to share,"

    I don't know why.....or how....but with a simple touch to my shoulder as he suggested me to kneel, I found myself seemingly hypnotized to what he just said and here I am, on my knees, looking straight at his bulging crotch with his hand seemingly ready to guide my head through whatever long meat hidden underneath that jeans. I don't even know what day is this but I definintely know what's going to happen......

    "You seem stunned,"

    "Well, I'm just trying to wrap around my head with the idea of you saying that you want to give me head, bud. I mean.....you told me yourself three weeks ago, I'm not your type and my fear sort of manifested when you started to get weirded out with me afterwards. And now.....here you are,"

    Did this fool really say that? This dumb fuck literally has a goddamn fine piece of meat sharing an apartment with and he told him no? Cocky son of a bitch,"

    "Preference is not set on stone, John. And.....I'm also surprised by the whole thing too, at first. But then, the idea to have you around not as just my roommate, but also my lover.....that sounds good for me,"

    "If that's the case....then......" he said with a smile as he suddenly stand up and then drag me to his bedroom. There, he tossed me to the bed and slides off that sweaty gray prison of his, giving me the chance to gaze upon the beauty of that dangling thick cut cock of his.

    If to get John's attention I should be a twunk, well, so be it. For all I care, I prefer to be a 145 lbs twunk with John by my side rather than some muscle tank with no real love life and desperately trying to get the attention of the man I really adore.

    I was the biggest bully throughout the time I spent in my elementary and junior high. Then, highschool started and my parents got to move across the country and I have to enter my new school as entirely nobody as the school (the town even) got their bully pack already and somehow there were a lot of big students back then. So no Prom King or any sort of athletic achievement for me and that landed me on an average campus with their average people.

    Years of not showing my domination and athletic prowess reduced my edge over other people but just like high school, I considered this a blank canvas and I should be able to establish myself as a force to be reckoned with. I wouldn't settle until I got what I deserve and that's where my roommate came in handy.

    You see, so he got this app called Chronivac left opened in his PC one day when I came back to our dorm and found himself asleep in his bed. The dude's a tank of a man, still a freshman but he got the biggest built I've ever seen in a 19 years old, in-person

    But he's nice though, very friendly with everyone too, hence his nickname, the Gentle Giant. Well, the left open Chronivac revealed to me the truth as the mighty and hella popular linebacker, Chester Rawley, is nothing but a fraud. To be more specific, he's not this All-American giant that got one of the best record as a linebacker in the entire history of highschool-level American football, he's actually just a pathetic nerd with punchable face and weird hobbies based on this other profile named "Benjamin Roth" linked to this Chester Rawley profile. I also noticed from the app that Benjamin already assumed this Chester persona for the past 2 years so he's been living quite a nice life as Mr. Popular and all the perks that could be received by an all-star football player. So I decided to click the "Undo All" button available at the very bottom part of his profile and literally in a speed of light, the Chester I always knew vanished into thin air and replaced by this short ginger with a hint of flabby gut that I suppose should be called as Benjamin. I guess I wanted to be a little bit more generous so I packed him some muscle, not too defined, but he got some mini head start at least because I kinda need him to be knowledgeable about sport and sort of gym-passing a tad bit more for my next plan. To spice things up, I erased his knowledge about Chronivac and turned this PC mine. I also deleted his whole memory about living life as Chester and added a tiny description that would guarantee his role in the upcoming saga which is my life.

    I think I didn't have to explain what I did next. Ben already scanned the entire wing of this dorm too. He probably got some idea up in his mind about changing some of the folks over here, but since I was in a tight time constraint as he could just wake up all in a sudden, I decided to take care of myself first rather than messing up with the other residence. When I envisioned how I should look like, most of my reference originated from Chester and some mixture of those highschool bully in my alma mater. I found my face quite charming on its own so it didn't need much improvement to be honest but my body definitely wouldn't mind to receive some deserving upgrade......


    "Next time Ben, don't forget to fuckin' charge the camera,"

    "Yes Brandon, I'm very sorry. But, are you okay if I take your shot with just my phone then?"

    "I'll let it pass now, Ben. But next time I won't be this generous,"

    If you think I'm done, you are clearly wrong. I haven't exert my full dominance over this dominion of mine, and it would be a piece of cake with Chronivac by my side


    Routine Interruption

    “Sorry man, forgot my—WHO THE-WHAT THE FUCK!!”

    The man jacking it on the couch quickly tried to cover himself with a pillow.


    Cam stood there for a few more seconds shouting, stammering, completely losing it after coming back into the apartment to see this guy jacking off on his couch… The biggest issue was that the guy jacking off on the couch was himself. And where the fuck was Terry?! There’s a stranger jacking it in the apartment and he’s probably in his room sleeping!

    “Hold on, dude, just chill for a minute, just cool off—..” the imposter spoke to him calmly in his own familiar voice.

    DON’T tell me to chill!! What the fuck is this?! Where’s Terry, I—..”

    Realization suddenly dawned on Cam. There’s a reason he hadn’t heard a stir from Terry’s room during all this commotion. Terry wasn’t in his room, Terry was here. Wearing his underwear, his hand wrapped around his dick, sporting his likeness. Looking damn good, too.

    … Terry?”

    Terry just shrugged with Cam’s meaty shoulders as he shimmied the underpants back up his huge thighs and under his cute, round ass.

    “Dude.. Explain.” Cam was putting his foot down. He wouldn’t let this shit go undressed, I mean unaddressed. Shit, it was strange seeing himself from another perspective, but it was stranger to feel a… certain type of way about it.

    “Okay….” Terry began standing up, his still-hard cock making Cam’s underwear tent obscenely. He looked down and noticed that Cam was sporting his own throbbing hard-on, pressed tightly against his form fitting jeans. “Well, I mean, I could explain, but is that what you really want?”

    “The fuck you mean, man?” Cam was putting on a tough, defensive demeanor, but his resistance was growing weaker by the second, watching himself and his rippling bod walk towards him. Terry knew he had to go all the way with this so it wouldn’t continue to be such an awkward interaction. This could become a good thing, and he knew exactly what to do.

    “I mean this,” Terry reached down and cupped Cam’s—the real Cam’s—package, squeezing his swelling member slightly. “I mean, when it boils down to it, it’s just a matter of you leaving around your dirty clothes and me taking advantage of it. Is that so wrong?” Terry licked up Cam’s neck and ran a hand up under his shirt to feel his cobblestone abs and squeeze his pillowy pecs.

    He tried to say something, but words failed him. Cam was rigid in more ways than one. His body was frozen in place, he had no idea what to do. His cock was rock hard, but his mind kept racing, knowing that this was his string bean, nerdy roommate Terry underneath, but completely unable to resist his own touch.

    “Come on, Cam, just give into it,” Terry pressured as he reached behind and squeezed Cam’s juicy ass while grinding his hips against Cam’s, feeling their turgid cocks collide again and again. Terry sucked on his earlobe, like they both knew Cam liked, and whispered, “It’s not gay if you’re fucking and sucking yourself, right bro?”

    That was it for Cam. He gave up his resistance and let out a heavy exhale, leaning in and planting his mouth on his own, swapping tongueshis tongues—with Terry. Terry was going to work unbuckling Cam’s belt, tossing it aside, and kneeled to pull Cam’s jeans and underwear down. As his pants were being removed, Cam unbuttoned his shirt, surprisingly not wearing any kind of undershirt, and tossed it on the couch. Cam’s cock sprung free of its confined and bobbed stiffly in the air, hitting the back of Terrys head—his head—as he sat back up. Terry looked up grinning, shaking his head around from side to side to let Cam’s cock slap against his own face a few times, taking webby trails of pre with it each time. Cam was enraptured by watching himself, his own body, fawn over his meat and his muscles like this.

    Terry opened his mouth wide and plunged Cam’s meat all the way down his throat, licking, sucking, and bobbing his head up and down without so much as a single gag. Terry had a well-trained gag reflex, but part of it was Cam’s natural nearly absent lack of a gag reflexes. If he weren’t so hopelessly hetero, Cam would have been a blow job king.

    Terry dislodged with a sucking *pop* and continued pumping his roommate’s cock with his hand, “Damn, dude, we taste so fucking good,” he licked the head like a lollipop, savoring the taste of his pre, and continued blowing Cam.

    Cam looked down at Terry as he began lustfully worshipping his lower body, squeezing his thighs and calf muscles and reaching around to take huge, squeezing handfuls of Cam’s ass cheeks. Terry tugged at and played with Cam’s swinging nut sack, further heightening Cam’s experience, and made sure to make loud, exaggerated sucking and slurping sounds as he pleasured Cam’s shaft.

    “I wanna fuck you,” Cam panted, running his hands through Terry’s hair—his hair—and doing his best not to cum. “Please, bro, let me fuck you.”

    “With pleasure, man,” Terry answered back with a smile in Cam’s voice.

    Cam reached down and scooped his two hands under his copy’s pits and began lifting, his own heaviness surprising him. Terry reciprocated by putting his arms around the back of Cam’s neck and bouncing off the floor, wrapping his legs around Cam’s lower torso. Cam grunted as he held his own weight against his nude body, but Terry leaned in and continued passionately making out with him, grinding his own rigid, albeit still clothed, cock against Cam’s abs while Cam’s cock slid between Terry’s cheeks like a hotdog between buns.

    When they arrived in Cam’s room, Cam dropped Terry onto the bed with his full weight. Terry grinning and lowered the underwear slightly down his thighs. Cam grabbed onto the underwear and started to pull them off completely. Before they reached past Terry’s knees, Terry spoke up in a panic.

    Woah woah woah, wait! I think you’re more interested in fucking yourself, not your roommate, right?”

    Cam, panting from carrying himself through the apartment, thought for a second and nodded eagerly.

    “Then these stay on, big boy,” Terry winked seductively at Cam, and Cam grinned back. “Lift my legs over your shoulder, stud.”

    Cam obliged, lifting his own meaty legs up so his feet hung over his shoulder and his thighs, along with his stretched pair of underwear, rested against his chest and torso. He spread his own cheeks and got a good look at his own asshole for probably the first time in his life. Terry started tugging at his balls and cock with both hands, grinning at Cam, inviting him into his hole. Cam smirked back and guided his pre-slick head towards his hole and plunged it in.

    Terry and Cam both gasped, Aww fuck, you’re so tight,” at the same time, sharing orgasmic looks with one another. Cam and Terry both bit his bottom lips as Cam proceeded to feed the rest of his cock inside of his own hole.

    He started thrusting slowly but picked up the pace once he could tell that Terry was used to his size. This was his first time fucking a man—even though the man was himself—but he was still a courteous lover. Terry was moaning and vocalizing in ecstasy as his guts continued to be rearranged by his stud roommate, a fantasy he didn’t think hed ever play out. Cam was grunting and gasping in similar throes of ecstasy, never imagining that pounding a man’s ass, his own ass, could feel this good. He could feel the combined strength and power between the two of them—himself a virile stud and being of stunning athletic prowess, and this exact clone of himself. He felt more powerful, more turned on, and more sexually satisfied than he felt in a long time. Terry could sense the confidence, thrill, and excitement building in Cam and reciprocated by thrusting his hips against Cam as Cam bucked in and out, intensifying the experience.

    I’m close,” Cam whispered between pants with his eyes squeezed shut, sweat pouring down his face and body.

    Finish inside me. Inside you, bro. Pump yourself full of your own jizz, man,” Terry answered back in a strained voice between grunts and gasps of air.

    That was all the encouragement Cam needed. Almost as soon as Terry finished talking, the flood gates broke and Cam unloaded several massive spurts of spunk into his own ass. Terry could feel the hot pumps filling his guts up inside of him and groaned through the feeling. After several wet, pulsating slaps against his own cheeks, Cam finally finished pumping huge volumes of cum into his own hole, dislodging wetly and seeing slow drips of it coming out of his widened hole after dislodging.

    Terry leaned up to wrap his hands around the back of and brought him down in a kiss, continuing to grind his hard cock against Cam’s upper body. They sucked face for a moment, but Terry could feel himself also getting close.

    Fuck, ugh, you gotta taste this, bro, believe me, you gotta,” Terry grunted between gasps as he started pushing Cam’s head down to his cock. Cam panicked but felt like he ought to oblige, and wrapped his mouth around the red, throbbing shaft of his own cock, tasting his own meat for the first time. Terry had his hands around Cam’s head and started thrusting against it, skullfucking his roommate and unloading down his throat. Cam started to choke but swallowed what he could, surprised at himself and what he was doing but also surprised at how easy and natural it felt. Terry finished unloading into Cam and felt his head lift off his cock with a slurp. He looked up and saw Cam’s face, his mouth still bulging with cum. He coughed once, getting the jizz out of the back of his throat, but continued to slowly swallow all that was in his mouth.

    Terry leaned forward and planted his mouth against Cam’s, welcoming the flood of jizz into his mouth as the two swapped the fluids of the same body. Soon, each of them had a fair share and swallowed the rest before continuing to make out. This was the most thrilling experience either of them had gone through in their entire lives.

    Terry looked up at Cam’s clock, “You’re late for practice, bro,” he said with a grin to Cam.

    “Fuck it,” Cam said between pants, “Lets just lay here for a while.”

    They laid back on the bed, Cam wrapping his arms and leg over Terry’s body, Terry facing the opposite wall. The two copies of the same body spooned together for a long time until Cam finally drifted off to sleep, spent and ready for a nap.

    After some time, Terry shimmied out from under Cam and went to his room, allowing Cam to sleep some more.


    Cam was awakened by the sound of his phone going off several times. He looked and saw that he had multiple texts and missed calls from his teammates and his coach.

    “Fuck!” he shouted as he got out of bed, not even thinking about how Terry was no longer there, throwing clothes on haphazardly.

    He bursted out into the shared living room and saw Terry on the couch playing World of Warcraft on his computer. Not the Cam-Terry, but just Terry, his usual nerdy thin as a rail roommate.

    Terry acknowledged Cam with a single glance and continued back to his game, “Hey man, don’t you have practice? I could hear your phone going off.”

    He didn’t say it with any inflection or with any knowing in his voice, as though they hadn’t fucked like animals earlier. Was it a dream? Did Cam just really oversleep and dream all of this? He wasn’t going to say anything about it, that was for sure. Didn’t want to panic Terry if it was all a dream.

    “Uh.. Uhm, yeah, I’m late. See you later.” Cam said without any emotion. He grabbed his keys and sprinted out the front door of their apartment.


    Cam came home very late from practice, dusk already setting, filthy and sweaty from the extra-extra work his coach had him put in for being so late. What a weird ass day. First that strange dream, then sleeping through his alarm clocks, then slogging through practice with blue balls and a weird but incredible fantasy on his mind. The day had felt like a blur. He was excited to just get something to eat and go straight to bed.

    He reached his arm behind him and pressed the button on the key fob, locking his truck and lazily sauntered up to his unit. He arrived at the front door to his apartment and fiddled with his keys a moment, trying to find the one to the door. He found the key, but before he could fit it into the door, it swung open from inside.

    Standing at the entrance was himself, only wearing just a towel and a pair of his own socks, ones he had worn yesterday. His cock was rigid and pointing straight at him, bobbing slightly in the air. Cam’s heart dropped. It wasn’t a dream! This had actually happened!

    “Hey man,” Terry leaned forward and planted a wet kiss on Cam’s cheek as Cam slowly began to smile. “I bet you’re hungry, so I ordered us a pizza, should be here in like 15.”

    “Sounds great,” Cam said with a grin as he leaned in to return the kiss, only this time on his own pillowy lips. He reached up and teased one of his own nipples. Terry smirked and bounced both of his pecs for Cam, which Cam giggled and did the same for Terry.

    “Before that pizza comes,” Terry said, hooking a thumb behind the waistbands of Cam’s shorts and underwear. Cam grinned, realizing what was coming. “How about we both enjoy an appetizer.” Terry tugged at the loose fold of his towel and let it drop to the floor, now standing in the nude with his rigid cock bobbing up and down at Cam.

    Cam grinned and wrapped an arm around Terry’s waist, planting a kiss, while Terry pulled him down onto the ground. Standing over Cam, Terry grinned and turned around so his ass was facing Cam on the floor. He lowered himself down on top of Cam and leaned forward, putting his head between Cam’s legs and welcoming his fat cock into his mouth. Cam let out a shuddering breath and reciprocated, leaning forward to welcome Terry’s—his own—fat cock into his mouth.

    They remained there on the ground of their apartment, moaning and grunting noisily, passionately 69’ing one another.

    Cam hasn’t expected any of this when he woke up that morning, but he was more than welcoming of an opportunity to come home every day to fuck and suck himself to his heart’s content.


    The bond between Cam and Terry continued further beyond college life as they decided to live as flatmate in LA. The red-haired Terry is currently working as part of a game developer team while the still-masculine Cam has been trying to break LA celeb scene with gigs all across California

    Cooped up in their flat most of the time due to the pandemic, Terry rarely posed as Cam because he felt awkward to change in front of Cam still. Most of the time, he only turned into Cam's perfect copy when Cam begged him to and usually Cam followed up his begging by going out for a while, be it grocery, some jog around the neighborhood or some other lame excuses just to give Terry some window to put on his clothing and "surprised" him. But beyond sex, Terry never spent time in Cam's skin like he used to as he quickly changed back into his lanky form as soon as the whole fucking is over.

    As the pandemic shown no sign of stopping anytime soon per mid 2020, Cam eventually landed gigs after gigs that forced him to travel and Terry happily used that as an entry to pose as Cam a little bit more often. Cam didn't have a say in it as he has no idea when and for what reason Terry changed into him. Terry did give him his word that he wouldn't put Cam's image in trouble but when you have a roommate that can easily change into your perfect copy, some insecurities should be considered normal

    As 2021 fashion season already started, Cam traveled quite intensely. Meanwhile, Terry's company still enforced work-from-home policy unless for the very essential team and since Terry's work could be finished remotely, he still spent most of his day inside his apartment, only in different form. He even turn into Cam as part of his "ritual" everytime he left his apartment, be it for something as mundane as just grabbing some groceries to the extent of having sex in a bar's bathroom and brought to some hotel by the person he fucked.

    But today, he upped his game as he received an invitation to attend one of the football jock wedding. Both Cam and Terry got the invitation but with Cam in New York, Terry has no interest to attend the wedding only as some colleague. He wanna be the groom's closer friend and showing up as Cam is the best selection for that to happen

    So, as he checks himself in the mirror, now looking just like the real Cam, he gives himself some times to admire his body before putting on his three-piece

    Terry then checks his phone and observed the last interaction the real Cam made with the groom and some other jocks. Cam got no clue that Terry has cloned his phone and Terry even took the liberty to block or redirect some messages and calls directed to his handsome jock of a roommate.

    For this wedding, Terry decided to mostly follow Cam's schedule. So when Cam said he couldn't make it to the bachelor party, he let it go. But Terry didn't let the message stating that Cam couldn't attend the wedding delivered and he even justified his action because "a good friend wouldn't miss his friend's wedding," he claimed in his mind. Then, he grabs another phone and his finger hovers to another app and it shows a red-haired man in his early 20 tied and gagged to a chair in what could be assumed as an underground facility with minimal lighting. A rather bright light appeared on the top left side of the screen and there's clearly a figure descending from the stairs. That figure then appeared right in front of the camera just seconds later with what seemed to be a tray of food. The towering figure open the mouth gag of the red-haired man and shove the food down to the throat of the sobbing man. Well, enough checking for the day, now it's time to hit that wedding party.

    Have this 2 GIF trapped in developmental hell of my story drafts and @transformhim post presented me with a chance to use it accordingly.


    I'm trying to keep up with the professor's lecture when my phone buzzes, again. That's like the 15th time in less than 20 minutes. Who the fuck text me at this hour?

    I let the fingerprint scanner read my thumb as the phone unlocks. Then, I check on the notification bar......my older brother. 2 pictures? Tons of message? OH SHIT!

    I quickly click the message and that's when I see the fucking pictures

    1:55 PM

    "Hi bro,"

    "Miss ya. Do you miss me?

    "Because I sure am missing you, well, I miss your clothes and accessories to be specific. I miss wearing them and pose as you,"

    "Thanks for keeping your door unlocked,"

    Jesus Christ, Irving must've forgotten to lock the door! Fuck! The fat fuck must be at it again, wearing my goddamn clothes!

    "Love the tightness of this underwear tho, you've been taking care of your body even better,"

    "And thanks for keeping your room neat too. You and that Irving dude are indeed quite a neat freak. Guess what I've just done?"

    1:56 PM

    "This new girl of yours is hella good yo, why don't you update me about it?"

    "Afraid that I might be interested and then steal her?"

    "Oh, she's really into this rougher side of Sam Dickinson. She said Sam has been too cautious all this time. Told ya I'm better at being you,"

    "Been fucking since 12, and she still has no clue 🤣🤣😜😜🍆🍆🍆"

    2:09 PM

    "Gotta hop on the shower. Thank God this wing is hella quiet with everyone in the class so she can join me in the shower"

    "Of course, you don't see her, she is kneeling now, sucking my fat uncut cock,"

    "Might share her messy face, splattered with my cum HAHAHAH"

    I am furious! He really cannot grow up and keep acting like this, what a piece of shit! That was 12 minutes ago, only God knows where the fuck is he know or how the fuck he looks like now. Suddenly, my phone buzzes again, twice

    The first one, as he promised, I didn't even need to press play to know that's the video of him jackhammering Jo's throat in the shower. Gross, even though that's practically my body doing the fucking. And then the second one,

    2:25 PM

    "Took a while to be sent. Well, already returning everything back to normal in your room. And guess what? I might be around till next month, just got fired after all. You better watch out bro, I might be around ya hahahah,"


    2:28 PM

    "Well, well, well, Irving Boyd, resident hot class clown, huh? Engineering is quite a surprising focus for....an individual, like you, muscle boy,"

    "Hmmmmm.......so I have a class until 3:30, followed by powerlifting club training session at campus gym.....that sounds intriguing as fuck to be honest," he said while licking his lips sensually.

    But before that, maybe he should really test his newfound power. Yes. That's actually why he came all the way here. Well, that's even the reason why he got fired too.....

    A week before

    Gabriel arrived at the penthouse he shared with his boyfriend, Donovan, a little bit earlier as he finished his work quicker than expected. It was 6 PM, just an ordinary Thursday night. Donovan texted him earlier today that he would be late for the day, but a homemade dinner would be nice. Gabriel, fond of cooking, decided that he wanted to put his boyfriend in a good mood and fulfilled his wish. Visiting a local grocery store sounded like a good option, but then he remembered that he could whip some nice dinner with just the ingredients they stored in their pantry and fridge so he proceed to head straight to their penthouse

    As the elevator quickly rose to the top of the building, something just felt wrong but Gabriel couldn't describe its origin. His feeling turned stronger as he inserted the front key but the door turned out to be unlocked already. He quickly checked his phone, no messages from Donovan. He slowly opened the door and then closed it. A little focus and he heard the shower seemed to run and someone is in it. He also realized that there's an out-of-place shoes, a cheaply made and quite big dress shoes that stick out like a sore thumb among the neatly laid selected shoes both he and Donovan tend to wear in daily basis

    "He brought home a friend or something? And he showered?"

    As he walked from the entrance area to the living area, he found the door to the master's bedroom left wide open when he clearly closed it as he left the penthouse much later after Donovan. Whoever this person is, he must be sloppy and definitely not fashionable because the socks are horrendous too.

    With the door to the bedroom wide open, Gabriel barely made any noise as he tiptoed his way in to caught whoever this sloppy person in whatever action he's in. Donovan strewn clothes, what the fuck? And a set of clothes with size way too big for any acquintance they should know. The door to the bathroom also left slightly open so yet another luck for Gabriel as he made no noise while he walked to caught Donovan and his mystery guest in action.

    The sliding door to the shower is not fully closed too and Gabriel could make the shadow of 2 person there. He held his tears, never in a million years he would imagine Donovan betrayed him and now here he is, bent over by some guy with quite pronounced beer belly. But then, to his surprise, he watched that Donovan's shadow seemingly turned smaller and the hand of the "invader" no longer covered Donovan's mouth. Not long after that, the shadow that belong to Donovan entirely gone and Gabriel decided to proceed as he stepped closer to the shower.

    Now literally standing at the door, he finally came to the realization of the person that seemingly just fucked his boyfriend. It's one of the employee in his division, Dickinson, he left early today as he stated that he needed to go to the hospital. Things went weirder as Dickinson, holding an underwear that is clearly too small for that fatty waist of his, decided to put on the underwear and started to change physically. The long scar that formed in his ankle made Gabriel's eyes went wide as he clearly familiar with Donovan's scar. Gabriel couldn't help himself but let out an audible gasp and a flurry of swear words from his mouth, which surprised Dickinson who now already resembled Donovan

    "Mr. Alvar-----I mean, G-G-Gab, I----"

    Gabriel quickly slammed the glass door and ran as fast as he could from the bathroom, he lost the ability to form any words or cleared his thoughts while the replica of his boyfriend walked out from the shower drenched. But, amidst the chaos in his mind, upon seeing the impostor that walked out from the shower looking way too similar to his boyfriend, Gabriel swiftly close the bathroom door and lock it from the outside, the key conveniently dangled right at the outer side of the door.

    Then, there comes the banging

    "I-I can explain, Gabe,"

    "Don't Gabe me! What the fuck was that? Dickinson? What the actual fuckery was that?"


    Hmmmm......there's nothing really stand out about this soup, like.....legit, this is nothing but a plain canned soup. Should've used that pot instead of this but I'm too lazy to wash the dishes

    But, if you saw me an hour ago and compared to what I look like now, well, you probably would do some kind of shit like calling the company or bring this soup to some kind of lab to be tested. Well, I have no interest to alert the authority like FDA or even FBI about the existence of body-transforming soup that changed me from just some plain blond dude into this mixed-background rugged handsomeness, so it's best to keep my mouth shut and just put this soup in the dining table for Alan and Roderick to eat while I hide in my room as they will be home soon. I know Roderick work in some lab and if he experienced the same thing as me later, probably we can check into his lab about this soup and find out something more without alerting anyone. Probably need to act foolish too in front of my friend, like, I should pretend to sleep and then acted surprised hearing their screaming and when I walked out, all three of us would scream as I acted as if some strangers just break into my apartment and eat my soup while they would scream to see a stranger walk out from their bestfriend room. Yeah, that's a fool-proof lie

    "I-I-I don't.....I don't know....like....I just feel sleepy and....and then---"

    Yeah that sounds realistic enough for a plot. Sorry though, can't go investigating and living in all this unexplainable shit all by myself, I need some company too. But c'mon, I've jacked my dick furiously before I showered after the change, this whole transformation ain't that bad in terms of physique change

    "And then she grabbed my dick and we fucked literally all night long! Like.....fuck, I guess I gotta skip the class today to recharge,"

    "I'm so happy for you, D. But, what's going to happen next? You cannot possibly think to---"

    "No, Frankie. I'm not thinking to don this suit and throwaway my life just because of that. I mean, yeah it's nice that Nina finally noticed me, but it wasn't me she noticed still, it was Nico. Maybe I'm going to use this suit again and have yet several hookups with her before revealing the truth,"

    "Oh so you gonna come clear?

    "Of course, I cannot lie for the entirety of my life. I don't like to play pretend anyway. Besides, I'm not used and will never get used to a body like this. There's just so much difference between this form and how I've been conditioned to embrace my real body,"

    "That's so tough of you. Hope Nina will understand that if you ever explain it,"

    "I hope so too,"

    Then, Debbie notices a rather clear bulge in Frankie's underwear as Frankie tried to turn himself around back to his bed. Is he.....turned on by this suit? Debbie knows Frankie is gay, but for Frankie to have a sort of crush.....or maybe lust, with her body suit?

    "Yo Frankie, do you need help with that?" said Debbie rather-of-factly with a hint of sneer on her handsome suit's face

    Frankie's face instantly goes red due to Debbie's straightforwardness. This is so embarassing! He thought as he stammered to find words to hide the fact that he's been having major boner the moment his flatmate walked in smelled of sex and sweat earlier this morning. But then, before he could face Debbie that still hides inside the Nico bodysuit, Nico's hand already closed Frankie's mouth while Nico literally sticks and then grinds his body to Frankie.

    "If you want to get fucked, why don't you tell me earlier, bro? We know how much you love this thick dick up in your ass," said Debbie in his Nico's suit, the fingers started to penetrate Frankie's quivering mouth

    Frankie knows that Debbie usually is the one in control in her relationship with her past girlfriends, so it comes as no surprise that Debbie could pull off this dominant persona now, and that actually put quite a tension in Frankie's groin as he tried his best to not just shot his load right then and there.

    "Well, Nina needed some foreplay action before I thrusted the whole 9 inches into her hole, her pussy so tight, she screamed like a whore all the fucking time as I made my way into her. But I know you are a good boy so you will make no noise and you will let me own this hole of yours with no resistant, understand? We don't want to disturb the neighbor's morning with your loud ass whining, don't we?" 'Nico' said as his right arm keeps Frankie tight by him while three fingers of his already jabbed Frankie's ass

    The two best friend eventually let their desire and lust take full control as they fuck through the entire morning

    'Nico' passed out from exhaustion after a sleepless night and a morning full of fucking, but at least 'he' is assured that there's an accessible spare hole 'he' could use if Nina is acting out in the future. Frankie only lays motionless in his bed, his mind wanders to the bits of memories of his best friend, donning a male body suit, that fucked the shit out of him better than all those real, unsynthetic men he hooked up with. A class starts in 10 minutes but Frankie is in too much bliss to even give a damn about Statistics. He should really tell Debbie once she's awake to use Nico more frequently, because, who the fuck needs Grindr when you got a roommate that can fuck you that good?

    (The picture shouldn't be the one I used there, but the original one got flagged so I change the picture into that one. If the story tanked, I'll blame Tumblr because f, this picture just didn't really hit it unlike the one I actually chose for this)

    "Hot damn Ed! Where the fuck you found it again?"

    "I don't know man, it's just installed rightaway when I turn this on. Now watch,"

    He clicks on the "misc." category and then appeared option for tattoos, piercing and also cage. He clicks on tattoo, pick a design and then cheekily put it right on his pelvic. Seconds later, a tattoo just suddenly appear in his pelvic just like the avatar on the screen

    "Whoa! That's so cool. Look at you now, looking like a total stud! Let's do me then, Fiona wouldn't say no to me if I looked as hot as you!"

    "Okay," he said with a grin

    As I walk from the island to sit onto the couch next to him, I freeze.

    "Not so quick, bro," he said as he is looking right at me, checking me up and down and then smiled devilishly

    "Like those stupid Tiktok said, I ain't never seen two pretty best friends, and well, I kinda agree," he said coldly with a grin

    I lost the ability to speak as he click on the mute button on my profile and then click on the brain feature. Unlike the tattoo feature, this one resemble a fill in the blank

    "Let's make you......very clingy to me," he said, and then he typed,

    "Ryan is my submissive, cock-hungry, boyfriend,"

    My eyes went wide as now I have this clearly unreal memory of me being so dependent to him and he's always this hot stud on my mind. Oh my God what the fuck is happening here?!

    "Well, let's make you think that this is all naturl and you forgot that we were nerdy roommates at once in our lifetime. Hell yeah....you're my bitch,"

    But then, he's not over

    "I, can even make you suck my dick if I want to," he said with that charming smile, showing off his now pearly white and very....orderly teeth, his hand clicking the button in that joystick, "and you won't be aware of the Chronivac on the screen. You can suck my dick as I make more changes to you, bitch,"

    I quickly erased the drool on my lips as my boyfriend motioned me to be on his crotch. Why did I stand by the couch again? Ugh......this whole space out thing got more recent nowadays, maybe I went too long without inhaling my studly boyfriend's musk so my mind become not focused. But worry not, Boris said the lockdown will last until February or March, that would certainly make him stay here most of the time and I could fully serve him while enjoying his musk. Those Instathots and our OnlyFans followers would be so jealous with me! Oh, what a blessing in disguise

    Fuck, here I am in yet another fever dream. All white void. And there's only one thing inside this void other than me, my roommate. Well, a jacked and sexed up version of my roommate

    You see, I always taunted the little dweeb and this nightmare of mine literally replicated all the bad deeds I did with him earlier that day. For example, yesterday, I threw his fermented veggies that he put in the freeze and stank up the whole other stuff. Of course he was angry but I didn't give a shit. But later that night, on my void, the only thing I could smell was that damn veggies that I eventually learned called kimchi as he jackhammered his 8 inches dick to my mouth. Yup, I missed that part. Aside from literally having what I could only describe as my body, he literally just have all of my persona. Of course I never even thought of fucking that dweeb, but somehow, my aggresiveness towards him in real life translated into this cold, brutal fucking he did to me in this void. I even found my crotch sticky in one morning after those weird dreams! Imagine that, me, a running back for my college football team, fucked by my dweeby roommate while our whole trait swapped in a void

    But I suspect that something is in the air. I mean, 18 out of 30 days I dreamed like this. And I noticed that the dweeb gained some little mass. Or maybe it's my eyes fooling me. But it is fact that I struggled to keep up with my gym routine but hey....post-Thanksgiving and winter funk you know. Sometimes you have your high days and some lows, right? Not like I suddenly lost muscle or ability to lift weights or reach certain reps because I'm getting weaker

    "Yo, twig, stop drooling with that dumb mouth of yours. Mmmmpphhh fuck, this pits will knock you good,"

    His voice breaks me out from my trance. Yes this is a dream, but I've tried my fair share of fighting it to no avail so might just give in. This is nothing but a harmless dream after all, right?

    Every night, right when the midnight strikes, I would take sneaky glances towards my roommate Ivan as he walked out from the bathroom looking all godly while he checked himself in the mirror. He never caught me peeking at him but to be honest, I wouldn't even care about my surroundings if I looked that hot too! Especially if in most of the time during the day you looked like a dork, having such physique will be a massive distraction.

    I still cannot figure it out what is happening over here. Is he.....a jock in disguise as a nerd? Is he some sort of werewolve-ish but this is.....were-jock? No answers in my mind sounded realistic, but gaining more than 70 pounds of pure beefiness and having your face turned into its peak masculine form with that jawline and brooding eyes are equally illogical. So, do you think I should confront him and just ask it out? What will you do if you're in my position?

    The cap physically transform Alan from the beanpole nerd he is to a slightly shorter but definitely well-built confident. But then he accidentally turned it backward and he instantly feel the quick yet very intense suction in his head. Seconds later, his tongue's already out and he's flexing his muscle already

    "Come on bro, what are you waiting for? Turn it around," he said as he confronted his also-transformed roommate who changed first but decided to wear his cap normally. His resistance is futile as Alan pushed him to the wall and managed to turned his roommate's cap backward, sealing their fate as dumb jockbros for good

    Stefano knows something is wrong, but he cannot tell exactly what's that. While Stefano's mind wandered to this weird sensation he has all day long, Remy is slowly tugging his cock as he taps for an enhanced vision to look for his roommate (now boyfriend). Remy yelped in his seat as his softly erect cock instantly reached its full mast the moment he sees how well Stefano's already are. Hahah, even he already call that dork Stefano instead of his previous name Stephan. Just look at him, trying to decipher why he feels like he's having a very weird day, of course dummy, you grew 5 inches taller, 70 pounds heavier and turned into an Argentinian-descent hairy sex beast instead of your.....rather plain form, thought Remy, his tugging becomes faster than ever.

    A flood of memories hit Remy's head as his surrounding also changed. Still in the same apartment but the interior has been altered to fit this new reality of living with such a hot horny boyfriend instead of his very neat and organized roommate. The full cabinet filled with books Stephan reduced in its size as it only stored some fitness magazines and some old college textbook Stefano never even bother to open. History of him woken up in the middle of the night to witness the Stephan stressed about his work as he typed on his analysis, briefs, reports or whatever, erased from Remy's head as his political researcher roommate nowadays stressed because the gyms were closed for quite a long period of time due to the pandemic and Stefano's almost lost his gym trainer's job before switching to virtual coaching. And sometimes when Stefano stressed, he would fuck the shit out of Remy and all of those sensation really hit Remy in one sweeping flood of altered memories. He shot his load to that but the memory altering didn't stop there as he now realized that he really loved to sniff on his boyfriend's musk. Remy didn't expect himself to be such a pig to other man's musk, his desperate attempt to keep his old self eventually failed and he nows holding his boyfriend's unwashed jockstrap to his nose. Ohhhhh the smell is so exhilarating as he shot yet another volley of cum that landed to the heavily used couch, the place where he mostly jerk himself off to his boyfriend's musk to spend his days or getting fucked by his sweaty boyfriend who skipped shower in the gym and always fucked Remy in the couch first thing he arrived before doing another one right before bed. The change of reality also affected Remy's physique. He's still a witch and knows his witchcraft, but he's also buffer as his boyfriend put him into a rigorous workout in attempt to make him a gym bunny type of guy or some sort. The witch now packed on some hefty, juics pecs and rather strong frame due to the workout and eating regimen his boyfriend put him under

    Still in the middle of his wanking session, a FaceTime from Stefano appeared, oh shit, he's such a mess, he even got cum in his hair and he's close to shoot this one! Ohhh boy, but not answering the phone will make Stefano's pissed. But isn't pissed Stefano gives the best fuck?

    "Seriously Jason? You've finished your shower ages ago and you're not even done?" said Ralph who just walked out from the shower, looking slightly annoyed to his boyfriend

    "If you have this kind of power in your fingertip, you'll be the same. Now stand up straight and make your arms out on the side, let me check you a little bit," replied Jason, now he's making his way to Ralph

    Ralph rolls his eyes but he eventually let Jason do his "check-up". As Jason's hand explores Ralph's body, he joyously singing to some kind of tune

    "A little more definition here, pop this two so you get 8 packs, maybe add some trail in here, and this pecs mmmmm...."

    Ralph then grabs Jason's hand but Jason dismissively slap it away

    "Not now,"

    "But I just shaved down there!" protested Ralph

    "And I didn't tell you to. Now just be quiet and stand still, this is the best for you,"

    "Oh fuck all of this. This is only best for you. I'm sick of all this! I'm sick of you! That power turned you into monster!" Ralph said as he pushes Jason hard until he falls to the floor "You're a control freak and you don't respect me! I'm done playing your stupid game!"

    Jason still sit on the floor listening to Ralph's explosive rant. The sulky 6'6" hunk then click his finger and turn Ralph back into his original state, an unkempt 5'5" nerd who will just blurred in the background of a group photo. Ralph expected this change already, he's never the one loving the vanity based on physical look, but never in a million year he expects that things will go down even worse than just turned back into his original state

    Jason suddenly stands up and with this current height difference, he looks imposingly tall (not to mention the overall physique difference). He cornered Ralph until the nerd plopped down to a couch

    "W-w-what the fuck are you doing to m-me? Why can't I move? Jason, s-s-stop this!"

    "Teaching you some lesson. Meh, not like you'll remember any of this. I'll make your mind blank as fuck, Ralph,"

    "W-w-what? Th-think it through, Jason! I'm your bestfriend since ages ago, I-I-I-I'm telling you, th-th-the power is corrupting y-you!!"

    "Oh I already think it through since the first night I have this blessed to me. Making those bullies into puny little nerds, turning those babes into my sidesluts, and you....the one I trust and bless the most.....turned out, you cannot stand this new me. Well, maybe I should tap into my inner monster and make you a horny little nerd for me and my new boyfriend? Pretty sure I can scoop any willing volunteer to be my new hot boyfriend,"

    "Okay okay, s-sorry, you're not a monster, Jason. Stop this and we c-can talk it through! Jas-Jason, n-n-no d-d-don't do thAATTTAAAHHHHH NNNNNNNnnn-n-no-o-o........"

    Ralph grabbed Jason's right wrist, tight to stopped him but Jason just easily used his left hand and kept the grip tight as he watched coldly the brightness in Ralph's eyes diminished every second the grip remained. Ralph's hand eventually stop gripping Jason's right wrist, a reddish mark imprinted showing how strong the nerd desperately gripped his best friend and tried to stop him to no avail. His rather high-pitched scream gradually turned into low whimpering voices until drools dripping from the side of his mouth, making him a blank and dull puppet ready for any conditioning that Jason desired.

    "Well, should I model your mind after I find my new boyfriend or should I do it now?" said Jason, not realizing that his eyes temporarily turned pitch black before returning back to its hazel hue.


    You really wanna know what’s been makin me into a dumb hot jock?? Why don’t you take a good sip of that coffee you got there. I added something extra to it to make it even stronger mine and by the look of it it’s already starting to work. That’s it finish the rest. Gulp down the jock brew and... there you grow.


    You noticed something weird in your morning coffee but it's too late as you already drank the whole thing. Then, your already improved housemates walks in to the pantry with stupid grin plastered on their face upon seeing your transformation into a ripped college jock

    "Guess that coffee shop gets yet another new customer,"

    And after several seconds of dumbfoundedness, you let out a deep chuckle as you laugh with your roommates. There's never a dull moment in college when you live with fun and fit dudes like your bros.

    "Morning, still keeping it, huh?" I said as I walked out from the bedroom, still feeling woozy from last night's party

    "Yeah, guess it could help me cleaned the place easier. Won't be tired quick and this body clearly tolerate high amount of alcohol," my roommate said as he stared at me from inside the bodysuit he rented

    "How many hours you have left?" I picked up some of the red solo cup still filled with some booze, planning to throw it all away

    "4 or 5 hours. Got this around lunch yesterday," he said as he squat down, butt naked, cleaning the floor or something.

    "So how's that shit works? It just dissolve or shit you said?"

    "Yeah, the skin's gonna be weird in its last 15 minutes before it stopped functioning. Then it simply peels itself from my body when the time's up. Shower might help, quite sticky, and that's the advised disposal because it gonna be like liquid or stuff later on,"

    "I see, sounds scary tho hahahahah. Imagine if you are mid-way fucking and then the shit's start to peel off because you forgot it's the deadline? Some horror shit,"

    "Hahahah yeah. Judging that we only have around 4 hours left, what do you think if you start exploring this body before it vanished for good? I know you've been checking me out all night, even moaned my name in your sleep,"

    Oh fuck......my face must be fucking red like a goddamn lobster now and this stupid tent in my shorts......

    "After all, it's your birthday today, why do you think I chose body suit like this when my type is clearly not dudes like this? Definitely not for my birthday,"

    Is my roommate.....just stated that he.....before my thought process finished, he already slammed his lips into mine, his tongue going deep inside me as my body pushed to the wall, a perfect spot for him to grind my body

    "Gonna....mmphhh....take you.....to the...mmpphhhh yeah....store later......let you choose some body...mmpphhhaahhh....suit so we can have some fun,"


    I put on my jock roommates briefs on by mistake and it got stuck on me and started to change me into him.

    Well, if you really feel guilty about turned into him and frantically texted him, why the fuck you wore not only his jockstrap but now all of his clothes? And then let me see what you've been up to with your phone

    Ah, you are setting up Grindr and Tinder, huh? Throwing yourself out apparently? You know that your friend is probably screaming on top of his lung in the middle of a public space as he changed all in a sudden to you, right? He is probably marching here even though you haven't text him. How will you explain to hin that you are him and he is you?

    What? Me, persuading him to accept his fate? I'm not the one scooping my own roommate's jockstrap and wore it on my own crotch to feel the sweat seeped through the skin. Me, quiet? Of course I will not, I love drama and I'm excited to see how you solve this problem you created in the first place. Pro tip: You are the big guy now, use that for your advantage. If you excuse me, I'll hide so I can watch you two bickering about this sudden changes