So let me see if I've got this straight. I can post still photos of just about any kind of crap, cruelty, excessive torture, physical violence, sexual abuse, or any other type of excessive viciousness I might choose. But posting a gif of someone receiving a safe, sane, consensual corporal punishment is against the diktats of some semi - literate puritan who thinks that because he or she is capable of standing upright and breathing in and out, they automatically have the right to issue orders to the rest of the planet. That sounds like Tumblr. In which case all I can say is Sieg Heil, Herr Sturmbannfuhrer!!

    Part 3 - The Here and Now.

    Daddy smacked my bottom yesterday. Not long, or hard, or bare, but long enough. I was hot, which always makes me cranky, and when he asked me to move some of my stuff off the floor so he could vacuum, I lost control and threw a tantrum. Even as I yelled and screamed and stamped my foot, my inner voice was telling me that it was wrong and I deserved to have my bottom smacked. And it was. On both counts. Yes, it was wrong of me and yes, I got my bottom smacked.

    Which is the main difference these days. I know. I am aware. For the first 9 - 10 months that Daddy and I were together, I clung on to my old wrong headed attitude that everything that went wrong in any way was always someone else's fault. If they hadn't acted the way they did, I wouldn't have reacted the way I did. Simple. If other people didn't want me to react in my usual aggressive manner, they shouldn't provoke me to be aggressive.

    I got spanked a good bit back then. I tested every rule and instruction and then went beyond. Sometimes just to goad Daddy until he spanked me. Negative attention was the only kind I was used to until Daddy found me. It seemed weird to have any other sort.

    Over time, I learned better. I restarted therapy and, with Daddy's encouragement I kept at it. Of course I came home and cried my eyes out. 40+ years of my old life left a lot of lumber to clear. We're not there yet but life and my mind are so much better. And although I hated the restriction,as I saw it then, of Daddy's rules and daily routine and dress code, having a firm, unchanging structure at home kept me safe. Spankings or no spankings. It slowly dawned on me that this was what being truly and genuinely loved felt like. A common thing for the majority of girls out there I suppose, but new and totally wondrous to me. From that point acceptance followed and then an active desire for Daddy's care, love and positive attention. Being a good girl wasn't a duty any more, it was my way to repay Daddy for taking care of me and giving me a genuine father for the first time in my life. He remains my father to this day

    So how is life now? Well I still have rules and a daily routine and a dress code but they're a little different now. I have a little more freedom now Daddy knows that I'll use the good sense, judgement and self discipline he has taught me. And he makes himself a role model for the qualities he wants to see in me. He works and studies hard, he commits and sticks to the unwritten rules that he sets for himself. He provides for my emotional and psychological needs, he goes out of his way to understand my problems and challenges in order to better help me be more comfortable, contented and to feel emotionally safe. I'm sure whole hosts of little girls have said the same over decades or even centuries, but my Daddy is my hero. I can't imagine a worthwhile life without him. Thank you so very much Daddy, for everything xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    "Sugarmouse ".

    Part 2. Metamorphosis.

    So, there I am, at the beginning of 2013, kept in my little schoolgirl knickers, T shirt, socks and trainers, having my every move dictated by Daddy, more or less having to get his permission to go to the toilet, and loving every second. Friends were baffled by the changes in me. Some gave up and left my life. Some, in time, were told all about it and have been ultra supportive ever since.

    So how did we get from that to where we are now? Well basically the same way we make progress with anything. Step by step over a period of time. Here's an abbreviated version of what happened.

    At the very beginning, the first couple of months or so, Daddy was really ultra strict about absolutely everything. It was made very clear to me that Daddy's word was law, I would be spanked or punished in some way (corner time, lines, early bedtime, etc) if I didn't obey his rules or do as he told me. I was told that my attitude and approach to things had to change and that basically I would earn any future freedom from rules or such by my attitude and behaviour. In fairness though, his ultra strict stance kept me safely in little space and got me doing what I needed to do - for me as well as for him. It might sound like cruelty, but it wasn't. He knew what I needed even when I didn't, and made sure that's what I got. A very wise man, my Daddy. I remember him saying once "you may not like it or want it per se, but we both know you need it" And I don't mind admitting he was right. As usual.

    Anyway, suffice to say I was a very good girl and worked hard at being who I ought to be instead of who I had been. I went back to therapy and this time I took it seriously, and with Daddy to supervise me at home, things gradually improved. Not just domestically either. I began feeling like I could cope with life more, knowing Daddy would be there to support me and help me. He became more of a parent and I became a settled and co - operative little girl. As the years passed, I found myself getting smacked less and rewarded for being a good girl more often. And it felt soooooo good!

    And now I'm a big girl (I was 6 in June. We decided some years back that I should "grow up " all over again, with Daddy supervising of course) and my rules are a little bit more relaxed. I'm allowed to do more on my own, go places by myself and such. I have slightly different rules now too, to reflect the fact that I've grown up just a little bit. I still have to wear little girls underwear but I'm allowed a more grown up top layer for example. I'm allowed out unsupervised as long as I keep Daddy informed of where I am and that I'm safe and obey my curfews. And I still get rewards for being a good girl. In a proper parent and child way. I'm allowed to choose a gift or outing or other activity as well as getting little spontaneous treats like sweeties or comic books or colouring books or what have you.

    If someone had told me in 2010 that within 10 years my fierce, aggressive Goth bitch would be transformed into a well mannered, well behaved and willingly obedient little 6 year old girl, I would have drowned them in scorn and verbal poison. Now that I am that well brought up little girl, I absolutely love every second, even having my bottom smacked in a strange way, and I don't ever want to go back. I have the very best Daddy in the world - for me anyway - and I really love my life.

    The Other Side of the Coin.

    Hello everybody. My name is - not really important to be honest. I'm Daddy's little- ish girl. Daddy's pet name for me is Sugarmouse coz he says I'm sweet and coz I'm little and soft and silky like a mouse. (Yeah, me too. But anyway - ) Daddy asked me if I wanted to write something to put on the blog and I said yes. Trouble is, now the time comes, I have no idea what to say. Maybe if I start with something similar to what Daddy did? Tell a little bit of my story and see where we end up? I hope that's okay with everyone.

    I'm actually almost the same age as Daddy but thanks to a childhood and teens full of nothing but abuse and neglect of one kind or another (Virginia Andrews would refuse to write it. She'd say it was too unbelievable. Seriously. ) I never really grew up emotionally or psychologically. Everything stopped when I was about 4 or 5. I approached everything in life like a traumatised and abandoned 5 year old. Verbal and physical violence became my go to for dealing with anything I couldn't handle. Anyway, I was totally unbearable basically.

    Daddy's already told you how we met so I won't repeat the story. I was out of control and needed some decent parenting frankly although I didn't know or didn't want to admit it at the time. Once Daddy came along, he saw through me like looking through a window. He soon saw what I needed when I couldn't see it myself. After the Boxing Day incident he basically took control. I had rules to obey, daily routines to keep to, even a very strict dress code. But I knew I was home at last. I had a parent for the first ever time. Yes he was very strict and still can be when necessary but I finally feel safe and protected and able to be the real me. Just an oversized little girl who only needs to think about being a good girl for Daddy and what I want for dinner.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this. I know neither of us has talked about our current situation but if anybody's interested we could write about it in future. Please ask questions or post comments if you want to. We'll happily answer as best we can. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    So, to kick things off, let me run through some "edited highlights " of my side of the story.

    I first met my future "Sugarmouse " in the late summer/early autumn of 2012. I was recently separated and some soccer playing friends suggested I go to a local match with them and have a drink afterwards. We got to the match to find a similar group of friends had come along to support the other team. One of them was a petite, slim redhead of similar age to me who, it turned out, was a divorcee from a year earlier and was, like me, feeling alone in the world. After the match, everyone else mysteriously disappeared or found something urgent to do elsewhere. The cute little redhead and I were suddenly alone in each other's company. Ever felt set up?

    Anyway, we chatted, made small talk and that was that. Until next week, then the next and so on. The talk got deeper and wider ranging until the wine loosened her tongue more than usual one evening and her most secret desires were made known to me. The gods must've been smiling that night because it turned out she wanted to be the opposite side of the coin from me. I'm sure you can work out what I mean. Just look at the rest of the blog if you need any unsubtle hints.

    We moved in together in October of 2012and to begin with experimented with different aspects of DD, DS and DD/LG. None of which exactly hit the spot. Frustration at our lack of success,as we saw it then, combined with other things in life that seemed to be going against rather than for us led to strains on our new forged relationship. Stress levels went up, eggshells were scattered all over every floor and the rubber band between us got more and more stretched. It finally snapped on Boxing Day. She came home from a night shift effing and blinding like I'd never heard her before. I tried to soothe her stress and she responded with a tantrum that the wildest 2 year old would consider beneath their dignity. Screaming, yelling, punching, kicking, spitting and biting. I snapped in my turn and she very soon found herself over my knee with my slipper bouncing firmly off her bare bottom for several minutes until the tantrum was well and truly tamed. I read the riot act in no uncertain terms and she spent an hour in the corner. Since then, she's had rules to obey, daily routines to follow and a dress code to keep to. As her behaviour and attitude have improved, I've "loosened the leash" gradually and things have evolved into something less formal and more adaptable but the threat of a partial or total return to previous levels of strictness remains active to this day if the need arises.

    Obviously we have talked exhaustively over the years about how her previous behaviour developed and why I was so strict as well as current and future possibilities and developments for our relationship. But I've drowned on enough for now. I'll let her fill in a few of those blanks and we can always cover our present and future plans in later posts. I hope I've illustrated a few things for those who have asked. Feel free to keep asking, messaging or whatever. We look forward to chatting and getting to know you.

    Since I, or should I say we, since she has as much behind the scenes input as me, decided to revive this blog and start posting again, there have been quite a few messages from followers old and new wanting to say hello or get to know us better. As you might expect, there are usually questions about how we met, how we got to the relationship we have now, how daily life works for us, etc.

    So with all this in mind, we thought perhaps occasional posts on our "personal history " and/or "how it works for us " might be of interest to some, if not all, those followers who don't know us or haven't been in contact. (Feel free to send messages, asks or whatever. We don't eat people. Well, only when there's an R in the month maybe hahaha)

    So, in that "this is us and this is how we do things " spirit, we decided to write a post each to briefly explain our background, past history and anything else that happens to wander across our minds at the time. Obviously they're likely to be longish but hopefully we can avoid competing with War and Peace.

    We hope the new and the curious will find at least some answers to their questions and that what we say will be of at least passing interest. If nothing else, it might kill a little time on a wet Wednesday afternoon.........


    Favorite Daddy Phrases


    ~Who’s in charge? ~Who owns you? ~What did I say? ~Do I make myself clear? ~Do you remember your rules? ~Do you need to be punished? ~What did you just say? ~Are you going to be a good girl? ~Who’s my good girl? ~Who do I love the most? ~How’s my little girl? ~What’s my little girl doing? ~Are you in little space? ~What are you coloring/drawing? ~How are your stuffies? ~Can Daddy join? ~Are you taking care of yourself? ~Have you eaten enough? ~Are you drinking enough? ~Have you taken your meds? ~Are you ready for bed? ~Are you snuggled in bed?


    ~Listen to Daddy ~Don’t disobey Daddy ~Do it for Daddy ~Be a good girl ~Speak up ~Use your words ~Stay close to Daddy ~Be safe ~Show Daddy what you’re wearing ~Show Daddy your favorite little outfits ~Show Daddy your coloring/drawing ~Show Daddy your favorite stuffies ~Tell Daddy about your day ~Go to bed, princess ~Close your eyes, baby


    ~Good girl ~You’re such a good girl ~I’m so proud of you! ~You did such a good job! ~I love you so much ~You’re my one and only ~I only want you ~I’m not going anywhere ~I promise ~You’re such a cutie! ~My little girl ~Daddy loves when you’re in little space ~You make Daddy so happy!

    Pet Names:

    ~Kitten ~Princess ~Babe ~Baby ~Baby Girl ~Little Girl ~Little One ~Angel ~Bunny ~Love ~Lovie ~Sweetie ~Sweetheart ~My Future Wife ~Wifey ~My Nerd ~My Dork ~My Girl ~My One and Only


    Dang right


    "Hold Daddy's hand wwhile we're crossing the road/near traffic/in a crowded place, sweetie. "

    "Because Daddy said so, poppet "

    "Sshh. Enough now. Less talk, more do. Come on now...."

    The list could go on.........


    Why do littles say “daddy” so frequently?

    It is important for littles to use “daddy” in all of their texts and when they talk to their daddy because it reminds them that he is their daddy, their teacher, and the source of their pleasure. I have my littles call me daddy in every single message they send me, because it keeps them happily in their place. 

    A good little is aroused by using the term daddy, and by always calling him daddy it helps keep her turned on and needy at all times. 


    In our case, probably because that's how she wants it to be. She wants to be a small child and she wants me to be her parent. A man can't be Mummy, so I'm Daddy.

    Random ramblings on a sunny morning.

    (Setting the record straight, just like I said I would Sugarmouse. Xxxx)

    Looking back through the posts I've done here, a reader/viewer could be forgiven for thinking that I spend every moment of my spare time finding or inventing reasons to smack my little girl's bottom. That's several country miles from the reality of course. We live, as closely as we can manage, the kind of life a 6 year old girl and her father would have lived when we were young (say between 1968 and 1977 or thereabouts) We get up and I organise breakfast while she washes, brushes her teeth and puts on her "school uniform " (work clothes). I wave her off to school at around 8.15 (she works in the admin office at a local primary school - hence the school references, although it fits beautifully with her being a 6 year old) then I get on with what I have to do that day. And that's mostly it. 90+% of the time, she's the sweetest, cuddliest, most loveable and well behaved little girl. But like all little girls, there are moments from time to time. Those moments are what's featured here.

    She has a few simple rules, like any parent would set for their child, centred on basic socially acceptable behaviour, staying safe, remembering and using good manners etc. The kind of thing any parent would and should require of a small girl. Daddy's punishment for rule breaking, disobedience or misbehaviour is usually, though by no means always, a few minutes having her bare bottom turned red over my knee. Obviously that varies according to what she's done, how serious her misbehaviour was, how many previous occasions we've had to deal with the same misbehaviour etc. So a punishment can be anything from a quick slap on the back of a bare thigh to a firm dose of the slipper immediately followed by the rest of the day confined to bed. With the usual multiple variations along the way - corner time, writing lines, early bedtime, writing letters of apology where necessary or even, if it's appropriate and with someone who knows and understands how and why we live as we do, standing in front of the offended party and apologising in person. Hand spankings and the slipper are the usual corporal punishments, although I do own a two tailed tawse, which I can't recall ever having to use.

    So yes, bad behaviour, rudeness, and all those things a parent would punish their child for get punished in the traditional manner in the Smackwell household. But it's not every day, let alone every minute of every day. Credit where credit is due, she's normally a very good girl who any Daddy would be proud to call his own.

    A question for Daddies/Mummies/Uncles/Aunties/etc.

    Given the fairly unconventional lifestyle I lead, I should not perhaps be too surprised, but I find myself in uncharted waters, so to speak. As regular readers will probably know by now, my relationship with my gf is one of father and daughter - not dd/lg in it's usual sense but more like a r/l parent and child from the 60s or 70s, when a prompt on - the - spot smacked bottom was an entirely normal response to rule breaking or other misbehaviour of whatever kind. Over the course of our years together we have made friends with other couples or singles who either have or want a similar lifestyle. We met a young single lady some months ago who, in the course of conversation, informed us that she would like to meet someone who would smack her whenever necessary, wherever they were (I.e. in front of others if required, as with children of a few decades ago who would be smacked the moment they misbehaved, regardless of where they were, what else was happening or who else was in the vicinity). My question therefore is, what feelings does anyone out there have on this? I can understand the need for discretion in public places but what about, for example, smacking or being smacked in front of visitors or family members? Have you ever done it or had it done to you? If the need arose, would you? Just curious, but I'd be interested in your replies.


    Discipline in the home

    There is no one set place for disciplining me simply because most of the time it happens in real time to real infractions within minutes of my committing them so the only real constraints are do we have ‘vanilla’ guests who are in on adult middle me being spanked who are okay to observe  maybe underscore the lesson I’m getting perhaps or if we’re out where you do need to be mindful of others folks reaction and respect how it may look to others with a discrete smack with ‘we’ll talk later’ being added so I’m disciplined later indoors.

    Indoors everyday furniture can play it’s part so if I’m being cheeky I may be spanked over a knee with the Caregiver or other adults who do spank me on or put over a couch in the front room or taken to my bedroom for it cos with me it’s not scened, it’s just a ordinary part of everyday live.


    Just how it should always be.

    Hello from Malcolm.

    Where to start? Well, as you have all no doubt guessed, Malcolm Smackwell isn't my real name. I am, however, a male spanker of a few decades experience who lives in the latest of a few "parental" style relationships and has several friends of both sexes who do likewise. Hence I'm not only Daddy to my gf but also Uncle Malcolm to several other overgrown little girls, all of whom live the same lifestyle as my gf. I stress this is not dd/lg, at least not in it's usual sense. It is intended to be as close as possible to a traditional father and daughter relationship from the 60s or 70s. It probably goes without saying that all of this is a continuous work in progress. Hopefully the contents of this blog - if we ignore the few initial accidental posts such as the pony girl and the nappy wearer - will help to illustrate and explain what I'm trying to say. Feel free to comment, ask questions or whatever else seems to fit with what's going on here. Right then, back to business.....