I think it’s a million percent hotter when everyone in the scene is having fun and are being friendly and silly and are enjoying the tickling experience. All the fun is so sexy!!!! if someone isn’t enjoying it then I’m not for that.

    Never quite understood the love for these noncon situations, where someone is kidnapped? And like drugged up and being tickled against their will and they don’t like it one bit and they’re crying and screaming and afraid like literally wtf is that…. Even scarier how so many of us want others to be tickled to death. I will never forget when someone told me they wanted to tickle someone til their eyes rolled up in their head and they were foaming at the mouth and became a “lifeless body”………..

    I mean is it really uncool for me to not like sexual assault and death? Am I “supposed” to like it to fit in or what the heck