I think it’s a million percent hotter when everyone in the scene is having fun and are being friendly and silly and are enjoying the tickling experience. All the fun is so sexy!!!! if someone isn’t enjoying it then I’m not for that.

    Never quite understood the love for these noncon situations, where someone is kidnapped? And like drugged up and being tickled against their will and they don’t like it one bit and they’re crying and screaming and afraid like literally wtf is that…. Even scarier how so many of us want others to be tickled to death. I will never forget when someone told me they wanted to tickle someone til their eyes rolled up in their head and they were foaming at the mouth and became a “lifeless body”………..

    I mean is it really uncool for me to not like sexual assault and death? Am I “supposed” to like it to fit in or what the heck

    Justin Bieber & Big Sean: A Tickle Story

    *exhale* Man we've been here for 7 hours, I need a break! We've been goin hard in the stu but we gotta chill for a little while", Justin said after finishing his vocals.

    "Tired? Bro nah you've gotta have a little bit of fight in you still! You wouldn't know tired if it hit you in your head" Sean said while giggling.

    "Bro I KNOW tired, you don't know watcha talking about" replied Justin while waving his hand at Sean's face.

    "Hey I'm heading out, see y'all next week", the engineer said to the two artists. He stepped out and the two stars were alone.

    "I got an idea, I want you to know how true tiredness feels like. I want you to come into the next room with me. Very few people know about this room and I'm one of 2 people who have the key. Come over here Justin".

    Sean and Justin walk into this secret room. It was a blank room with padded walls, and smack dab in the middle was padded set of red, padded chair styled tickle stocks.

    Justin made a surprised face and slowly said, "bro... what...... is that"?

    Justin's confusion only made Sean more excited to tell him what it was, but didn't spoil exactly *how* Justin would get tired til he was already strapped in.

    "It's a set of stocks, but in a chair style. Me and this other musician use it sometimes if we feel a musician needs to be explained that there are worse ways to feel tired than being in the studio. Last musician who was in this was Austin Mahone, and before that, Tyga. So come sit down. Once you're ready to go I'll tell you the rest. Sean carefully strapped the 19 year old bad boy Bizzle to the stocks, arms locked up to his side, legs locked outward. Justin was already in black ankle socks so Sean just took em off, locked up Justin's size 9 feet, and toetied him.

    "Yo what the actual fuck is gonna happen here" Justin said while laughing, confused yet still laughing about the ridiculousness of his predicament.

    "Ayo these just ain't any type of stocks... they're TICKLE stocks"!!!!!!! Justin's eyes widened, made a confused face and chuckled lightly.

    "I'm not ticklish, I'm 19 I got over it last year dude. You're not gonna get anything good out of this".

    Sean says "yeah but... I know where you're most ticklish... your feet". Sean traced little circles on Justin's right foot, making Justin yelp and jump in his stocks, holding in his smile.

    "Okay I literally can't move at all how about we just go back to my place, I know tiredness I feel it now from the long ass studio sesh, bro don't be this way".

    "It won't be that bad... since you're "not ticklish" anymore"!

    Sean can't bear to wait anymore, he grabs some metal finger claws from behind Justin and begins tickling Justin's right foot with it. Almost instantaneously, Justin loses his mind and jumps from his entrapment. Trying to shake his feet out of the stocks but to no use. Sean just giggles and continues the tickling.

    "I CANT MOVE MY FEET I CANT MOVE MY FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Justin screams in between his hysterical laughter. OH MY GOOOOOOD STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Sean stops, but only to put more metal tickle finger claws on his other hand and resumes the feet tickling, with both of Justin's ultra smooth soles taking the surprisingly intense tickling. After another minute of watching Justin scream in ticklish laughter, Sean finally stops and laughs.

    "Boy I ain't NEVER seen anyone's feet that ticklish in my life!!!!!!!" Sean falls to his knees with his hands on his face, laughing.

    "Okay dude we're good now, I'm definitely tired let's get the fuck out of here", Justin said while very lightly panting.

    "One more time... and I'll feel like you've learned your lesson. But I'm not using these finger claws this time. This next one is gonna be another surprise".

    Justin looks at Sean, giggling, giving in to one last tickle torture moment. "Fine, but make it quick".

    Sean grabs a black hairbrush from behind Justin and keeps it behind his back so Justin doesn't see. "I'm so glad you're toetied, there would be NO way you could handle this without your feet being COMPLETELY stuck!" Sean oils up Justin's soles with baby oil.

    "Don't say that you're gonna make me- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justin screams for the first 2 seconds before erupting in explosive laughter! Sean is laughing at Justin's reaction while brushing Justin's left foot, scrubbing left and right, from Justin's toes to his heels and back to the toes. Sean realized the balls of Justin's feet were the most ticklish, and focused on brushing that special spot.

    Justin is absolute tickle hell, his foot is trying to move back and forth but unable to due the stocks and toeties, and the toeties are stopping Justin's foot from moving away from the hairbrush; so it's as if Justin's ticklish foot is completely frozen, with no way to move to way to escape the horribly ticklish hairbrush.

    "Look at Bizzle boy, he's got ticklish ass feet! Tickle tickle tickle!"

    Sean switches to Justin's right foot and Justin screams and shakes all over again!


    "Brushy brushy brush! Tell me you have ticklish Bizzle feet and I'll stop"


    "I can't hearrrr youuuuuu, I didn't understand anything you just said Justin"

    "I HAVE TICKLISH BIZZLE FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Justin says extremely fast, as Sean looks at him and stops.

    "Aight dude we good. THATS what being tired is". Sean puts the hairbrush down and pretends to untie Justin's toes but is actually putting on the metal finger claws on both of his hands.

    "You good"?

    "Yeah I wanna go the fuck home dude I hate you" Justin laughs.

    "You hate me?! Oh dude cmon!!!!"

    Sean tickles Justin's feet again, finger claws on both of Justin's soles at once!!!! Justin screams and screams, and laughs so damn hard, he can't even speak anymore.

    "Dawg you were doing sooo good, now you hate me!!!! I gotta tickle these feet some more!" Sean tickles and tickles Justin's feet, smoother than the cheeks on Justin's face.

    "Nah we ain't done this is my grand finale Justin!" Sean drops the finger claws and tickles Justin's feet with two hairbrushes; the tickling was so intense, Justin knocks himself over to his left, still locked in his stocks, and Sean stops.

    While laughing he says "yo you good dude"?

    Justin says "yeah help me up dumbass"

    "Nahh for that.... You're gonna get it"

    Sean continues the double hairbrush tickling, continuing tickling Justin's feet while he's flipped to the side, Justin's cheeks are so red from the laughing, he says "MY STOMACH!!!!"

    Sean stops, and for the last time too.

    He helps Justin up and unlocks him from his tickle entrapment.

    "Hey... I don't want you complaining about these long studio sesh hours anymore, I don't wanna hear it" Sean smiles and lightly punches Justin's left shoulder.

    "Dude shut up!!!!! I can complain about whatever I want"!

    "Really? This hairbrush here is proof that you ain't got shit, no reason to complain. I'll lock you back up"!

    Justin and Sean laugh together.

    "Get your shoes on Justin" Sean says as he goes down and tickles the tops of Justins bare feet.

    "GET OFF ME!!!!!"

    "Hurry upppppp! We gotta get back to your place remember"