Male Order Brides

Are you a masculine male on the outside? Do you love doing manly things like hunting, fishing, carpentry and sports but yet you feel like a total woman on the inside? Do you want to do girly things for that special Man you’ve been dreaming about yet retain your masculinity? When you’re with a Man, do you want him to treat you like a woman and make you feel like a woman even though you have no desire to dress up or look like a woman or at least not in public anyway? When a hot guy passes by, does your hole react instead of your cock and does your hole actually become wet when you get aroused? Are you able to orgasm, just from being aroused, without touching yourself or having a Man present? Do you refer to your cock as a clit, your balls as ovaries, your semen as pussy juice, your man nips as tits, your "hole" as a pussy or cunt and consider it to be your primary sex organ? If you have a very large cock, would you prefer that it were much smaller? Are you able to cum soft or would you prefer to cum soft? Is it more arousing for you to have Man treat your cock like a clit: rubbed, squeezed and fondled  as opposed to being sucked off? Is getting  sucked off a downer for you? Do you orgasm from having your hole eaten? Does it seem more natural to sit rather than stand when you have to pee? When you first became curious about your body, did your hands just naturally gravitate to your hole for sexual stimulation? When in bed with a man, do you ever wish you had a real pussy between your legs for him bury his hard cock into? Would you find it very arousing to be a hot masculine hunk, on the outside, yet have woman’s pussy nestled between  your manly legs? Do you find yourself just naturally moaning like a woman while getting fucked? Do you ever wish that you could get pregnant by the Man you love? Do you prefer being called by a girl's name instead of your own male name? When out with a group of guys, do you naturally take on the submissive role, like getting the beer, ext...

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