Male Foot Fetish
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2023-01-29 20:50:18

    cocky perfection…


    Another cute barefoot smoker Boi! This one is teasing me with an adorable boy sole while sucking hard & deep on his cigarette. Mark my words: Before he can take many more hits on it, I will have his feet and be tickling them for him! We’ll get more comfortable and spend the rest of the day smoking many cigarettes while I tickle he sexy boy soles for him!

    Your roommate gets back from his kickboxing class and you see him doing some cooldown stretches. His feet are a little dirty and sweaty after walking on the mats at the gym. You sit there staring at his feet and try to image his big feet striking the bag with his powerful kicks. Combined with his abs and muscles, his dominating alpha presence becomes too much to resist 💪🦶🥊