Long in the lockers🍆🔥


“Hey, Timmy. You home from college for the summer?”

“Yeah. Just got back last week, Mr. Wilson. Thought I’d hit the old gym. Gotta keep in shape.”

“Indeed. My, you’ve . . . uh . . . GROWN since I’ve last seen you.”

“Oh. Haha. You mean my dick? Yeah, I gained like two inches in the past year. It’s almost 9 inches now. My girlfriend fucking loves it.”

“Yeah, I bet. She around this summer?”

“No. She’s doing a study-abroad in Spain.”

“Damn. That’s a shame. You ever fuck her in the ass with that big thing?”

“Nah, I wish. She won’t do back door.”

“Shit. That sucks, Timmy. You might not know, but I like to take up the ass. Wanna plug me in the sauna?”

“Uh . . . I dunno, Mr. Wilson. I’m not a fag.”

“Neither am I, Timmy. I’m happily married to Mrs. Wilson. I’m no fag. I’m just trying to help you out, son. How about I let you fuck me raw and you cum up my ass?”

“Jesus. Seriously? Fuck. OK, Mr. Wilson. Let’s do this. I’ve got like a 4-day load in these balls.”

Stories are fiction and intended for readers 18 and up. All characters are assumed to be legal, consenting adults.


Mr. Wilson helped Timmy all summer long after that day!


Putain 😵 cette queue c’est un bijou 😃😋🤗🥰🤪