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2021-09-08 15:26:42

    Departure for MännerSpa ?- Thanks to Followers

    As many followers now know, as of 12/17/18, Tumblr’s new mandate and change in terms will enforce removal and prohibition of NSFW material.

    Given that the large percentage of posts on MännerSpa fall under what Tumblr would consider “Adult Content”, it seems likely that this blog will no longer be able to continue here. In a recent email from Tumblr, we were informed that MännerSpa has been marked as containing explicit content - meaning it won't be visible to minors, people who are using Tumblr in Safe Mode (? - wasn’t that option removed) and/or people who aren't logged into Tumblr.  At this time it seems unclear if it can continue under these parameters or if it would be censored all together. If someone has more clarification, please let us know.

    We are backing up the blog, looking for other platforms & welcome suggestions from other users and followers. Even now, the Tumblr systems have flagged posts including those in draft & queue. This makes it apparent that there is little reason to post further content if it will only by removed within a few days. For those interested, we will let you know where will be going if/when that’s determined. 

    Tumblr’s decision comes just weeks after Apple dropped the company’s software from the App Store after child pornography was found on the site.  In as much as there is zero tolerance for child-porn, this broad decision is unfortunate for those who choose to partake of adult-based material. It seems Tumblr is afraid of the ever-powerful spectre of Apple. With its massive distribution and strict rules, Apple’s App Store has had a broad homogenizing and sanitizing effect on the internet. There are a declining number of sites that support adult content, largely because of Apple’s strict controls over the App Store and iOS ecosystem. Another cause may be a reaction to Congress’s recently passed Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, which changed federal laws to make websites responsible for any prostitution or sex trafficking that appears on their platform.

    With that, we would like to thank the 42,000+ followers we were lucky enough to have, the great contacts we’ve made and those who were generous enough to submit pics, etc. to our blog & hope to see you elsewhere!