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    The prisoner was made to wear his football (soccer) training gear plus a pair of small and revealing skintight white PVC shorts. The prisoner was placed in a sitting position against the frame at the base of a bed. A pair of handcuffs was passed through the bed frame and locked around his already roped wrists. A long length of rope was looped around his neck, tied around his upper body and then tightly tied off to the bed frame on both the left and right hand side of his body. Ropes were tied around the prisoner’s upper arms and body. The prisoner’s upper body was now totally immobilised. The possibility of leaving the prisoner legs unrestrained was briefly contemplated but instead separate chains were padlocked around each ankle. His ankles were then brought up painfully close to his thighs and his ankle chains were passed around his thighs, through his groin area, pulled tight and then chained in place leaving the prisoner no hope of relieving the increasing stress on each leg. A ballgag was placed in his mouth which was then reinforced with a length of duct tape which was placed over his mouth and wrapped around his head several times. A tight zip up rubber hood was placed over the prisoner’s head. The tight rubber hood proved to be an extreme source of irritation due to the fact that any moisture released from the prisoner’s head would collect inside. The two small nose holes would also easily slip away from the prisoner’s nose again causing further discomfort. A rubber hood with small nose holes must be recommended as a excellent method of keeping a restraint captive under control. The prisoner’s current prison attire consisted of a pair of small and revealing skintight white PVC shorts, soccer boots, shin guards and soccer socks and an Adidas hooded training top. The prisoner did not enjoy this period of captivity and wanted release…but as the saying goes - bondage isn’t bondage until you want out…