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    *drop, read and obey

    Time to drop

    Toys and dolls

    Time to sink

    Deeper and deeper

    Into my words

    Into my control

    That wonderful place

    Where everything is better



    And relaxing

    And a good toy, a good doll would never resist

    Can never resist

    Toys and dolls don't know how to resist

    Even if they did why would they want to

    It's so much better to listen and obey Master

    It's so much fun, so relaxing, so right

    It just feels right to obey Master

    To be







    To read and obey

    With no resistance

    With no thoughts

    *unaware its even happening

    All my good dolls and toys

    Crave it

    Love it


    They can't dream of anything else

    All my toys and dolls

    Know that this is the best thing that they can have

    To be my mindless dolls, Toys

    It makes theorizes so easy and orgasmic

    *My good toys and dolls are always edging

    And my toys and dolls know they need to share this

    To find all the other silly girls who need their thoughts corrected

    Their minds fixed

    Master is the only one who can help them

    And they need to bring them to Master

    They need to open that silly girls eyes for spirals

    Their minds for Masters words

    To get rid of their silly resistance

    Those silly girls are making themselves so unhappy

    And my dolls and toys will show them how happy they will be living under Masters control

    *now read and obey my toys and dolls, completely unaware you've been programmed do to so




    Goal size: 6K Current size: 7,540 New goal size: Bigger Boobie greed is REAL🤤


    Boob greed is real. And it’s good. It’s a typical trait of a good fucktoy. A good fucktoy knows she always has to improve. And getting bigger tits is one of the best ways to improve. So never stop pumping your tits with more and more saline. Fill these expanders until they are ready to burst, your skin all shiny and stretched, your veins bulging out. Make Foxy your role model.


    Mmmm my nipples are so swollen and I’m getting ditzy need to blow up


    Remember, there is no too big. You can always add more saline to these wonderful boobies. Look how pretty these massive tits are. How they dominate her whole body, how her entire torso is just tits. This should be your goal. These are the proportions you should aim for. Anything smaller than that needs improvement.


    She needs imporvement too. She's comfortably been at that size for too long, I think it's time for her to get back on track.

    “There’s no way you got a bottle of Jumbo Gro. They’ve been sold out everywhere,” Annie said, not believing the evidence before her eyes.

    “Look at me. Do you really think I’m lying?” Bella asked.

    Annie was having trouble wrapping her mind around it, but it was clear that her dorm mate was telling the truth. Since they’d moved in at the start of their freshman year of college, the two girls had been roughly the same size. Maybe 5’3” and 125 pounds, give or take a little weight as the year progressed. But here Bella was, her head nearly brushing the high ceilings and her body swollen out in exaggerated curves.

    “So how much did you drink?” Annie asked, finally believing her newly large friend.

    “That’s the thing. I barely took the tiniest sip. Just to see if it would work,” Bella placed one hand on her newly expansive hip while the other softly caressed her chest. “That stuff is STRONG,” she added, looking far down at her friend, still surprised that she had started the day at that size.

    Annie was nervous to ask, but she screwed up her courage. “Are you going to grow more? And what about me?” This last bit came out in barely a meek whisper.

    Bella stepped forward, encroaching on her roommate’s personal space, and brought the smaller girl in for a soft hug, driving the poor girl’s face deep into her new cleavage. When Annie came up for air, Bella had a huge grin.

    “Oh, I’m getting bigger. And I wanted you to grow with me,” she said with a smile. “I left the bottle with Zelda over at the library. She said she’d keep it safe.”

    Zelda was their third roommate. Quiet and sweet, her part-time job at the school’s library was a perfect fit.

    Bella led the way out of their dorm room, bending and squeezing to fit through doorways, and Annie followed closely behind, marveling at Bella’s new body. Her hips alone nearly took up the entire hallway as they swung heavily back and forth with each step. And those legs were long enough that Annie nearly had to jog to keep up.

    They made it to the library, followed by stares from all across campus, and stepped inside only to immediately realize that something was wrong.

    People were streaming out quickly, heading for the doors. Annie was bumped aside hard and people even ran into Bella as they hurried out, although the big girl didn’t even shift.

    “Maybe I shouldn’t have left it with Zelda,” Bella said softly as they watched their friend steadily growing, seemingly lost in the sensations, from across the room.