Your Fat Boy🐷
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2022-09-29 17:48:42

    FAT Arse Worship🍑

    I thought it was about time that I dedicated a video to my FAT growing arse! It so wide & jiggly these days. I love grabbing handfuls of it & feeling it wobble & shake with every little movement I make! Could you hear how completely out of breathe I was while shaking my MASSIVE behind? I am such an unfit fatty & it takes a lot of effort to shake all that fat too! Wish you could have got behind me, this fatty was feeling VERY horny while filming this video

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    Better get used to this sight…..if you aren’t staring at the rolls and mountain of lard that you’re body has become, or dumbing yourself down even further watching TV all day…you’ll be watching me stand over you, pouring shake after shake down your throat. Have you had 5 today? 7? 12? You’ve lost count…but don’t worry piggy, I know exactly how many calories I’m filling my bed bound blimp with.

    Did you have a good nap babe? I’ve been downstairs baking for you.

    I made these cream cakes and I think you’re going to love them. I tried a few different recipes and tasted them so I could make sure you got the best ones!

    I’m pretty full now so the rest are yours. No, stay in bed! I’ll come feed them to you while you play your game. You must be so exhausted from this morning when you had to answer the front door while I was at the supermarket.